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  1. I couln't find info on the cost of the. tickets. How much are each individual ticket?
  2. Well, now we know why they had to add Excitation in there. Now that I think about it, the last time Excitation was used for a Shamy-related episode, it was when Sheldon and Amy met...when she said coitus was off the table. I think it's safe to confirm that that statement is officially moot now.
  3. I really do hope it doesn't last longer than that...unfortunately according to interviews, it seems like the break up will extend longer. Unless, the writers are just trying to throw us off. Logically, it doesn't make sense to have the break up carry on longer than ep 8-11 but the writers seems so determined to not have Shamy sit down and talk this out the way they would in any other fight. I hope the writers soon realize that no one is laughing while the show's favorite power couple is broken up that way we can put this nonsense behind us and get back to the funny science stories and happy Shamy plot. Even if they don't end up engaged for whatever reason this season, I would like to at least see Amy become Sheldon's new roommate. :3
  4. No problem. I know that there was a mixed reaction to the premiere episode but I hope everyone can still try to stay positive. I can't bear the thought of Shamy being broken up for a whole season so hopefully it won't last longer then 9x17 (200th episode). In the mean time, I really enjoy seeing new angles of Jim and Mayim's acting as well as the increase of innuendos from Sheldon. I just hope they can still find creative ways of doing cute Shamy scenes, maybe even a kiss or two like the way they still had Lenny kissed a few times during the break up- even slept together once during their timeout...just sayin'.
  5. "I do have genitals. They're fully functional and aesthetically pleasing." I believe that's what he said.
  6. Please do share! We need all the possibility we can get! lol Also, remember that Season 8 felt like one big fanfiction for us fans: the prom episode, christmas episode....they even had fanfiction itself introduced in one episode. So don't think any idea is too far-fetched.
  7. I would love either holiday themed ep as long as it involves Shamy. Any theories on how Sheldon and Amy could reunite?
  8. I'm curious about how exactly Shamy will get back together. Molaro's interviews, especially the horrific recent one that came, almost had me spiral into a depression but I remembered that most of Molaro's interviews shouldn't be taken seriously. That's why I still feel that there's still a strong possibility that our favorite couple will be reunited in time for the 200th episode or maybe even before. I'm already seeing good signs in the recent tapings that are paving the way for a reunion. Ep. 3- Amy hadn't updated her facebook status and hadn't told her mother about her break up yet until Penny forced her to. Ep. 4- Sheldon asks Amy to move in with him. He recognizes that there's a possibility that there might be a better man out there for Amy to marry. The fact that he said "marry" and not "date" is very telling. It seems like he still has marriage on his mind. That ring he got for Amy isn't going anywhere. Amy defended Sheldon and called him brilliant when Bernadette insulted Sheldon. Ep. 5- Sheldon challenged Kripke to a dual over Amy (even if it was gonna be three years from now. that still makes me lol XD). Amy was clearly upset that Sheldon was "looking into dating other girls". For a couple that's always been pretty good at communicating, it's clear where the writers might be heading with this. They know that under normal circumstance, Sheldon and Amy would've fought for one or two episodes max before sitting down and discussing it. The writers are basically going to ignore Shamy's good communication with one another and replace that with a series of misunderstandings such as Amy thinking Sheldon wants to date other girls, in order to prolong the break up. The writers simply can't think of a real logical reason to keep them a part, that's why curve balls will be sent their way. For example, I can see the writers reintroducing Sheldon's lie to Kripke about the crazy sex he and Amy would have. Upon Amy finding out, this would further drive her away from him. Sheldon could also discover Amy's fanfiction and be all cocky about her clearly wanting him. His attitude will end up annoying her. My prediction is that the next two or three episodes are either gonna be more funny/science heavy or boys storyline/girls storyline heavy before they get to another episode of Sheldon and Amy awkwardly interacting as ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend (never thought I would type that last part). We might have another holiday themed episode. Season 7 has a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines' Day episode while Season 8 only had the Christmas episode. I can't see TBBT going down the Christmas route a third season in a row. They might have a Valentines' Day episode or a New Year's episode. Most likely the latter since that one hasn't been done in a while. :D I would absolutely love it if the 200th episode was a New Year's episode where Sheldon and Amy are arguing back and forth about why they're both right and wrong for each other just as the count down is happening and just as they reach "One", Sheldon takes both sides of Amy's face and kisses her. Aww! Quick someone make this a fanfiction! lol Earlier I was thinking up of ways that Sheldon and Amy could interact and still have sweet moments together despite being broken up. I would like for them to celebrate Amy's birthday for a change and Sheldon showing up at her door with a small gift, saying his eidetic memory can't forget something as important as her birthday. They could also be teamed up during game night once they get to a point where they're more or less comfortable with each other. It would be cute to see Sheldon trying really hard to win in order to impress her. It would also be neat if Sheldon were to sincerely go up to Amy and request her help with writing a science paper. And who wouldn't love a drunk Sheldon kissing Amy, paralleling their first kiss with Amy this time saying, "Fascinating."? Amy could be drunk as well and reciprocate by giving Sheldon his first hickey. There's just so many possibilities for them that I hope the writers will take advantage of. :3 But more than anything, I just want them to focus on reuniting Sheldon with his vixen. I'm ruling out a lot of possibilities of their friends as a group trying to get them back together, especially because they've been such bad friends when it comes to Sheldon and Amy's break up. Seriously? Encouraging them to date other people? That's horrible. Here are some ways I think they can get back together: -They get locked in the school's university library/Amy's lab/Sheldon's office over night and are forced to talk things out. -Sheldon gets into a minor accident and uses Amy as his emergency contact. -Sheldon could overhear some guy suggesting to Amy that they "get out of their and go to his place for some fun" and respond for Amy by saying, "The only one she will be having coitus with is ME!" and proceeds to drag a dumbstruck Amy out of there.
  9. I really would like a reconciliation ep between Sheldon and Amy like the one that Mary Albright and Dick Solomon had in 3rd Rock from the Sun where they end up locked in their university's library and end up having to stay the night there. They end up getting drunk and having sex. lol. While Shamy doesn't necessarily have to get that intimate yet, it would be a funny episode if they got locked in the university's library, Amy's lab or Sheldon's office. This would be a good opportunity for both characters to be hippies and express how they're really feeling and what they both want/need from their relationship. It would be so sweet if during the conversation Amy tells Sheldon she's still mad at him but that they're like moons and planets revolving around each other constantly and that she just can't stay away from Sheldon for long. I can also see Sheldon saying that her words make her want to kiss him with Amy replying that he could try Kohlinar if he needs to but Sheldon simply says, "I don't want to and I don't care that it's not date night. My desire is to kiss you right now."
  10. To me, it's less of a "moving on" episode, and more of an ep for breathing space for Amy and a chance for Sheldon to relax and not stress so much about the break up so he can have fun with Leonard and their pals. lol Though, from spoilers it seems that Sheldon was reluctant to join the bachelor party. I see this ep as the calm before the storm. To me, Sheldon only stopped bugging Amy because he had plans of his own but I bet next week Sheldon will maybe not stalk/pester her but will start forming some sort of plan on winning her back. :D I love seeing Sheldon fight for his little lady.
  11. But I remember bill or chuck responding to someone asking if Faisal would return and they said it was a possibility.
  12. I read that Kazzie wasn't going to do a taping report and I completely understand and respect her reasons but are we really not having a taping report at all from anyone else that attended the taping? Was 9x01 our very last taping report?
