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  1. I feel like it is going to be one of two things with Amy/Sheldon. 1. Amy is going to ask why instead of saying 'yes' or 'no', and because Sheldon is not the lying type, he'll explain what happened with Ramona and, even though it's innocent on his side, Amy will get mad and then say no. 2. There will be a jump forward to Amy already wearing the ring, the subject of Ramona will come up and Sheldon will tell the truth. Amy will be hurt and give back the ring. I'm more than happy to be wrong, but I don't feel like this episode will end with Amy and Sheldon engaged.
  2. I'm a bit late to the conversational party, but I really liked the latest episode from what I've seen of it. All the storylines were fun, Shamy in particular.
  3. I love this crazy (in a good way) thread. One behind the scenes photo and everyone goes looking for spoilers
  4. Season 10 already - wow! Great to be back with the family again. Let's hope for a good season for everyone... but Shamy most of all.
  5. Prior to the finale, I did say that I felt there was a 55% chance of a proposal and 45% chance of nothing substantial happening with Shamy. I'm not overly surprised we didn't get anything much from our favourite couple, to be completely honest. The couple has been the focal point of many of the season's storylines and they've developed significantly from where they were at in episode one, so it makes sense the writers didn't put much attention on them in the final. Not to mention, the last couple of season finales had a lot to do with them. Also, there have been a couple of finales that have been quite low-key, like season one with the tag being Sheldon in the Chinese restaurant complaining about his tangerine chicken and season three where Amy comes into it (noting that the writers didn't know if the character would reappear). The season seven and eight finales were really dramatic with the ensemble cast, so the writers probably wanted a funny finale with a break from all the huge drama. I agree with what some people have said, about it feeling like some of the arcs in this season haven't been resolved when they should have been. However, there is the potential that the plots in this particular episode will be carried over into the first episode of season 10. If that is the case, I think the events of the finale could certainly initiate a proposal for Shamy, but probably not until the second or third episode, because the writers would need to wrap up Alfred/Mary, Howard's invention and Raj's love life.
  6. But you brought reunion and coitus - which cancels everything else out
  7. If you were going to the taping there would 100% be a Shamy proposal. Seriously. Every time you're there something amazing happens - it's like an omen lol
  8. Despite the breakup in the first half of the season, I feel like us Shamy fans actually got a pretty good deal. The couple had some big moments and moved through significant milestones together, which is something we can all be happy about. I also thought the benefits of the breakup were worth all the angst - I actually liked the arc quite a bit, because the length of it made the reunion so much more significant. Keeping Amy and Sheldon separate the last couple of episodes is fine by me - the writers have other characters they need to focus on, and I like that they're building up relationships we don't see very often - like that between Sheldon and Bernadette. Like Kazzie, I feel we'll get a proposal in the finale. After the ring was brought into play in season eight and has kept popping up throughout this season, it seems logical that the writers would want to check it off the to-do list so they can embark on new arcs in season ten - which could potentially be the last season. Shamy are in a really good place right now and if a second wedding ceremony happens it would be the perfect way to, a) give fans the Lenny wedding they always wanted, and b) prompt Sheldon to think about marriage. On the other hand, though, with so many big Shamy moments happening in season nine, the writers may want to hold off on a proposal because it could be seen as too much for a couple known for its glacial pace. Ultimately, I'm torn over the finale. Let's say my gut is sitting at: Proposal - 55% and Nothing substantial - 45%.
  9. Thanks for the clarification you amazing and very lucky woman
  10. After pondering the events of this episode, I maintain my first thought that Meemaw is a B*TCH! If your grandchild is happy in their relationship - and they are a consenting adult - you support them even if you don't agree with their choice of partner. And if you know they are in possession of a certain piece of jewelry, you, to quote Amy, shut your damn mouth. But, that aside, the one thing I love more than anything about this particular episode is the subtle, but significant growth we see in Sheldon. Do you guys remember The Habitation Configuration (6.07)? In that episode Wil Wheaton insults Amy and a clueless Sheldon doesn't take her side or really even understand why he should. Amy tried to leave and he encouraged her to do it. Now, though, Sheldon gets that if someone - friend or relative - insults your partner, you defend them straight away. You don't let them walk away no matter how much they think they should. He didn't let her leave. That is huge for this character and I am really looking forward to seeing that moment play out on screen.
  11. "CBS boss Glenn Geller relayed at the TCA press tour that “We expect The Big Bang Theory to be on for a while,” with no current plans to make 10 the end." http://screencrush.com/cbs-big-bang-mike-molly-good-wife-future/
  12. One of the things I really like about this episode is the subtle ways the writers have shown that Sheldon and Amy are equals in this relationship now. 1. They are both shown, at different points, to be nervous and confident. Both have the opportunity to nudge the other one along so they feel comfortable taking this big step. 2. Sheldon gave up Star Wars to be with Amy and give her something special. Following that, Amy stepped out of her confort zone to go watch a movie with Sheldon she had no interest in because she knew it was important to him. They both sacrificed something to make the other happy and neither one made a big deal about pointing out that they'd given up something for the other. They were both selfless.
  13. You're free to your opinion, and what I say next is merely my own opinion/interpretation, but I think you might be reading a little too much into it. I think he just means that intimacy has never come easy to him but he feels like now he is ready to explore one of the most intense forms of intimacy with someone. Not just anyone, but Amy specifically. And honestly, sex is an important way for two people to express their love for each other. As other people have said, if he really didn't want it he wouldn't have done it. And also as other people have said, no one told him or suggested to him that coitus should have been his gift to Amy. It was an option he came up with on his own and then sought approval on. I believe Sheldon wanted it enough to do it willing, but the choice to go through with it at that specific time was influenced more by knowing how much it would mean to Amy and wanting to reassure her that after everything they had been through that he loved her, in every way possible.
  14. Maybe he was just going to tell her that he made the presumption that this was a gift she both needed and wanted, but she gets to choose whether she accepts it or not.
  15. After seeing the Shamy reconciliation while you're trying to write at work...
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