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  1. I just watched the last two episodes after not watching for 1.5 years and two things struck me: 1. When did Raj get curly hair? 2. When did Bernie start wearing pants? Otherwise, much the same! : )
  2. Thanks! It's been forever since I've written anything. It'll be fun to see where this story leads to!
  3. "Look at us" Amy said happily as she fixed her hair in the passenger side mirror of the DeLorean. "I can't believe that YOU are driving. In a DeLorean no less. And you've now cracked 10 mph!" "Well, you knew what you were getting into when you started dating me. It's not every woman that gets to date a bad boy physicist." "I wish the girls in my high school could see me now. That'll show them for painting a white stripe down my black hoodie and calling me Pepe Le Pew." "As in the skunk?" Sheldon said puzzled. "Yes" Amy said sadly. She looked at the road sign. Glendale was still 20 miles away. "Skunks are fascinating animals actually. They are sensitive, highly intelligent and have their own built in defense mechanism. Maybe it was a compliment. I think I wouldn't mind being called a skunk....Of course I think I would prefer to be a cat with super powers. Like an X-Man cat. XCat" Sheldon trailed off. Amy patted her skirt nervously. "Umm...Sheldon. Maybe we should have a plan about how we are going to talk to my mother. You know she's not the easiest person." Sheldon looked out straight along the road. "Well I thought we would just follow Back to the Future's lead and fix things." Amy laughed. "Sheldon! It's not like we have a real time machine, where we could go back in time, and not make that phone call to my mother. She thinks you are some sex obsessed maniac who is regularly defiling her daughter. We can't remake that first impression. What are we going to do?" Sheldon bit his lip and concentrated. "Well..." he started. "I guess we can't technically remake that first impression, but we must be able to somehow fix the problem some other way." Amy put her hand gently on Sheldon's knee. "Well, I'm not too sure how. The problem, as you put it, is that my mother doesn't see you as a respectable person. And all these years of me telling her how brilliant and sweet you are hasn't changed her mind. She's just so frustrating." "You don't think my charm will win her over? I mean everyone loves me. Just ask Leonard. Just the other day he filmed me ironing my underwear. He said I was a special snowflake. Now if that doesn't say love, I don't know what does." "How about we not tell my mother that particular story" Amy sighed. "Well....what makes people like other people? From a purely psychological standpoint? Let's look at it scientifically." Amy smiled at Sheldon. "I actually just read an interesting study. It said, that even in large diverse groups, people seek others that are similar to themselves." "So what does you mother like?" Sheldon asked. He turned the car to the exit towards Amy's mother's house. "Hmmm...that's a tough one. It might be easier to tell you what she doesn't like. She dislikes atheists, bad language, chewing loudly, overly friendly people, corn bread, authors that begin with the letter "B", sinning, books that contain sinning, music that refers to sinning, dancing - because it leads to sinning and sometimes men in general." The car pulled up to Amy's mother house. Amy looked at Sheldon nervously. "That was a good list. I think I know exactly what to say to your mother to win her over...or my name isn't Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper!"
  4. May I ask what John's username was on here? I know Michael's was mjc45. Thanks for your thoughtful and eloquent message @hokie3457.
  5. Thank you so much @Queenfisher and @rgbcn! I appreciate all your hard work in creating these!
  6. Just trying to understand, but how does marriage change everything? (in terms of friendships) If they were friends before the marriage, then why can't they be friends after?
  7. Finally watched the episode. It was ok, and I laughed in certain parts. The genitals joke got me laughing! Overall, it felt somewhat rushed, like they were trying to pack too much in. I would have preferred if they had left the Howard/Raj/Bernie plot to another episode, and focused more on the families and the wedding. Sheldon came off as quite mean. I know he was upset, but he was being quite offensive to his parents. The funniest scenes to me were the ones with Beverly in them. I just love her, and she totally steals the scenes that she is in. Penny and her dad Wyatt were good. I didn't really like the casting of her brother. He's just too sunshiny and happy, that I couldn't make sense in my head that he was a former dealer/addict. I would have preferred if they made his character a bit more sly. Like saying things to everyone that gets them all on edge and worried, but in the end he is just screwing around with them. Either way, I think a different actor would have been better. As for Penny's mom, I think the casting was ok, but the writing was off. What happened to the pot smoking while pregnant free spirited person mentioned before? She spent her whole time worrying about what people would think of their family. I think I'd rather her have been proud of her unique family and gone head to head with Beverly, if she thought she was snubbing them. So that felt weird to me. I mentioned this last season, but I also find Leonard's father to be a bit of a strange character (writing wise). I sat down and thought...what kind of man would be married to Beverly for many years? Beverly, who is a human personification of a cat. I would think, it would be someone much like her in personality. Cool...detached, academic. Someone who cared more about his work than family. Leonard's memories of his past were never happy, and never really mentioned his father positively. So how do we suddenly get this warm, kind man we see before us? I loved the sparring between Beverly and him, but I thought it would make sense if he also had a contentious relationship with his son Leonard also.
