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  1. Great to see another interview with Jim
  2. That is the problem with the plays that open very early in the season I think they get forgotten. Hopefully his next broadway show will be able to commence later in the Tony year.
  3. Interesting that Kareem Abdul Jabar used to own it as well. I wonder if they will buy another one or just rent when they return to LA and live mainly in NYC
  4. Looks like Jims production company is keeping busy.
  5. It was great this was when they all came out for a second bow. They all came out to the stage door as well. Not sure how Jim managed when his foot was broken he moves around the set a lot.
  6. It must be nice for him with no performances himself on Sundays he can go and be an audience member for his friends.
  7. I was hoping this would extend so I could see it in August when I go to see Jim. I always just seem to miss Laurie.
  8. Thanks for posting this clip vonmar. I was wondering what bone he had broken.
  9. Will be interesting if Jim appears and we can learn what is really happening with his injury. It sounds like an active role with lots of moving around the stage and stair climbing.
  10. They obviously put their rehearsal time in LA to good use reading the comments on the opening preview night thread on the broadway world message board. Also nice comments on Jims performance. Looking forward to seeing this in August.
  11. They do the thanks to the audience during the taping not at the end.
  12. Amazing he made it to 76, sad news
  13. Nothing major. We sang happy birthday to a lady in? Wardrobe. Someone in the audience was laughing and crying at the same time when demonstrating to Mark Sweet her laugh and Kunal came up and gave her a hug. All the cast were interacting with each other looked like both serious and laughing conversations. When waiting for action in the hallway Johnny straightened Jims tshirt. Everyone hugged everyone else cast and producers and crew at the end of the taping. Everyone clapped the BBT scolars when Mark introduced them
  14. LOL. He had a tenants assoc meeting with himself in the shower, and said Amy could join him the next time he had a meeting there. As an inducement for Amy to vote for him to remain as president of the tenants assoc it worked but he in no longer president.
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