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  1. 1.)The Big Bang Theory 2.)I Love Lucy 3.)The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 4.)Roseanne 5.)Home Improvement 6.)Cheers 7.)Friends 8.)Everybody Loves Raymond 9.)Three's Company 10.)Seinfeld Did not watch the rest. sorry. But you totally forgot to put MASH on your list. AWESOME show and the first 5 seasons are on netflix now. The Jeffersons The Dick Van Dyke Show Maude All In The Family The Mary Tyler Moore Show Happy Days Murphy Brown Mama's Family The Honeymooners That '70s Show
  2. I can honestly say that this finale was a complete waste of my time. I hated the show since Ashton came on but this show in particular the jokes were so crude. I am glad that 2 and a half men is over.
  3. Hi there. I am new to this site but seeing as I wanted advice about standby tickets i thought i would talk to y'all. I'm Jennifer from Idaho I go by Dis online because I used to work at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando and the name stuck. I hope to start interacting with others on this site and seeing everything that you guys have to say.
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