  8. Thank you so much! I feel truly honored to win best Lenny story. I truly feel honored. Congrats to all!
  9. I think the experiment will last just 5 weeks with Amy moving back to her apartment after the repairs. But I think this will make Sheldon realize how much he misses her after she leaves. All the things that he liked and annoyed him are now missing. He will probably complain to Leonard and Penny that they are not doing things the way "Amy" did it. I think it's a catalyst to him dusting off the ring again. I like what I read about this episode. Growing pains but good natured. : )
  10. Totally agree. Part of me wants to believe Amy's line about when Bernie talking about how one thing can lead to another with your man and Amy excitedly said she can relate. In my head I was hoping that meant off screen canoodling, but sadly no real evidence yet!
  11. Well! I am glad I checked out the forum this afternoon. It made for some interesting reading. Personally, I am not a fan of these positivity threads in general. I understand the reasoning behind them (a safe place to go to read about your favourite couple, and not see any negativity or bashing). BUT....it doesn't really make for a place of discussion. I can understand the "No Bashing" rule, but I would like to openly discuss things that I find concerning or strange or nonsensical. I would like to be able to criticize the character's actions in a non-bashing way. Perhaps that was the intention of the shipping thread, but really it has turned into a parking lot of posts that have veered off the non-positive vibe required of the ship threads. So as I have non-positive thoughts on the couples, I don't post on the Shamy thread, or the Lenny thread. I don't feel like going in quiet Shipping Threads, because it feels like I'm just looking to argue about something. So that leaves me with...not posting much. I miss being really excited about a ship, I used to feel that way, but Season 9 kind of sucked it out of me. I'm happy that others still feel that way, but as mentioned in previous posts, there is just too much that doesn't make sense to me, and it bothers me. I'm not sure about the writers sense of humour. There is such a mean edge to many things that have happened in the last three seasons. Things that made both couple unique, interesting and sweet feels like it is slowly being stripped away and turned into something more generic. The stuff that happened in Season 9 kind of made me cringe. There are negative messages I think that keep getting repeated. Codependence is fun! If you are not traditionally "hot" - it's okay to keep making dumpy/ugly/hairy jokes. Ha ha ha...Amy will never be as hot as Penny. Isn't that hilarious! Pretty Girls can't be smart! You have to use your other "assets" to make the sale! Tee Hee! Raj being skeevy is hilarious! Especially that Emily doesn't really know! What a dog! ...Dog you say...oops..whatever did happen to Cinnamon?..(sssh let's not talk about that). Let's make Sheldon more and more like an infant that needs taking care of! So funny! Penny, Leonard and now Amy can all act like his parents. Cause that's super funny and normal. Don't get me wrong, I know it's a sitcom, and meant to be taken lightly. I also understand that nobody wants to go to a thread that's all doom and gloom all the time. But I'd like to see something with a bit of a mix. Discussion - the good, the bad, with no bashing (in an ideal world!)
  12. Whether you agree with Bernadette's comment or not, it is still a cruel thing to say to Amy.
  13. Thank you so much for the nomination! I truly wasn't expecting it, thank you so much!
  14. For me: Leonard: Falsifying Sheldon's Data (yes..yes..I know Sheldon should have checked it first), but I think it was a pretty awful thing to do. They had another choice, of just leaving, but they didn't take it. Sheldon: Sheldon's comment about Amy's eggs was probably the cruelest thing he's said, as he knew it would hurt her deeply. Penny: Throwing David Underhill in Leonard's face. Yes she was single, but she showed him that she suddenly had an interest in physics and what David did at Caltech right to Leonard. That's a mean thing to do to someone you previously dated. Howard: I'm blanking...I can't think of where Howard's been terrible. Perhaps not giving Raj an "out" when his mom kept him captive. Raj: Fooling around with Penny in Leonard's bed. It didn't matter that Lenny were not together, you don't hook up with your friend's ex's. And IN HIS BED! Terrible... Wishing Howard was dead so he could hook up with Bernadette, is high up on my list too. Amy: Calling for a break with Sheldon with zero explanation of why. Hello...do you even know your boyfriend, and how not knowing would make him neurotic? Bernadette: Belittling Howard in front of his friends (allowances, permission to spend money) etc.
  15. Thank-you! I tried to offend everyone...lol!
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