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  1. How many of you have died since reading the tr? I know I'm posting beyond the grave
  3. What was the taping report? I can't find it :(
  4. Honestly Amy reminds me of my brother when he was 13 and he had to kiss my grandma hello. The way she leans back when he kisses her is telling.
  5. Where do these texts come from and how many goats do I have to sacrifice to have them become cannon?
  6. I still think they are going to get together by the mid season finale. Maybe even drunken coitus
  7. I'm looking at it from another angle now. This started off as Amy needing space, now she is back to where we want her to be. In a twist now Sheldon is where she was. Is this because he thinks they are better off as friends or because he doesn't want to get hurt again? My guess is that it is the second option. In that case then his feelings are still they same and they'll be back together (Of that I've always been and still am certain) 200th episode, here we go.
  8. Wow...Mayim is a minx. "Beautiful" must = Tragic if the reports are right and Amy asks Sheldon if she can be his girlfriend again and he rejects her.
  9. Watching the Flaming Spittoon Acquisition as a teaser for tonight
  10. What time do the spoilers normally come in?
  11. Graded a quiz today for the class I'm the TA in, one of them mentioned Mayim and I loved it. Had to write on there that they had good taste in TV LOL
  12. Ted Mosby/the Mother (Tracy) Great premise, the idea of a show where it's about the one you want isn't the one yo are supposed to be with as Ted was in Love with Robin for so long. The whole show was about how Ted met the love of his life and how every terrible thing that happens happens for a reason....until the final episode where they threw away 9 years of character development had Ted basically tell his kids that their mom was second choice and now that he's dead he wants their permission to go bang Robin again. Is it any shock that most fans refuse to watch even the repeats of the show anymore because it all feels like a blatant lie?
  13. And suddenly it's sunshine and rainbows here.
  14. Except intimacy, the future...trivial things like that.
  15. Well I would say no sitcom would throw out 9 years of character development because of chemistry but the folks at HIMYM proved me wrong there. However the massive onslaught that followed should scare anyone from going down THAT route again. And it isn't the same comparison, Sheldon and Penny have NEVER been ANYTHING. Has Penny or Sheldon ever shown the slightest interest in the other? NO! That's because from the beginning the main pairing was Leonard and Penny, they have been on and off again for 9 years until they finally got married. Now I would say that Shamy has kind of taken a front seat to the show now that Leonard and Penny are married. But still, I honestly cannot believe we are discussing Shenny being a thing. It will NEVER happen.
  16. True, it's not like Penny is married to anyone else.... The odds of Shenny happening are as good as the odds of Penny suddenly becoming a rocket scientist, possible but very very small
  17. Yes that's exactly it. And then Penny will marry Sheldon and the universe will turn upon its head.
  18. If he keeps talking about Sheldon, doesn't that mean she's being reminded about Sheldon???
  19. I get this insane feeling that this is all going to end with the rest of the gang locking Sheldon and Amy in a room together for 24 hours and tell them to either get back together or kill each other and they don't care which LOL
  20. Albert Eienstein one time called his secretary and pretended to be someone else to try and get his home address. He finally had to just fess up that he had forgotten his home address and didn't know how to get home. So yes, people are smart in one area and very poor in another LOL
  21. So excited, I've loved her since The Lizzie Bennett Diaries
  22. Honestly I'm more offended by the fact that his face is a different color from his body LOL As for Jim, he's actually commented on photos of him and Mayim in sexualized positions before, he finds them funny. He's aware that people are shipping the characters, not the actors. When people make these images, they aren't doing it for Mayim and Jim but for Amy and Sheldon, it kind of goes with the territory when you're an actor. Sometimes people see their character more than they see you.
  23. How about we admit that both of them are at fault for this relationship break up? You know since both of them were int he relationship both of them were responsible and both of them are grown adults (in theory LOL)? So in that regard we shouldn't be mad at either of them or we should be mad at both of them.
  24. He hasn't had much success in the industry since thank goodness. But I'll state that this is an isolated incident. Normally TPTB on TV shows really care for a listen to their fans. Heck on my favorite show The Mentalist they made the dumb decision in bringing in a love interest for Jane (After the woman everyone wanted him with, who was in love with him had waited and pined for him for 2 years when he disappeared, seriously) someone thought it would be good to have another woman plying for Jane's affections...it just made him look like an A$$ and it only took a few episodes before suddenly they changed their tune and the other woman was history. The Mentalist ended with the main ship getting married and having a baby btw, just saying that we can/will get our happy ending here too
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