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  1. Loved watching this Jim is so enthusiastic have to wait until after the holidays to watch the full show
  2. I read that and also thought "did we miss something" . His company is busy at the moment with lots of announcements that must follow on from all the behind the scenes work.
  3. Just finished the book which I enjoyed really looking forward to the movie.
  4. Managed to watch this on the live with kelly website. Really enjoyed it, jim wasn't quite as flexible as the girls. Doesn't look like jim will be back on Broadway until TBBT finishes which is a bit sad but understandable.
  5. He seems to have gone mad on the snapchat but I am loving it. Obviously relaxing over the hiatus and spoiling us with social media posts.
  6. I think it must be really weird watching it when you were the first to preform it and from clips they have a different style of performance. It doesn't seem that Sean is pulling the crowds like Jim did but he does take selfies outside.
  7. Have to wait until Mon night to watch the show in full but the you tube clips were great. Jim was funny and seemed very relaxed. For someone not working this summer it is fantastic that we keep getting little peeks of him on various shows. Looking forward to him co-hosting with Kelly.
  8. Is this a new /show she is in?
  9. Is wearing rings in the middle of your fingers a new trend?
  10. Just come back from watching the film and have to agree with this comment. Simon was great both in acting and piano playing really enjoyed it.
  11. Agree, I'm waiting for the book to come out. I imagine Jims part will be small but always great to see him another role.
  12. Enjoyed the episode. Loved seeing the gang having take out in 4A again and all the interactions. Loved Sheldon and Bernie scenes. Liked the scenes in the winery. Nice light hearted episode.
  13. She has matched the dark roots and light tips well. Looks like it was before she cut it. Wonder how long it will last?
  14. I imagine that is right. Like a few other people I read it as pull to start with and had a few blank moments trying to figure it out. As I was looking at Jim it wasn't a problem
  15. That's interesting she says she has two episodes of tbbt to do?
  16. He is looking a bit tired, must be all the birthday partying as well as work. Was this for TBBT or The Spoils?
  17. Thanks Vonmar and others for keeping track of Jims weibo account so I don't have to . He is posting there a lot.
  18. I wonder what they are doing to 9x21 to not show it?
  19. Amazing how they can start filming before the book is published obviously generated a lot of pre-publication interest in the storyline. I agree it is a fascinating bit of unknown history.
  20. What has happened with The Bronze over the last week. Is it still showing?
  21. Look like take out in 4a, will we have all the cast in the same room again?
  22. I don't think Jim knows how to take time off. Looks like a great story and he is playing an engineer. Also want to read the book.
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