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  1. Sorry, don't really follow the actors' lives, who is Todd?
  2. To be honest, I don't think the writers think Lenny as old news per say, but they are trying to focus this season on different couples and more on Leonard and Penny's careers (but I DO think it is bad timing since Lenny just got engaged) But if I think about it, even though their relationship does have a lack of airtime (and this is coming from a shamy) for the most part, they are always hugging and smiling when their together and aren't miserable when in each others presence. Overall I do think they are still in love, just that it isn't shown as much as in previous seasons
  3. 26782 Morning to you too! [emoji295]
  4. That totally sounds like something Sheldon would do (even though it would be cruel)
  5. Just wondering, does anyone have a link to the promo for next episode? I really want to see the shamy fort [emoji5]
  6. Hello peeps, my name is Tate and I am new here! I've been watching TBBT season 5 (I know, quite a latecomer) and I've been lurking on this forum since the beginning of season 8. Well I love all the characters, I've shipped the shamy since season 7's valentines episode and I also (kinda) ship Lenny. I cannot wait to get to know all of the community!
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