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  1. Great to see Pennard reconciled and the way they psychologised it and also great to see they left Leonard's mum out of the psychologising but using Mandy. The Howaraj moments felt too much like fillers for time and went nowhere. Never thought I'd say this, but, quite expectant to see how Shamy pans out. The highlight for me was, Penny now has a last name! Other loves: the living arrangement is still left ambiguous, Bernadette being Bernadette, comic book shop becomes the hangout now there is no more cheesecake factory, and the couch section in the comic book shop.
  2. An unimportant (yet to be important at best) will cause too big a distraction from the main storyline. Unless he is darth vader, there is no need, in terms of plot, for him to appear. Having said that, reconciliation is not a bad plot in itself, and who can object to a happy ending.
  3. Stuart moving out. Leonard Sheldon not living together. Howard Bernadette renovating the house. and Sheldon dies. Bazinga.
  4. I was hoping for something more positive with the whole Pennard situation. Such an anti-climax for what was 8-seasons-in-the-making.
  5. Monke.Head


    Was on a binge watching, only this time with subtitles on so the kids wont be woken up. Why did it say buzzinga? that bugs me!
  6. Finally another colouring in for Sheldon. Was watching Star Wars with kids, sheldon and C3PO are very similar.
  7. whose voice shall be used if it is published?
  8. re: OP English is not my 1st language, after reading the posts, things still don't add up. Bazinga.
  9. I am sure some of you have started coitus-ing around. Bazinga.
  10. If they do, I like them to never show the face. Maybe a giant one like the painting of Amy and Penny. The OP's Bazinga throws me off too. Bazinga.
  11. The Wolowitz's resident will get a new look. It may or may not have that indoor fire place. Bazinga.
  12. dont think any of the options fits with my thoughts either. Why cant we do both? Bazinga.
  13. And then Amy says no. Roll the credits and we suckers wait till S9 Bazinga.
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