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  1. Honestly I should let my inner snark queen come out more often, I've never gotten so many likes!
  2. Not all Shamy fans are angry. i'm certainly not. Stargate SG1 and yes it was bitchy not as bitchy as when the executive producers actually went on to the forum after they killed off a fan favorite character (and the female in the #1 ship) so they could literally bring on a different character from a different show. The fans posted a massive campaign to stop the madness. The producer went on their and literally told the fans to F--- off, that it was HIS show and not ours and that if we didn't like it then he could go f--- ourselves. I'm seriously not kidding. You can imagine how quickly those ratings plummeted after that, then when they canceled SGA and started SGU they actually said the SGA fans were insignificant. I remember reading an interview with the main actor who said he was so angry with how they were treating fans but they literally told him to shut up and read his lines. PS: Never watch a show with Joseph Malozzi as an EP.
  3. I never listen to what the actors say, mostly because it is 99% exaggeration to draw interest into the show and to avoid people from being spoiled. I watched a show one time when a guest star came on to the forum and admitted that the actors had it in their contract that if people guessed major plot points involving the couple getting together, they were required to lie in order to keep people from finding out.
  4. Someone said that Amy was treating Sheldon terribly and that if they got back together she would have to beg him to forgive her and that he deserved better than her...if that isn't accusing someone of being B**chy I don;t know what is.
  5. Sheldon has been a bad boyfriend quite honestly but that doesn't make him a bad person. He's childish, immature, selfish and annoying a lot of the time (which is why he's so funny) at the same time he shows remarkable insight for caring, warmth, love and when it does come down to it, he can be extraordinarily selfless. I think my favorite part is when Howard's mom died every everyone waited for Sheldon to say something insensitive but in fact he basically told Howard the truth. He lost a parent too and understands more than anyone else what Howard is going through. I loved that moment so much. So bad boyfriend? Probably, bad person? No, which is why there are many times when he hasn't been a terrible boyfriend either. When he told Amy he loved her, when he asked her to stay in the fort, when he took care of her when she was ill, those are the moments when he showed he does truly love and care for her and wants to be the best boyfriend he can. Sadly, the problem in this factor is the fact he's Sheldon. He is so smart he's probably the dumbest person on the show when it comes to people, he can't even detect sarcasm half of the time. Which brings me to why I ship Amy and Sheldon which is because the are GREAT together! Not only are they both adorably quirky but they actually help each other get out of their shells and explore what it is to have a real person to love and cherish. Before they met all either of them wanted was science, now a future and a family is something they not only want to are seriously thinking about starting. This is especially the case with Sheldon because he even admits that Amy has made him a better person! And finally then, if they are so great and so good together then why am I not only supportive of this plot line but actively excited about it? It's simple really, because Sheldon needed a slap on the head to push forward. The real reason why Amy and Sheldon have broken up is not that the relationship hasn't changed Sheldon, it most certainly has, an not because he's been a bad boyfriend (but really was he ever the best?) it's because while both of them have grown up so much since we first met them, the truth is that Amy has moved further in the relationship then Sheldon has up to this point. I feel like he hit a comfort moment where he's like, I love her, she's not leaving why does anything need to change? But that isn't the truth, she hit a point where "I love him, he loves me but why can't he treat me the way others get treated?" Sheldon has to grow up a little more to catch up with Amy in this relationship and by facing the extreme possibility of another man being there when he can't...well that will be the boost that will finally get Sheldon to move a lot further character wise. I can't wait!
  6. I actually agree with you. Sheldon isn't entirely to blame for the break up and neither is Amy. That's my point. People want to put it all on Amy and that really ticks me off.
