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  1. Nibbio

    This or That?

    Water Salt or sugar
  2. false, but i'm sure it's exciting PBM loves swimming
  3. False, never been a fan. TPBM loves to take care of his/her hair
  4. Nibbio

    True or False?

    True TNP is wearing a t shirt
  5. True. I won't waste my chance! PBM loves romance
  6. True. I could've done better on the first date, but it was too formal. Thank you! PBM thinks a walk in the park with ice cream or a drink is a good idea for a second date (a casual one).
  7. No, i hope it never happens. HYE danced in the rain
  8. True. I asked her for a second date and she said yes. TNP wants me to succeed!
  9. Nibbio

    True or False?

    False. TNP loves his job.
  10. At the moment, haha! PBM has been to the States.
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