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  1. You two have had such a great Jim weekend. How amazing it lasted 3 hours. Thanks for sharing.
  2. You will love it and better pictures in the daylight Three people from the forum are there and looks like they have great seats
  3. Looking at the recent pictures he seems more relaxed doing the line and interacting more. Did you notice any major differences in the play from when you saw it in early previews? Enjoy tonight.
  4. When I was looking at tickets to see Jim on The View I noticed that Kunal is listed for Thurs.
  5. Thanks for the info Just saw the message and at the moment they say available at the top but when you click on it it is sold out. May have to get up early.
  6. I was just thinking the same thing. He has done it before when talking about the shamy.
  7. Thanks for posting the link. I like how Jim always thinks about the questions and seems to try and be honest in his answers.
  8. How early is early? They tape a few blocks from my hotel. Have a great time at the show on Sat.
  9. I am now googling how to get standby tickets to the view
  10. Great clip. I will be out at another show tonight( not Jim unfortunately) is this normally available online after it is shown?
  11. The tie looks good to me if a little blurry still.
  12. What I need now is an un-blurred photo. The man moves too fast and I am no good with my phone. I think tonight his tie was in focus.
  13. It official I am a Jim addict. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to opening night when I saw tickets available at the TKTS booth and didn't have anything else planned. They were selling some rear mez tickets. I was in the first row of the rear mez and still had a great view but didn't feel like Jim was looking straight at me like he was yesterday when I was in row K in the orchestra. It got a great reception, standing ovation at the end. Laughs were different in intensity and places than yesterday but everyone was enjoying themselves.. It started 20 mins late and Jim adlibed his comment when they let latecomers in to "Still late after we held the show so long." It was hard to watch the celbs come as they were trying to move everyone through and I went in 5 mins before scheduled curtain.. I did see David J, Larry Kramer, Jason Alexander and a few others I did not know the name of. Some obviously arrived later ? why they started late. I did not see Todd or Jims family but could not see who was seated downstairs. Jim came out to sign for the few fans there before he went back inside.. He was looking very dapper in his suit. When I thanked him for a great show he said no thank you for coming and happy opening night. It was hard to get a good photo in the dark as he moves so fast.
  14. Still recovering from seeing An Act of God yesterday for the matinee. Brilliantly funny. Jim was fantastic. Theater nearly full. I had great seats so could stare at Jim with no obstruction, sometimes missed the dialogue . Theater was a little cold so bring a cardigan/jacket. Did the fan girl thing at the stage door. Only about 20 people waiting. Better pictures in the sun will post some when I work out how. Jim obviously has working the line down pat he was through in 5 minutes. Responding to comments but working fast. Someone was waiting to greet him that he knew from some where and he got a hug. This was an added show for me so I get to go again Tues.
  15. Good spotting. I haven't heard much on Joe Mantello directing. Was he interviewed at the press day?
  16. I have never done the stage door thing but might have to for both Jim and Kunal.
  17. Going to see this on June 3, can't wait. Glad you enjoyed it. The cast must spend a lot of time with the audience after. Were there a lot of people waiting?
  18. I would imagine the first weeks of previews will be mainly fans and once it opens officially and is reviewed it will attract a wider audience.
  19. It is interesting that the photo on this promo is very old judging by Kaleys hair.
  20. I would send your son across the street to take a photo of you freaking out or not about meeting Jim. That way you get a photo and he can pretend not to know you.
  21. Great interview. Jim seems extremely excited about the role and happy to be back on Broadway. Looking very good as well.
  22. Could not agree more, both of them are amazing and yes he absolutely deserves a tony! He plays the audience so well like even if a joke doesn't exactly hit he knows just how to move it along smoothly so it never feels stagnant or awkward, comedy suits him so well https://instagram.com/p/2pmTBXFNiE/?taken-by=miajabara i got this video (you can hear me talking to him at the end while he signs my playbill and i know i didn't capture it but he was looking at me and smiling while he thanked me *dies* ) and all the pics i took of jim were screenshots of the video haha but i do have a todd picture...i just have to find a way to upload it somehow
  23. Looks like Jim doesn't need a night off. Lucky students.
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