  7. Hmmm maybe I should have added this to my post. Maybe you are the one being sarcastic but either way I'll make myself clear. I do NOT agree with you. This is NOT all Amy's fault and the fact that anyone thinks that way scares me because it seems to harken back tot he days when women were blamed for everything from the fall of man to the stormy weather. It's ludicrous that you're blaming Amy entirely for doing something any woman would do. She isn't trying to hurt Sheldon, she just wants to try and move on. To her point of view Sheldon has done nothing, let me repeat that NOTHING to give her the impression he is: A. Still in love with her. B. Wants to get back together with her C. Wants anything to do with her. But that's not true? Then what do you call telling her "Oh by the way I'm thinking of dating other woman, I think your betrayal is akin to Hitler marching on Poland and I don't think I need a girlfriend anyway" basically anything he has said to her from the moment she said she needed a break has been either spiteful, rude or childish. I know why you feel this way, you see the whole picture. you know Sheldon has a ring, you know sheldon wants to propose, you know he's still in love with her and is doing these stupid things to try and get her to come back. But there is something important that you are missing. AMY DOESN'T KNOW ANY OF THAT!!! What would a sane woman do if a man insult her to her face, tells her he doesn't want a girlfriend or needs one, is going to start dating other women, and also posts a really rude vide online for the world to see? Well she might think "Hey this guy isn't in to me anymore and maybe I should find someone who is" That is ALL Amy is doing, she is trying to find someone who can treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Even though she is still in love with Sheldon he hasn't done ANYTHING to make her think that there is any chance at a reconciliation, nor has he apologized for any of his behavior that led to the breakup or his really disgusting behavior afterwards. Most of that is Sheldon being Sheldon, I get it and I love his character because of it but he needs to grow up, grow a pair and tell Amy how he feels and treat her like a woman deserves. So no this is not Amy's fault, this is not all Sheldon's fault, it's both of them having mixed signals and missing each other, hurting but instead of turning to each other they seek isolation to lick their wounds. Wrong yes but it is also human nature. Please dear god don't think I was serious about the Cersei Lannister walk of shame.
  8. Yep they threw it out of nowhere all right. Because Sheldon has never been unreasonable in this relationship and ever done anything that any other woman would have run from the hills from. I mean it's not like he's actively sought to sabotage their relationship before or anything and Amy has never been frustrated with Sheldon in the past. Okay sorry my 'inner snark queen came out again. I'll admit that I don't think they threw it out there but really my only surprise is that the break up occurred int he same season as admitting they loved each other. However, at the same time I feel like I can understand Amy's genuine frustration. Sheldon admits he's in love with Amy but at the same time still wants to go a glacial pace and even then is more interested in television shows then making out with her? Besides she didn't technically break up with him in the same season as the ILY, she just asked for a break to think. The breakup occurred because Sheldon behaved like Sheldon and was a complete A$$.
  9. I'm shocked it took this long! They've been together for 5 years! Most couples on tv shows go through two or three breakups and reconciliations in that time, I mean look at Lenny! I don't know why this is so surprising really, it was bound to happen at some point because it's TV trope 101: break up the ship to bring about drama and major character growth.
