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  1. Unless they specifically say he will attend the reception it is not guaranteed.
  2. I would love to go again just to see the differences from the end of May until now.
  3. I would try and go spoiler free after your trip to LA. Enjoy
  4. I love how his face is reflected in the small mirror.
  5. It certainly looks like they get on and she is having fun filming the movie.
  6. He does bounce out the door and also when he jogs back to the car on occasions. Is anyone attending in the last week? On another note the finale is showing tonight here in NZ so I will be up to date just before I get to read the first taping report from season 9
  7. I think that this is fantastic. Not only has the attendance been great but they have been able to keep the average ticket price high. This is close to an expected max gross. Hope it leads to more Broadway appearances.
  8. I have read the comments above about visiting Jims apartment building with interest as I found myself outside it when I was in New York in May. How did I get there? Despite not being in the main touristy areas of New York he lives on very historic Gramercy Park. In most of the guide books I looked at while planning my trip Gramercy Park was mentioned and was on self-guided walks which took you through Washington Sq Park, Union Square, Gramercy Park and to Madison Square Park. It made me a bit uncomfortable while I was planning (was I crossing a line) and then I thought that if I didn’t know he lived there I would do the walk (a great thing to do after the Highline) so I went. I did not know the exact address (deliberately did not look it up) but it was obvious from previously seen pictures which building it was. Although it was under scaffolding it is a beautiful building and I imagine people stop and stare at the architecture with no knowledge of who lives there. So I had a wander around the outside of the park and looked at all the buildings. It is a lovely part of New York but still busy with lots of people walking about. This I think is different from driving up to a secluded part of town to hang outside a stars home as you would have to do in LA.. I don’t think I would have taken photos if I happened to see Jim. I wasn’t walking around with my phone out to take pictures and by the time I would have recognised him he would have been gone. I might have smiled and said hi if he was walking towards me. I wouldn’t have waited for him to come out of the building but can imagine that you might get caught up in fan over enthusiasm in the moment and we don’t know if this particular encounter was before or after they went to the show and stage door. Misguided but not stalking in my opinion. Now if they waited outside all day or went back every day that is another matter. So I find myself agreeing with parts of all the above comments.
  9. He definetly deserves it but it is a long time between now and the nominations.
  10. Only one more week of these lovely photos. I saw a video on Instagram and he is still thanking everyone for coming and it is a wonder you can make out the JP with how fast he signs.
  11. you looked great and the camera didn't catch you doing anything embarrassing .
  12. From interviews it sounds like he spends a lot of time at weekend memorising lines.
  13. Love the photos. Mayim has been busy this hiatus as well.
  14. Play is out by 8.30 most nights apart from Fri/Sat when it is 9.30. He was normally in the car and away 20 mins later. I suppose it depends on whether he eats after and I imagine he needs time to wind down. He has most days to relax but I don't think he knows how
  15. Wow Jim as Dr Mathiesion . I hope he is in more than a couple of scenes. Something to look forward to next year and I don't normally like horror films.
  16. it could be the recent Instagram pics look Christmassy.
  17. Kunal is taking part in a charity auction to raise money for The New Group. I am tempted
  18. This might solve my taping attendance issue for next year but I am not sure I can afford it. It is on my watch list. https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/866702
  19. Wouldn't it be great if they could crack the million in the last weeks.
  20. I don't think he needs any airbrushing
  21. I wonder if the gates have anything to do with the construction/scaffolding that you can see behind them now? There also seems to be more people. Glad when I was there I manged to get to the front with no problem.
  22. Those are lovely clear photos from this afternoon. His face looks thinner, I wonder if he has lost weight?
  23. Thanks for the great sleuthing. Amazing how information gets out via social media. Will be great to see Mayim in another role
  24. I might get up at 3.30am to try for tickets for 10/6 or I might just book a trip to include 3 Tuesday's in March . A taping on 10/13 would have been perfect as I could just extend my trip by 3 days. I can't complain, I saw Jim 5 times in New York and have two more years to get to a taping
  25. unfortunately on 9/29 I will be traveling and on 10/6 I will be in Denver. I did actually look at flights from Denver last night but decided that I might as well wait until next year.
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