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  1. Yoga and horse-riding seem to be doing it for her
  2. also saw a nice clip of her talking about the shape shoot on ET
  3. Nice clip. I hope the series comes out well. I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would but can imagine it might be hard to transfer to a TV series. Not surprised that he likes working with Jim and Todd.
  4. Thanks for posting the link. I always enjoy Kunals interviews.
  5. not to mention they say that she was wrapping season 9 perhaps they can tell us what happens
  6. This is one of my favourite episodes. It think he was obviously a bit creepy/pervy in an trying too hard/ thinks he was great way in the beginning but has definetely changed for the better once he meet Bernadette.
  7. It's his first full week off since the end of season 8, of course he is working, the man does not know how to relax.
  8. Two more seasons to go for him to win again
  9. I have seen/read a few times that one of Jims teachers told him that someone else's success is not your failure so I don't think not being nominated would bother him a whole lot even though I think he should have won. What is Tambours performance like? I haven't seen the show.
  10. Ha Ha you might have already missed her I don't think she hangs around much
  11. I agree. I think it will basically be the same but with updates for topical news and a few things that were NY changed for the west coast.
  12. I was just reading about this. It looks really weird not being Jims face. I am trying to arrange a trip to LA in Feb/march to see a taping. Will have to go and do a comparison if it is still on. I don't think anyone can top Jim but if you hadn't seen him in the role it would prob be fine.
  13. I wonder if they would have had a scene last year but the story was changed due the sad death of Mayims dad?
  14. Just catching up on the massive amounts of posts overnight ( for me). So happy I will be able to watch the episodes straight away when they air I am still remaining positive about the ultimate outcome for Shamy. Didn't Steve post a mysterious picture of gollum around the taping of 9.01?
  15. I want a return to Broadway in 2017. I could do with another holiday in New York
  16. I agree that The Rosie Project would be type casting and he prob wants to get away from that. Normal Heart two would be good if the script was excellent I don't think he would be a lead as Neds character get involved with someone else. I am not holding out any hope that Visions gets a general release here, may have to wait until it is out on DVD and hope Jim does some press for it. And although typecast it would be a romantic lead with the possibility of a 2nd film as well
  17. That makes four of them now producing or with production companies. Plans for after TBBT finishes I wonder?
  18. WOW the trolls on the internet strike again. Kazzie I completely understand your decision but I definitely don't think you should feel responsible for the reaction of other people. I agree with Phanta that the information is out there from other sources not just you and the others on this forum. I think that the producers accept that spoilers will get out when they tape in front of a live audience (even in the days before twitter etc) and they feel that the benefits of the live audience reactions outweigh this as only a small number of the total people watching the show find out in advance what happens. Bill often says that the show that airs is what matters not what is seen at taping. I would imagine due to the storylines in the last three episodes he was expecting a reaction. I admire the fact that he reads and responds to tweets but hope he uses the blocking function more. Thanks for keeping us entertained by your spoilers in the past and I hope this fuss doesn't spoil what sounds like a fantastic holiday
  19. Sheldon trying to fix it by himself sounds like it is going to be funny. There is no comedy in them getting back together too quickly but I am sure it will happen.
  20. I can imagine what the Ausralian promo will be with a kiss like that . I am glad you enjoyed the taping and your time in LA. I can;t wait to wach the episodes.
  21. Great photos I think recognise that shirt from the stage door
  22. I was thinking exactly the same thing about the age of the actors.
  23. Well deserved win but was anyone there to accept the award?
  24. Thanks for the spying Kazzie and Michy. Love the new t-shirts by the way
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