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  1. Just catching up with these current changes in ticketing policy.  I agree it is very shortsighted.  Everyone has the same chance for getting a guaranteed ticket and there are not that many willing to wait in the standby line all day multiple times.  If you decide to go a week or two before of course you are going to miss out the same if you look for tickets 2 hours after they go online.  The fact that they have had empty seats at some shows means there is not really a problem but people that don't know he process.

    I guess it means me getting up at 3.30am next year when I plan to go :icon_neutral:

  2. For those that went to the taping was it funny? I am waiting to see the premier episode air (and I will be able to watch it in Vegas :icon_razz:) before I decide completely what I think.  I think taping reports come across as more dramatic because you are not seeing the acting.  I found the finale more funny than I expected apart from the tag. Having said that I love the taping reports and all the info feed back so thanks to all who write them.

  3. I have been working my way through her blog and find it an enjoyable read. I appreciated her one on the finale and how she can't really remember it due to grief over her father. Will be interesting to see how it develops.  She obviously enjoys writing.

  4. I don't know what to expect from the first taping report, I'm just so happy the show is back. It's been a long hiatus.

    The finale just aired two weeks ago here in NZ so although I was spoiled I don't feel like I Have been waiting a long time to know what happens to Shamy and we will find out bery soon :icon_razz:

  5. Grok is a urban word for "understanding" or "empathy"....but what she means about it in terms of what we are to learn next week?   I have no idea other than we will have "grok" after?   

    It must be her new word of the month.  She has used it twice and I also had no idea of what it meant.

  6. OMG!!  How will I spend my time now if there's no more stage door photos?  I'll miss security dude as well.  :)

    I know I feel a bit sad now it is all over.  I like how Jim kept his sunglassess off while he was doing the line so we could gt better photos.  I think everyone has great pictures of security dude if we miss him too much:icon_wink:

  7. Judging Amy has just been repeated on TV here and after recording and deleting lots of episodes finally saw Jims appearance as Rob Holbrook.  He looks so young and I enjoyed the subtle lip bite in the final scene and the skip out the door.  Season 1 is also repeating so I watched the pilot and  how they have all developed over 8 years and then the finale. Amazing to see the development of Jims talent,  I thought his final scene was amazing.  Now only 10 days until we know what happens but I am going to miss the reports and photos from AAoG.

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