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  1. With all the great interviews Jim has done he must have spent nearly as much time promoting Home as he did recording the voice
  2. I agree it is very well done I saw it in 2D and thought the animation fantastic and Oh adorable.
  3. Thanks for letting us know about all these interviews and clips that can be hard to find, especailly down in New Zealand. I have really enjoyed viewing them all. A write up about Home in our local Sunday paper quotes director Tim Johnson on choosing Jim to voice Oh. "I was particularly inspired by how he was when he was on talk shows. says Johnson. He was just playing himself and was fast and witty and warm. I thought , here's a guy who can make a character, who you might think of as the enemy-he's an alien who might take over Earth- but he's going to make him seem vulnerable and warm." On watching lots of interviews recently I can certainly agree.
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