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  1. Great to see Melissa supporting her cast mates.
  2. I don't know if it is common practice but when I was looking at other shows to go to when I am in New York some of those in preview during April did have shows on Mon nights. I read a comment on Trip Advisor about how slick the show was when it had only been in preview 3 nights. Considering how little formal rehersal time Jim had in New York after BBT shows how much he had been learning his lines beforehand. Those cards must be well read.
  3. I don't know if those that live close to New York and could go to a show at short notice are aware that TodayTix is running a mobile lottery for $37 for preview shows.
  4. It will be interesting to see if they make any changes between now and the end of May.
  5. Thanks for the info Mama. Sounds like a great time. Where were you sitting? Fantastic you now have a pic of him signing your playbill.
  6. And the best thing is you get to go see it again. Loved his comment about the socks.
  7. Three to four weeks seems a long time to be in previews. Any reason for someone not familiar with broadway it is so long?
  8. Happy viewing everybody who can watch it live tonight. We are so far behind in NZ but I love keeping up with what is ahead through this forum.
  9. Or he could have pre-taped something before he left LA.
  10. Thanks for posting the sneak peeks. Couldn't find them on YouTube.
  11. All this pre preview buzz is making me more excited that I am going to see it. Can't wait
  12. I think he has definetley improved with age as well. Just look at all those recent photos in the blue suit.
  13. Will be interested to see what you think. I am going on June 3rd after seeing Jim on the 2nd
  14. Mamallama looks like you are first. I am glad you were not going on those first two preview dates that were cancelled. I am in town on premier night does anyone know if they have a red carpet and is it worth going to celebrity spot?
  15. I am sure there will be something written not sure about photos.
  16. Agree plus Shamy were having fun leading to the sleepover
  17. The built a set and filmed outside on the WB lot for the bits with "the gang". From Kaleys instagram
  18. Can't wait to see the episode when it airs
  19. I have only been able to watch up to 8.12 so far but am really enjoying it and looking forward to actually seeing the other episodes that I have read about here.
  20. I agree Star and I think it is important to remember that this post was written as a notification of her fathers death and before she had received any comments on the blog from fans so it was not directed at any person in particular. It was just noting how she was feeling at the time and I think it was very brave of her.
  21. His mother put up the money to help Stuart reopen so Howard must have inherited her share. I haven't heard of it being mentioned on the show though?
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