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  1. 6 hours ago, stardustmelody said:

    Jim's latest post:

     Love how supportive he is of his friends! :wub:

    Interesting he is planning on acting with them again.  Hope it is when I am in Texas next year but it may be after the series ends?

    Feeling nostalgic as it was this time last year I decided to go see AAoG in New York.

  2. 1 hour ago, brilliantfool said:

    I'm actually surprised I don't remember as much , i remembered way more from the taping last week , at least the Shamy stuff! I think maybe because I was sitting with 2 other people from the forum last week , and we discussed stuff between takes... This time one woman next to me has never even seen the show before! Her gf took her to the taping, cause she got the VIPs tickets as a Xmas present (I'm curious , where do people get VIPs tickets??? I thought it was just media and the cast's friends and family, but now I'm sure you can buy those somewhere... ) And the girls on the other side from me left before even the show was over...

    so this time no one to discuss what was going on with! : (

    They don't sell tickets but occassionally one of the cast will donate for a charity auction. Last year I know kunal did for one to benefit the new group the theatre company in New York where he was in the show. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for all your feedback.

  3. 3 hours ago, phantagrae said:

    So, it seems that Jim seems to be seen with the occasional glass of wine these days, rather than water.  I was just idly wondering when he made that little change.  He used to say that he didn't drink (since he quit around the time TBBT began), so I wonder what changed, if he feels he can drink occasionally now.

    He never mentioned having a problem before, but just that when the show was starting he wanted to stay sort of clear-headed, then got a little superstitious about going back to it, etc., but I guess he's over that now. :)


    Yes I have noticed the same thing but you never know what is in the glass. It's amazing what comes into your mind when you are looking at photos of Jim. Enjoying a nice glass of wine is one of life's pleasures:icon_wink:

  4. Just watched the YouTube clips but positive negative looks a great episode. 

    Agree with all the comments above. Wouldn't it be great to have 21 min episodes again.

    Loved Amy in the girls scenes and the throw back to the Girls afternoon tea. Yes Amy you can now feel like a grown up now you have been with a man.:icon_wink:

  5. I always wonder where people have been when I hear they have been travelling:shy:. A combination of being nosy and wondering if it's somewhere on my bucket list or a place I have already ticked off.

  6. 1 hour ago, mamallama said:

    I did.  It shames me to say that even Jim couldn't save it. It's a thriller and not very thrilling. I figured out the secret within the first 20 minutes. I understand why it went right to Netflix. At least Jim looked great.  

    At least you could fast forward to the Jim bits :)

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