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    This or That?

    Water Salt or sugar
  2. false, but i'm sure it's exciting PBM loves swimming
  3. False, never been a fan. TPBM loves to take care of his/her hair
  4. True TNP is wearing a t shirt
  5. True. I won't waste my chance! PBM loves romance
  6. True. I could've done better on the first date, but it was too formal. Thank you! PBM thinks a walk in the park with ice cream or a drink is a good idea for a second date (a casual one).
  7. No, i hope it never happens. HYE danced in the rain
  8. True. I asked her for a second date and she said yes. TNP wants me to succeed!
  9. False. TNP loves his job.
  10. At the moment, haha! PBM has been to the States.
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