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  1. If Jim was sitting a few rows behind me I would get a sore neck from turning around to look and miss all the play
  2. I am hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed
  3. We just have to be patient it is only three days since it aired.
  4. Haha I would not be happy if I was going spoiler free in Oz we are only up to episode 18 here in NZ
  5. It was fun to rewatch this. Jim was so good with the puppy and i liked that the interviewers actually let Jim talk and did not interrupt all the time.
  6. Its from an interview from a UK TV channel BBC The One show he did earlier this year when he was doing promo for HOME. It is available on youtube.
  7. Just managed to watch this. Great to see all the different interviews at that moment. Thanks for posting the link.
  8. Nice relaxed interview really enjoyed listening to her.
  9. Thanks I am investigating as it is very frustrating. Normally I am a little more relaxed about not seeing things straight away but this is Jim
  10. Bravo is geo-blocked here but keeping my fingers crossed. If all else fails I can watch in Sept.
  11. Congratulations or commiserations on how controlled you were when you were close enough to do that on numerous occasions
  12. Looks like Kunal has been to see AAoG and had his mindblown http://instagram.com/p/4CzdikjcQ0/?taken-by=kunalkarmanayyar
  13. I loved his laughter when he got Todd to admit what song he sung . I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can see the whole thing and a bit annoyed with myself that I missed out on tickets to see the whole taping.
  14. I think it will be easy for him to slip back into playing Sheldon. He will prob enjoy being back with his BBT family after his "vacation on Broadway". It sounded like he missed working and interacting with a larger cast as it is basically just him as God for most of the show.
  15. His voice was definitely a bit croaky. Interesting comments about the play and audience reactions, not reading reviews, loves the play but that he wouldn't run to do a similar type of show again and not ruling out more Seasons of TBBT if offered.
  16. I have heard him say a few times recently that if he could change anything he would get rid of haters on the internet.
  17. He must love those shoes and jacket.
  18. I had a look at the Playbill figures and it still seems to be doing OK. I think $1mill+ would be a full house at full price tickets. This last week they had 85.6% capacity down a little from the week before and the average ticket price was $123. The producers are not giving a regular discount but are selling tickets at TKTS booth for between 30-50% discount on the day. It looks like these are mainly off to the side or rear mezz. Plus todayTix does a $37 lottery. I don't think these seats are bad for seeing the show but center orchestra gives you a better view of Jim . The few reviews that haven't liked the show have mainly been complementary about Jim.
  19. Jim is down as moderator on their website so he is obviously doing more than just attending
  20. We were all very well behaved . I wonder if it is to keep him warm after coming off stage. They don't want him catching a cold.
  21. Bravo TV is geo blocked here. I definitely need to investigate how to get around that. Hopefully it will be put up on YouTube. It will be interesting to see how they edit it down to a hour.
  22. That is only a short plane trip to NYC
  23. It is funny that all the people on the right are looking at their phones/photos and not still looking at the sight of Jim so close. The bodyguard keeps trying to hurry Jim along. Nice view of the back ..rear..
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