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  1. Thanks for posting the dates. I was hoping for a taping either on 9/22 or 10/13 when I was going to be passing through LA anyway. I will just have to plan another trip next year.
  2. Anyone know anything about the movie?
  3. Do we ever find out what episode they submitted if they were not nominated?
  4. I have been going through my photos on New York, thinking about the show and was wondering if there was ever a time when there was not someone coming in late for AAoG so they couldn't use the Patti Lu Pone joke. Not being aware of her I finally got around to "googling" her to see why they used the reference and found out how topical this and the cellphone jokes were. Despite the link below they have been in the show from the start an d are very funny http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Jim-Parsons-Heckles-Late-Audience-Member-with-Patti-LuPone-Joke-20150714
  5. I remember you trying to decide whether to go or not and you definetly made the right decision. Sounds like you had fantastic seats and a great experinece. It makes it hard to concentrate on what he is saying when he is staring right at you.. Jim still seems very gracious and happy still when doing the signing.
  6. Will be interested to see what happens with the Rosie project, I really enjoyed both books but agree that Jim may be looking for something different. I know that Larry Kramer has finished the script for the Normal Heart sequel, has it been picked up by HBO does anyone know? Jim back on Broadway in 2017 would suit my travel plans but I think I would make another special trip to see him if he does something earlier. The excellent box office and reviews must mean he will get more offers.
  7. I wonder if he was unwell when he was on Dan Patrick as he said he was taking steroids for his throat/voice and he had all the promo stuff going on the weeks before. I think now with it going so well it is more relaxing for him and hopefully he relaxes during his down time.
  8. I have to laugh my full length photo of Jim I have as my avatar has been cropped since the website update to just the middle third I suppose I should change it
  9. I wonder if he stays on LA time for getting up and going to bed then he could get up at 9 and go to bed at midnight. He doesn't have much time between shows so I agree he stays in the area. In the two matinees I was at the stage door he went to the car once and back into the theatre once. He bounds along on those long legs his bodyguard has to sprint to keep up
  10. the shirt is more fitted so highlights his torso and the short sleeves show off his arms. I was admiring the fit of his jeans from the rear and his long legs and yes that a$$. It looks like he is running back to the car.
  11. His last like was for sarahjessicaparker. He has also liked Marnie the dog recently. I thought he liked Mayims pic but it has disappeared. Not sure what is happening.
  12. He has been liking stuff but his likes disappear quickly from my feed.
  13. I liked the article but I think he wears jeans and a plaid shirt not jeans and a t-shirt under his white robe
  14. in the TV line interview Steve said it picks up a few hours later in Vegas so more about Lenny as well as Shamy and even Emily
  15. The almost daily photos are great. Only 3 and half week until the show ends so we need to enjoy them while we can
  16. I think the big thing here is doing it with respect, not getting in his face or blinding him with flash photography. When I was there he was signing box sets of DVD's, dolls, t-shirts. He wasn't posing for any selfies but people cold take one with him in the background if they had the skills. Having looked at a number of pictures on instagram I am glad that I am not the only one with slightly out of focus photos
  17. I agree there seem to be more waiting I wonder how many have seen the show and how many just know the time the show gets out?
  18. the stage door is on 53rd street. If you go out the door on the right of the stage you are right there.
  19. I agree I just watched it and it was great but I was disappointed about how much was left out and I wanted more as well.
  20. I was thinking this thread was quiet yesterday and then I wake up to this. Defintley worth the wait
  21. I am sure he sits at the front of the plane these days but even I found little room in NY theatre seats. The ones where Kunals play is on is great though.
  22. I would agree on the yes. Those red sneakers are getting well worn. He is wearing very plain socks with his sneakers he must keep his colorful ones to wear with shoes and suits.
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