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  1. I'm happy he posted but it only makes me want more!

    we wanted more when he posted more frequently as well, then we were spoilt by all the aaog pics, happy memories :shy:

  2. I just want to throw in a question: Do they have written the plots for the whole season before they start taping or do they write every single script just a few weeks before they actually air? Because if even Mayim doesn´t know where the writers are heading at (or she can´t tell because it is prohibited), then it sounds like the writers are writing the scripts just before they air.

    it was mentioned in the com a con thread that they had 3 episodes finished at that point prior to starting filming. The writers need to work ahead for things like casting, set design etc.  they always say they have no long term arc to follow.

  3. What also makes me sad is how this has really changed the entire dynamic of the gang. It seems that now the 'gang' episodes with Amy are over at the Wolowitz's, no more dinners at 4A, Sheldon only hangs out with the gang briefly in the next episode and obviously Amy isn't there. Not only Shamy is gone, the gang is gone. And we didn't even get to see a period of adjustment, where the gang tries to deal with this, they all suddenly seem to have accepted, overnight, that this is the new status quo. Just like Amy seems to have accepted, overnight, that it's over and she needs to move on. I would have loved to see how the gang struggled with this, I would love to see them miss hanging out together, I would love to see them try and actually support Sheldon and Amy rather than contributing to increasing the rift. At least when Lenny broke up they showed Sheldon not taking it well and being caught in the middle. This is also why I said that from a management standpoint, it's all pretty absurd. The gang episodes and the Shamy episodes were two of the main plots they often used in their writing. By separating Shamy they've massively limited their own storytelling possibilities and possible combinations of characters, both directly and indirectly.

    I was just thinking exactly this. How I miss the group dinners in 4A after watching this weeks episode that had Leonard and Sheldon making sandwiches at the counter before a planned movie night with the guys. They should be having takeout all together.

  4. Is the man sitting on the arm of the Chaise Lounge, Mark Ruffalo?

    Yes it is from the Normal Heart photo shoot.  Love the ones of Jim by himself and I think there is a video somewhere.

  5. YAY!!!  How funny that i'm interested in american football now lol only jim can do that haha. 

    Maybe he will appear at the podcast again

    well he invited himself back. I had no choice but to try and watch some games at a late Sunday lunch as it was the only thing on the TVs in the restaurant. It took me a while to realise that they were showing different games on different screens and I had no idea what was happening :icon_wink:.  Give me rugby any day.

  6. I really enjoyed the episode laughing out loud on a number of occasions.  I thought the wedding suited the Lenny dynamic and after all it is the marriage that counts not the wedding. The interaction between Shamy was funny and sad with Sheldon not knowing how to deal with emotional pain.  I also liked the Shenny scene with Sheldon having no idea he was insulting Penny.  Looking forward to the rest of the season.  This was a much better episode IMO than 8.01

  7. I read the taping info for this episode, this was exactly what I was expecting.

    I thought it edited out great, very snappy, the half-hour flew by.  I loved the back and forth between Vegas and Pasadena.

    There was info from the last taping, that the observer thought that Jim's performance seemed "kind of wooden", I am now of the opinion that TPTB are asking Jim to act Sheldon as if he is reverting. That without Amy's calming influence in his life, he is back-tracking into old Sheldon behaviors. 

    I loved the Sheldon/Mary interaction. I love that it is a family ring and I believe that he asked for it, hence offering to return it.

    I liked it.

    I agree Vonmar.  I thought it was well done and funny and sad.  I want to go and re-watch for the parts I missed every detail of.  (The only problem  with not having a DVR and no instant rewind).  I also think he asked for the ring but even if he didn't ask he accepted it.  Otherwise his response would have been "why would I need a ring".  Looking forward to the next episode.

  8. I don't know whether it is better to know the result first so you can relax for the rest of the evening.  I like her dress now I saw the detail at the waist. Alison should not be in the supporting actress category.

  9. Don't know what is in the promo for season 9 in the US but have just viewed the NZ one.  For the first time they are showing BBT two days after the US rather than 4 months.

    So starts with Shenny Kiss, the guys bundling Sheldon into the van, the van burning, then sheldon giving penny her red bra saying this is yours in front of leonard.  If I didn't know what was happening I would be scratching my head in puzzlement.

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