  10. I can't disagree. If one more persons puts the blame entirely on Amy I won't be held responsible for what I do next
  11. I had way too much fun writing that. I blame the sleep deprivation brought on by this annoying Vertigo, really brings out my inner Snark Queen
  12. You're right, after all this is all Amy's fault. I mean it's not like Sheldon was an unreasonable boyfriend or anything, it's not like he demanded she sign a contract preventing any form of intimacy, repeatedly tried to get out of their once a month dates, tried to ruin her plans for Christmas because of his own hatred for the holidays and repeatedly put his own selfish antics or childish obsessions before her. And lets not forget that everything she has done to hurt Sheldon has been in no way shape or form acceptable even though they are broken up. I mean obviously she isn't allowed to see other men, even when he tells her he's seeing other women, after all we have standards to keep up people! I mean obviously she's supposed to know that Sheldon is still in love with her and wants to get back together with her, even though he hasn't done or said anything explicitly to her except to send her childish videos were he portrays her breaking up with him as an act of portrayal on par with Hitler invading Poland, and of course it's not like he posted said video to the internet for the world to see. And obviously she's rubbing this dating thing in his face, I mean sure she isn't telling him she's dating anyone else, she isn't showing him mens' clothing to make him jealous or even showing video of her dating other guys but obviously she's being so inherently cruel by using her god given right to date in the first place. I mean yes if this were Sheldon he'd probably show a video of him with a hot blond to make Amy mad and prove she's missing out on the great Sheldon god but that's reasonable. Amy should never be considerate to spare Sheldon's feelings by keeping him from seeing her attempts at moving on, I mean really. You are absolutely right. Amy is the one who is to blame here and Sheldon should never ever take her back because everything she has done is completely unreasonable. When they do get back together I fully expect she should lie down on the floor and beg Sheldon for forgiveness for ever thinking of attempting to move on, after all he is the almighty Sheldon god and she never should have broken up with him for merely getting frustrated by him taking her for granted. In fact, begging is not enough! WE should introduce flogging! And maybe a walk of shame Cersei Lannister style! She really needs to feel the depths of her betrayal. How dare she do something as reasonable as trying to date someone when she is broken up and well within her rights to. I mean seriously. So I am with you 100%, the girl needs to be punished for her crimes.
  13. Just popping in to say that quite honestly, I'm more at peace with the kiss from the previous taping report since it looks like the episodes were filmed out of order. This makes way more sense to me now. I have a feeling that for the next TR we'll see a turn around with Penny and the gang since they'll know about Sheldon's proposal...
  14. I might call this board quits for a while mostly because I'm getting super tired of the anger, fighting, backlash and childish behavior of the folks on here.
  15. And possibly the gang is trying to get them back together? I don't know, it was way too confusing in chat
  16. Well to be fair that was BEFORE Penny finds out that Sheldon was going to propose. Her feelings about Amy dating other people might have changed now that she knows how serious Sheldon was about the relationship.
  17. I doubt they'll do this since they recently introduced Howard's half brother
  18. I have it!!! Amy is not a spy...she's an alien sent through a secret dimension in space and time. her mission is to get close to Sheldon in order to extract his incredible knowledge, this other man is merely her partner on Earth. the breakup with Sheldon has only come about because of her real feelings for him and her fear of growing too attached to her target. Live long and prosper
  19. Glad some clearer head are prevailing, all is not lost and the world is not ending. Long Live Shamy!
  20. LOL you know what's funny? We sit here and freak out and discuss to minutiae every part of this episode (that we haven't seen yet) and are anxiously waiting to see what happens next and what it will mean and if they will get back together etc etc. And then we ask if this was a good idea by the writers? If it was necessary? Well the fact that we are sitting here agonizing over it, wondering when they will get back together...that's EXACTLY what the writers WANT us to do!!!! LOL
  21. Honestly I feel like if this guy is a big name and he was going to be in more than one episode, wouldn't it have been released as a spoiler by TVLine or any of the other spoiler sites? But not a peep!
  22. Everyone has their bright red line, I'm just stating that I don't think I'm wrong in saying that most Shamy fans would be okay with a kiss as long as it does not go further. Emphasis on most.
  23. First of all I never listen to any "spoilers" the actors have to say especially for the future, they don't know much until the scripts arrive and more often than not they exaggerate to try and make things sound more controversial then they are. SEcond, I don't think I'm wrong in saying that most if not all Shamy's fans's no go area is Amy actually sleeping with another guy. I'm certain TPTB are aware of this too and that they recognize if they cross that bright red line then they will lose a significant chunk of the fanbase. But also recognize what is in Amy's character. She is a very sheltered woman who grew up in a household where her mother told her to eat a banana length wise. Do you guys really think she'll hop into bed with another guy? Really???
  24. LOL if this was real life I'd tell Amy that Sheldon is a basket case...I'd also tell her that she really needs to update her wardrobe
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