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  1. Ahh...so excited about tomorrow. My husband and 3 friends/family and I are going to the taping and I wanted to check with you guys here. First to say thank you for the help getting the guarunteed tickets for my party. Second, to bug for more advice. We are considering doing the 11:15 WB studio lot tour, which should end somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00. I pretty much plan on going to the Big Bang line at that point. Should that be good to get a decent seat? I read that they open the doors a bit later, but I wasn't sure if it was worth trying to get there early to get a good spot, or
  2. Three would make me ecstatic, if your're willing to share. Four would allow my kid brother to fly out a day early. What the procedure for transferring? Names. I can PM you for further info (or vice versa).
  3. So I got one guarunteed ticket and 3 standy tickets. Whoohoo! So advice now.... My understanding is that I can change the name on the guaruteed ticket. Is this true? I had a page loading with my name which to 15 minutes to get to the "Sorry...There may have been an error..." page and I wanted to try for more than one name. We get to thumb wrestle for the guarunteed ticket. Next question, I am in a group that is very willing to camp out for standby all day. I'm thinking we show up around 9am. Are we given numbers in the stanby line, or is it the type of thing where they open gates an
  4. Yeah I'm a noob. I got one ticket, but under my brothers name because we were trying to get 4 total. I hope to call and change. I got it in the drop down but its not loading. I see standby now.
  5. I'm trying. I can't get into the chat. All errors for me now...
  6. Hi there, My husband and I, and possibly a few friends, are trying to attend the 4/14 taping. We've practiced with the tickets a few times, and I got to the page with one guarunteed ticket a few weeks ago (though I didn't complete the transaction). I was playing around this past Monday when the site was frozen. I'm not sure if guarunteed tickets ever went up. My husband and I both got to the page where they were offering standby tickets and they were up for a good 15 minutes, so hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on some of those. Most of what I read is from a few years ago, s
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