  13. You're right. It really would be more IC of Sheldon to just block out his emotions. I really hope I'm wrong. What if in 9x02, Amy realizes that she was too hasty about the break up and that she only said it out of anger and not because it was what she really wanted? I can see her realizing this and just as she entertains the idea of going to talk to Sheldon, he shows up at her apartment with not only a box of things that belong to Amy and the Termination notice. I can see this being Shedon's backward way of trying to get Amy back by punishing her for breaking his heart (and wants her to come crawling and apologizing to him because he's too proud.) Lol I'm just coming up with the worst scenarios possible because I have a tendency of being wrong when it comes to my favorite TV show couples. So here's to hoping I'm wrong and that instead, Sheldon and Amy have a heated argument that ends in a heated make out session on Amy's couch/bed. I agree with you. The writers have already established that Sheldon and Amy "have a lot more going on besides doing it" as Jim once said. After five years, kisses added to the RA, an ILY confession, a sleepover and Sheldon buying an engagement ring...I would say it's high time they consummate their relationship. Sheldon himself admitted "I may be an alien but I have desires as well." SHELDON admitted he has desires! If he's wiling to admit to his desires and once said "It's a possibility." and "I have not ruled it out." then there's obviously no more denying that Sheldon wants Amy in every way possible. The writers should just throw themselves into their writing room for a week straight, figure out when/how the coitus will take place and let Jim and Mayim give their perspectives on their characters reactions and movements during the scene and the afterglow scene. lol
  14. Agreed, Soopysue. It's bad enough that Steve Molaro lied to us about the answer about when Sheldon got the ring and commented on Amy possibly not ruling out dating other men. Even, though we all know Shamy is endgame, I think after this completely uncalled for break up episode, we all deserve at least a little hope soon. I know that Sheldon is hurting right now and hating on women but he and Amy have always had good communication. In some ways, they were the most stable of all the couples so I feel like Sheldon just giving up is OOC. In 9x01 when Amy said they were officially broke up, she took off and left and Sheldon's first instinct was to leap to his feet and go after her . He stopped himself, though...out of shock perhaps? Did he realize how very wrong his egg comment was and that no matter what he said, he wouldn't be able to unsay what he said to Amy even if he apologized? I was honestly expecting him to start moping around and maybe even cry after getting to his apartment. Instead, he starts listing the reasons why men are better than women. Is this just another classic Sheldon situation of him not understanding that he's the one that's wrong or he just too proud to go apologize? Either way, judging by his "women hating", I don't think we can expect to see Sheldon crawling back. He did get his heart broken. He dropped his guard around Amy the way he never has with anyone else. He fell in love with her. They had a five year relationship and for that to suddenly be ripped away from Sheldon...I feel like it's going to take him to dark places. He's gonna be in revenge mode- he may revert to Season 1 Spock/Sheldon for a while. I'm just speculating but judging from everything we know about Sheldon's character, I feel like this is highly possibly. I want as little angst as possible. But it seems like the writers want to add some angst to "spice" things up. I hope they know what they're doing. Right now, it just feels like the break up only happened to further postpone Shamy coitus. Even, though the writers say they constantly discuss this delicate topic in the writes room, I feel like they just haven't figured out a way to write this scene for our favorite couple and I'm positive they're also scared of how the dynamic will change once Sheldon loses his virginity. I think the writers should've just gone with the flow rather than come up with some lame reason to postpone the inevitable. They better have make up coitus if they're gonna put us through this break up nonsense! lol And no new guys for Amy. I'm sure Sheldon will find a way to keep other men at bay while he tries to win her back (even if at first it's through vengeful tactics or just plain stupidity lol). I just want to focus on how good it will be to have Shamy back together. Sheldon's not ever gonna let her go again once he gets her back. I want to think that he becomes a little clingy with her once they make up and surprises her with a bunch of kisses throughout the day to make up for lost time. :3
  15. I need the next taping report like yesterday because I feel like the next taping report will give us a better idea of how the rest of the season will go. It can either go two different ways- Sheldon will be all cold and distant or he will be all vengeful and the same time longing for amy. I'm betting on the latter but I just really hope Sheldon takes the romantic road. It would be great if he enlisted Rajs help with that. Lol I can see Raj making plans to help Sheldon win Amy back by basing plans off of romantic movies lol the way he made romantic suggestions to Penny involving movies like Dirty Dancing and Say Anything. I want an episode where ita guys vs girls where its not only Sheldon in the doghouse but all the guys. I want it to be like in that episode of boy meets world where all the guys mess up and end up organizing an impressive dance number to win back their girls. Lol I know it wont be that easy when it comes to Shamy but a girl can dream. What do you guys think Sheldon will ultimately end up doing to win Amy back?
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