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  1. Actually he did smile but it’s true, the last scene he has it’s pretty emotionally intense so I can imagine it might take a while to shake it off... It has really been an honor to be able to see it! If I can find an affordable ticket I think I’ll go again on friday before going back home in Italy 😊
  2. Yes it’s surreal! I saw it tonight and that’s the most amazing and wonderful thing I’ve ever seen! Very funny but also deep in so many ways. And all the actors’ performances were mind blowing!
  3. Ok in the second to last picture, that’s me on the left and I’m kinda freaking out right now LOL!
  4. I finally got to see Hidden Figures and I loved it! Amazing movie and Jim's performance is spotless as always. He really brings something special to the character
  5. I have seen both Jim in New York last year and Sean in LA this spring. They were both wonderful of course but although the script was exactly the same it felt like it was an entirely different show, at least to me, and I think it was because of the different comedic timing and way of delivering lines. I think that the difference in money income may be because Jim has a bigger fan base that Sean has. Just my opinion though
  6. I may be wrong but I think it is just a rerun of the episode in which the whole cast was there...
  7. For the ones who are going to the taping today, at what time are you going to be there?
  8. I'll stay for a week and make the 15 hours flight worth! Thank you
  9. I'm getting ready to go to LA tomorrow for my first bbt taping
  10. Does anybody knows how this kind of event works? Like, how early do you need to be there and how long does it last? Thank you
  11. Exactly one year ago I joined this forum and I just wanted to say I'm really happy I found such a wonderful community, so thank you guys! Also, today is one year our beloved Jim got his well deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  12. I got the tickets! Thank you to everybody who helped me I really appreciate it
  13. Just got a reply from audiences unlimited and we are all on the priority list! Thank you again to all of you guys for your help and sorry for bothering you so much
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