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  1. I'm afraid that Amy hasn't too well acquainted with this contract
  2. I was a little busy by a last few days (the time before Christmas is pretty insane in my work), but I realized I missed out on something big, because of so many, MANY new pages in this thread. So, after reading my backlog (40 pages), all the interviews, watching all the promos and so many on point posts.... I'm just overwhelmed by all this happy stuff. I was grinning like an idiot after reading Kazzie's TR and thought I won't get something better till the airing of 9x10. How wrong I was. If TR was perfect, how describe these new promos? Now I'm not only grinning like and idiot, but excitingly I'm walking and shaking in my room from wall to wall. I can't find proper words. Shamy again did it to me, but I've never been so excited about new Shamy episodes EVER. And it's not only about coitus, no, now I just appreciate how writers transformed this all unnecessary mess into such a beautiful new start and I just adore both Jim and Mayim acting skills in these episodes. I have no doubt, after patches we've seen, one of them (or both?) deserve and win some award. No doubt. No fakes there, after reading interviews with them it's obvious they don't treat their roles like any other roles, they are really in them and it shows. A huge round of applause for them. But, maybe I'm back to the start... First what moved me was this: When you feel like butterflies flying in your stomach... The natural reaction after all this angst and anger in season 9. Ufff. You wrote all about it, so I won't dwell on it, furthermore - for me there are better things in these promos. Then this: From TR it supposed to be (the second kiss) initiated by Amy, but, after pulling him, he took the initiative, so it looks different now. If I correctly remember it is the third kiss initiated by him, but first from pure desire? Train kiss from anger, dinner kiss because "You forget something?". Correct me if I missed something. This is the first he wanted from start till the end (ofc there is their first kiss in 9x10, but don't remember who started it, we will see). Anyway... there was quite interesting (to a some point) discussion about Sheldon sexuality and desire. Well, this closes the debate. And now my two favorites: First, less important: he licks his lips. It's Jim's thing, probably he wanted to show a little nervousness (or was nervous, what we know from interviews), but for me it will be "Amy, prepare for rigorous kissing" paraphrasing Sheldon . But the second: how extremely happy is Amy here? Did we ever seen her in this kind of mood or state of mind? I don't recall. I just can't... How one smile can say everything... Applause for Mayim! And then THIS... ... I JUST CNA'T BERATHE NOW!!!1! and still can't. After reading Kazzie's TR I freaked out about his need of confirmation from her if she is okay with his gift. And now I'm triple and to the power of n (n = ∞) freaked out about this! It's worth to copy on every fucking page of this thread! That subtle little smile and THAT LOOK! This expression! One more time Jim's shows he is the master of facial expressions. And one more time he is killing me with this! I dunno if he wanted to show by this only desire towards Amy, the hell, this face tells so many more than just desire! Looking through the prism of the last 6 months it expresses relief, contentment, selfless love, fortunate that he was able to get her back, that she is with him and hope she will be with him. And the peace and the conviction that he has made the right choice to get her back and that his attempts were worth of it. Release. Total release... I know, I drifted and a little too emotional, but I just can't get over it! You know what? I hated and still hate the end of 24x8, still think it was unnecessary and the major part of s9 is poor (but I appreciate the writers didn't ruin this couple), but, oh boy, for expressions and scenes like this it was worth to wait and be angry! I suppose I will finally cry like a beaver on 10th and 17th, but, the hell... After 9x10 this thread will be like the graveyard of happy Shamy Shippers. I read some of the scenes are from rehearsals, so there is possibility and event security there will be MUCH better. Taking into account the conservatism of Mayim and the fact it will be the first bed scene for both of them the end result can be electrifying and absolutely convincing. And we all be dead... Furthermore, I no longer look forward so much on Star Wars premiere, I just want 9x11 NOW! Yeah, only Shamy could have done it to me... And I'm really happy to see Jane Kaczmarek in 9x12. She is funny as hell Did i mention i fall in love with this thread?
  3. They seem to me like people who doesn't care about how big the wedding would be, how organised etc. on the contrary - I think it will be small ceremony like so far with other characters. Just friends, I can bet on the emergence of Memaw and certainly Mary Cooper in view of this how important this person is for him. I hope we will see Amy's mom. Wil Wheaton? I thought about some cool ideas like wedding at Comic Con, but I don't see there any space for Mary Cooper and I have a feeling that she will be present, so... modest, intimate ceremony, but we will see.
  4. Two things, guys: regards to Sheldon's sexuality: he isn't asexual or sexual. We all know he is dominosexual. and the second I add two gifs to eye coitus contest: Two special gifs imo. One from their first meet, the second from their second appearance in the tv show - first date. Guys - he was into her from their first meeting, yeah, no doubt
  5. what the..? Anyway, any Youtubers are here? if so, Are you plan to make reaction videos during 9x10 or 9x11? Because I suspect these reacts can be MUCH better than Star Wars trailers reaction videos
  6. So he didn't like train kiss because it was initiated by his anger? Motives are not important, just the facts. For me the word "flawless" has only positive staining. About the harp - maybe You're right. And Sheldon plays on a harp - sounds funny . He is really into music even though he doesn't know about it
  7. He read Pride and Prejudice and admitted it was good. Enjoyed Garfield if I remember correctly (it was mentioned she likes it). And remembered Champagne Reflection ep I can tell he loves when she is playing a harp. The problem is maybe we dunno all about Amy's interests, only a patch of it.
  8. Yes, for me it was very important line. I think it means both things. "Saying about silliness she clearly regretted that she broke up with him, furthermore it has also have meant "I miss him, despite he is like he was before, what the hell, I'm silly, but I wanna him back!". Clearly she admitted this breakup was a mistake." as I quoted myself
  9. I see it like this: Penny become tolerant, accepted it and showed many times that she can even like it. Amy accepted it, but she seems genuinely doesn't like it, so many times she verbally shown it is childish. For Bernadette not even it is childish, but stupid and waste of money. One thing I only want now is for Amy not to depreciate his interests, what she did in the past. I really hope she did it to attract attention on her and now it wouldn't be necessary and even more - start to like some things.
  10. He was jealous. You will like it
  11. Everyone watch differently, You see these examples, I see Penny playing AOC, as Wonder Woman or wondering from where she knows how much about Star Wars. And I don't remember her calling it as childish stuff or comapring to other things, which making it looks childish.
  12. Let boys do it as well. I think after all so emotional episodes we finally get a lot of funny, light hearted, old, good stuff. It is impossible to get more Leslie Winkle, but i can dream
  13. rachelshamyfan rachelshamyfan - I like this game
  14. Well said. I think now he won some space for his childish-in-her-eyes interests. Always saddens me even Penny is more tolerant for all geeky stuff and sometimes she likes it, what was never or very rare shown by Amy. I hope now it will change.
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