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  1. I always travel with a jacket and an umbrella regardless of season or forcast on the assumption that if I bring them I won't need them (hopefully) but if I leave them at home I will
  2. I wanted a mug but when I went to buy one at my last show they were sold out and waiting for more stock. Just goes to show you should buy something the first time you see it. I wondered about the bodyguard I didn't see anyone else with one just the security at the door at the shows I went to and the fans seem well behaved. Did he have one previously at other shows? I think Darren Criss might have one as well.
  3. It is interesting that he makes the comment without seeing the show or ? getting an autograph. I think the majority of people at the stage door are just happy to see Jim close up and the autograph is a bonus. I have three and they vary from the JP which he can do without looking much so he can say thanks to people to a J Pwith a squiggle after that he did on my ticket. he had to look at that one to sign. I went to seven stage doors on my recent trip and they were all different but all the actors were very thankful and appreciative of the audience and that we were waiting to see them. Some signed initials only some full signatures some chatted and posed for selfies some didn't. Jim was probably out the fastest and quickest through the line and the only one with a bodyguard. He sometimes went back into the theatre and sometimes left straight after the signing. I hear Darren Criss at Hegwic also has a vocal line and doesn't pose for selfies. Personally I am very happy to see him close up, get a personal thanks for coming, and get my squiggles and my slightly out of focus photos.
  4. Anyone going along to this or has read the book? Last show is August 2nd.
  5. You will get that close! Only separated by the metal barrier. Go out the doors on the right and you are right there
  6. Yay I will be in the USA and will be able to watch it live instead of waiting another 4 months for it to air in NZ.
  7. With that naughty twinkle in his eye and smirk, he knows a thing or two.
  8. Great pictures of Jim. I am much more interested in the Tonys this year as I have seen so many of the productions. It is no fun being back at work today #jetlagged.
  9. Forgot about the Tonys Fresh air and exercise is always good for you, anything that gets the heart rate up really so Jim is obviously good for us
  10. Or it could be this Sun I notice there is a 7.30pm show that night as well as on the 21st
  11. Just finished watching Kunal on the View. Wouldn't you think their researchers would know that Raj can now talk to women, for wha,t is it two seasons now!
  12. I was going to work it out as I knew there would be very few options as The Spoils is only on until the end of June. I would totally go if I was in NY no husband to divorce me. You could take a mid afternoon walk (coffee break) along 53rd on Weds between 3.30 and 3.45 for a Jim fix no one would know
  13. I can't post links but there is a cute clip recorded by Jim when he was at The View Tues for Kunal that was played on his interview today.
  14. Really seeing them up close and on stage is fantastic anything else is a bonus. Jesse Eisenberg was very nice as well and wanted to know where my accent was from
  15. Went to see The Spoils last night and really enjoyed it. It was great to see Kunal in a dramatic role that showed off his talents more. I didn't manage to talk to him as he was obviously in a hurry to get away (?tired from the opening party) and disappeared while I was getting an autograph from Michael Zegen. It is more difficult when there is not an obvious line to go down and he was busy with someone else and then was gone when I turned around . Highly recommended go see it.
  16. I had a great time and in case anyone thinks it was all Jim focused I also went to 7 other shows and did the stage door thing there as well plus most of the tourist sights. I just either need to learn how to use my phone as a camera better or bring a digital. In hindsight I should have done some video. I was waiting for a mugshot with the AAoG mug. I went to buy one my last show but they had sold out, disappointing as I could have brought one previously but didn't want to carry it.
  17. My week of up close Jim obsession has come to an end. Today I was still on the hunt for a nice in focus photo as last night’s rain made things difficult (it is intensely frustrating that I have great in focus photos of his bodyguard/driver looking very stern, but he doesn’t move as fast). As I was in midtown and it was sunny I went to the post matinee stage door. I positioned myself nicely in the middle of the barriers so I could see him from both directions and would have a good view of him getting in the car. I decided I would get him to sign my ticket from the opening night as it would take him longer. Best laid plans… when he was signing my ticket I said Thank you Jim it was just as funny the second time around (even though I have seen it three times) and he said something like you’ve seen it twice that’s sweet or thank you or I can’t believe you’ve come twice . It’s hard to remember as he touched my arm when he said it I had rested the ticket on my phone so by the time I recovered and turned it over my next photo with the biceps is a bit out of focus and he bounced not walked back into the theatre from the end of the line not his car. So no great photos but lots of slightly out of focus ones, I have spoken to him four times and have great memories. For those who plan to do the stage door he moves down the line incredibly fast, he normally answers if you say something, no selfies or posing for photos. I hope you have better photo skills than I do. Jim is awesome in the play go see it if you can.
  18. When he is going down the line he stands quite hunched with legs bent and arms forward so he can quickly sign the playbills etc. He looks much broader across the chest when he walking back,
  19. Having had several close up views this week I think Jims muscles are just fine. A little biceps action from this afternoon.
  20. AAoG Spoiler Alert especially for those that have been Nice adlib when Michael was asking for names from the audience for questions and it was Cherish, he said very appropriate for tonight. Script change to Caitlyn Jenner (as expected) and after this line Jim was heckled by a guy at the side with a loud F U and some other comments that I could not hear. Jim managed it well but I think it threw him a little. He got Archangel Michael to sort him out helped by security. Couldn't see if they threw him out or just warned him. Otherwise another great performance. Sadly my last but I might go and try for a good photo in the sun if there is any tomorrow.
  21. I don't think you missed anything and ITAS was the one thing that no one else can see as we will only have the edited version.
  22. Well have just come back from the taping of The View to have a coffee and Levain cookie before venturing out into the weather. Jim was gorgeous my view was blocked a bit by Whoopi and you could not take photos with phones after the interview but could with normal cameras, but only on for a short time and the interview was wasted I think, not much talk about AAoG The marriage question was interesting in that he said yes, maybe, he would not rule it out. The point being that marriage was not possible for them so it was not on their agenda but a definate no to children. Just watched the clip. The cute bit that was not shown was where he said Todd was probably watching and they showed the picture he was waving at the camera. It is also funny how he gets a bit lost finding his seat he did it on Fallon as well. The process was interesting. A door with a number but no instructions. I was there at 7.15 the first one, then about 8 other dribbled in that had tickets. About 7.45 someone turned up from the show to split the line into priority and another category. Said that the don't normally have standbys and I should get out of the rain and come back at 9.30. I said I didn't want to miss out would she remember. Went to Starbucks and back at 9.20 to a short line and got a band straight away. The ones with tickets had to wait in the rain until about 9am. Interesting experience going to a live show but don't know if I would go to the View again. Liked Whoopi she was funny in the breaks, she starts filming the Stan in Jan and gave us a copy of Steven Kings new book Finders Keepers, something to read on the plane home.
  23. I think all of us that have been lucky enough to see the show have been floored by Jims performance ( as well as by Jim)
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