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  1. Mayim seems to be doing a lot more stuff this year. Its great to see her in different roles/situations.
  2. Interesting he is planning on acting with them again. Hope it is when I am in Texas next year but it may be after the series ends? Feeling nostalgic as it was this time last year I decided to go see AAoG in New York.
  3. They don't sell tickets but occassionally one of the cast will donate for a charity auction. Last year I know kunal did for one to benefit the new group the theatre company in New York where he was in the show. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for all your feedback.
  4. They must all be glad they have the next week off to rest and recover
  5. She is working really hard promoting this movie.
  6. Yes I have noticed the same thing but you never know what is in the glass. It's amazing what comes into your mind when you are looking at photos of Jim. Enjoying a nice glass of wine is one of life's pleasures
  7. Fantastic to see the support Melissa is getting from all her cast mates. Anyone know if it will be getting an international release?
  8. Liked the shout out for NZ flag referendum . Saw this clip posted on our largest papers website. Just voted.
  9. I agree great style and colour while still being modest.
  10. Loved all the photos from the premier of The Bronze. Hope it does well. Great to see all the cast coming out to support Melissa.
  11. I have to laugh when they tag someone that is not therealjimparsons : )
  12. I loved this interview and how relaxed he is, and his sense of humour.
  13. Just watched the YouTube clips but positive negative looks a great episode. Agree with all the comments above. Wouldn't it be great to have 21 min episodes again. Loved Amy in the girls scenes and the throw back to the Girls afternoon tea. Yes Amy you can now feel like a grown up now you have been with a man.
  14. Looking forward to seeing Simon in a different role
  15. I always wonder where people have been when I hear they have been travelling. A combination of being nosy and wondering if it's somewhere on my bucket list or a place I have already ticked off.
  16. My immediate thought was I wonder where he has been! Lol
  17. loved the makeup in that episode for all the boys
  18. Was the posting of script covers by lots of the cast organised do you think or are they excited by the 200th episode like us? Two instagrams by Jim in one day : )
  19. I see Chuck is helping to write this one.
  20. I really don't know how they manage to walk in shoes that high. I would break my ankle!
  21. Wasn't it about this time last year we found out about AAoG? Wonder what he will be doing this summer? Anybody going to see Sean Hayes in the Role?
  22. Do you think he will make it back in time for the table read? When do the airports reopen?
  23. At least you could fast forward to the Jim bits
  24. The last one was available on YouTube, hopefully this will be as well, should be fun with all the fun of season 9
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