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  1. It runs until August 2nd. They put the preview dates back two days until May 7th and opening night is May 28th. As it is mainly Jim and the two angels they may not need as much rehearsal time. I brought my trip to New York forward so I could go
  2. Shamy will talk about i and work it out. Cna't wait to see the make out session!!!
  3. It is up to @2200 now! Agree about the signatures.
  4. They will be offered the option of another date or a refund. Disappointing if that was the only date you could make it. He may be delayed because of the alumni presentation but he has been learning his lines for a while now. I can't wait to see it .
  5. I agree I don't think Jim has the time as he will be busy with his show I see him more as a presenter.
  6. Since they are both in previews and rehearsals at similar times it will be hard for them to catch each other's shows but I imagine they will catch up over the summer.
  7. I think the background music to this is very appropriate!!
  8. I have brought a planned trip tp New York forward by a few months (well a year really so the trip will be shorter) and booked by ticket to the show. Just have to restrain myself from going a second time
  9. He is in the May edition of Vanity Fair according to @jimparsons_official instagram
  10. I agree. I used to really like horror stuff when I was younger but have gone off them. However it will be interesting to see Johnny in something different
  11. Lots of different projects for the TBBT team over the previous and coming year with films and Broadway shows etc. It is great to see their talent shown in a different environment.
  12. I wish I could go it sounds fun. I will have to hope for lots of publicity interviews.
  13. Great to see the promo thanks for the link.
  14. I am thinking you are going to buy the DVD when it comes out.
  15. Yes I was wondering why she had made no comment about it as I thought it would appeal to her and she could take her kids now they are older. I didn't notice that no one died.
  16. Wasn't that one rented as a photo booth? (Plus a handy place for a make out session)
  17. The clips are funny. It's a pity we are only up to episode 7 this season here in NZ but that means Prom next week! I love spoilers.
  18. Or someone coming to stay with her.
  19. I agree about the visuals you could go again just to see all that was going on. I think it will also do well when it is out on DVD. Did you see it in 3D?
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