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  1. Yeah, don't quote me on this, but I think it's a g
  2. It is always difficult that first time the taping happens and you try and go unspoiled. I find the easiest thing to do is to simply only go into this thread. What I do is just type "spo" and my history pops up and I click on this spoiler free thread link. That way I don't see new threads in the season 9 forum that say things like "Shamy predictions for the 200th", or see that a thread entitled "Should Sheldon propose to Amy?" suddenly have a whole bunch of new posts. These threads don't exist at least to my knowledge, but I tend to overthink the littlest thing that I see. I expect an amazing 200th as well. Can anyone tell me when the 200th is expected to air, not tape, but air? I'm pretty sure it's 9 days after the taping so you (luckily) don't have to wait very long [emoji110]
  3. Can you just let me win for more than 5 mins?
  4. 32218 Well, in UK time I'm available from about 6-7 am and 5-10 pm
  5. You can't wear jewellry? LUXURY! I'm forced to wear my horrible grandma's hand me downs
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