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  1. I can kind of sympathise with Amy in the flowers v. log situation. I never had a boyfriend during high school, and didn't get one (or date anyone) until almost my final year of university. Our first Valentines together was only shortly after we officially started dating, so I didn't expect anything as I'm the kind of person who finds it hard to accept that people actually like and want to be around me. This year however, after we'd been together for over a year, I was hopeful he would get me a red rose simply because no one other than my mother had done that before on Valentines Day. He got me a couple of other things and I certainly appreciated it, but there was still that part of me that was a little disappointed because for once I wanted to be part of that tradition. That is probably how Amy felt, disappointed that she couldn't be part of that tradition. It doesn't mean she didn't appreciate his gesture at the time, though. I think she just let her disappointment out in that situation because Sheldon was happy to give flowers to his mother and not her; she was letting him know after the fact that she wasn't entirely happy.
  2. I think once we see thing ring itself, we'll be able to determine if Mary played a part in it or not. If it has a classic look, there is every chance Mary passed it on to Sheldon, if it looks more modern than I'd say Sheldon took himself down to a jewelers, possibly the same place he got the pocket watch and tiara from, and picked one out.
  3. Their first time together I think will definitely be born from spontaneity. I don't believe this is something that will be meticulously planned out by either party, but will probably occur naturally. So, for instance, a session of heated kissing on the couch, looks into each others eyes, perhaps Sheldon asking Amy to stay and raising the rating from G up to R (a nice throwback to Fortification) without hesitation, and the scene ending with Sheldon taking Amy's hand and leading her into the hallway with a comment like "I hope you've washed your hands" (for the humour the show is known for). However, after their first experience I expect Sheldon will include a new addendum in the Relationship Agreement that timetables their coitus to something ridiculous like once a week on a Monday at Sheldon's apartment with an additional session on the third Thursday of every month when date night occurs, and a session of lovemaking on birthdays and romantic holidays. This of course would leave the writers open to a scenario where Sheldon wants to break the rules because he is having a sudden urge to be with Amy.
  4. Going back to an earlier discussion... In terms of Sheldon's views on sex, I believe they were largely influenced by Mary. When you are brought up in a strictly religious household, the lessons you are taught as a child often stick, even if you don't agree with them. Subconsciously, Sheldon probably felt pre-marital sex was not something to practice, and as he was already disinterested in the act (which I'm sure there are plenty of factors which contributed to this), it was easy for him to adhere. Amy is the first woman who has ever shown a deep, sexual desire for him, which I imagine has had an impact on Sheldon slowly over time. He would feel conflicted over whether to obey his upbringing or to divert from that and partake in coitus. The episode where he catches Mary engaged in pre-marital sex was a game changer. It sent the message that you can't always fight desire and I think basically gave Sheldon the permission he needed to progress his physical relationship with Amy. The fact that it aired after the first SIK and the dining table episode, both important in the Shamy plot, is something worth noting. I think The Mommy Observation, coupled with The Anything Can Happen Reoccurance and The Status Quo Combustion, set up the trajectory for Season 8 where we saw Sheldon becoming more intimate with Amy. All their milestones happened in a very short time when compared to their entire relationship. And Season 8, of course, sets up the parameters necessary for coitus to occur in Season 9.
  5. Why did I have to be sitting next to my BOSS when I saw those pictures?! I'm so excited! A big thanks of course must go to those amazing people who found said photos and shared them here. I'm not even thinking about the break right now. And if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way to Cloud 9 - actually, screw that, I'm going to Cloud 10 (vague Sabrina the Teenage Witch reference ).
  6. I've always thought, with the date night kiss, that the reason Amy didn't appear as into it was more to do with the logistics of filming that scene. Mayim and Jim probably couldn't get too involved in the motions of a kiss because they were aware dialogue was coming up in the scene and Jim would eventually have to break the kiss to speak. As a result, I feel they were both quite timid to ensure their lips could stay connected as it all played out so it was a smooth transition from kissing to speaking to kissing to speaking, etc. That's just how I took it, but I wouldn't put it past the writers to have written it like that for a specific plot purpose.
  7. Personally, the character of Emily doesn't resonate well and I would prefer to see Raj break up with her. There's nothing wrong with being different or weird, but I just don't think she and Raj are well suited. She genuinely scares him, and if they've been together for what - a year? - and she's still scaring him like that, they probably shouldn't be together. I don't think she fits in with the rest of the group either - like in the prom episode, even Bernadette, who is "nice to everyone", struggled to get along with her. I thought Raj and Lucy were far better together. In just a short time, Lucy had such an impact on Raj that he was finally able to talk to women. I think it was a big confidence boost for Raj to be with someone who had bigger social problems than he did, and if they had have been together longer I truly believe he could have helped Lucy overcome her own issues. They were a joy to watch together. And Steve Molaro hasn't ruled out Lucy coming back either, so fingers crossed on my end.
  8. Due to the fact I am a journalist, and despite knowing the opportunity will never exist, my mind frequently wanders to questions I would ask the writers and the cast about the show and the relationships in particular. Aside from that, I'm seriously obsessed with the Shamy and lately before I've been going to sleep I lay in bed for easily half an hour just thinking about all the possibilities of where their storyline could go to the point where I am creating dialogue and scenes in my head. The perils of being a writer, hey? I have watched those big shamy moments (SIK, SIK 2.0, ILY, fort) probably 100 times each, and even though I knew they were coming from reading the taping reports, when I watched them all for the first time with my partner I managed to draw blood from his legs and leave bruises from my excitement (think Penny's reaction to Sheldon saying he and Amy could get physical). It's great there's a place here where we can share this stuff.
  9. "I'm not sure how far he can go before she breaks him" could mean a lot of things. As this interview is meant as a teaser for the season finale, it's possible that after Amy saying she wants to take a step back, Sheldon has been broken. That conversation Sheldon has with Gollum is evidence that he is broken, because he has moved as fast as he thought possible, was ready to propose, and now Amy has basically said it's not enough. I believe Amy has good reason to take time out because while there has been a lot of progress between her and Sheldon this season, there are still times he has been an a** to her. Her feelings, though, don't translate to Sheldon, but I'm sure she'll communicate them to him properly within the first couple of episodes next season. On a related note - this is not helping me today:
  10. I'm not convinced the Shamy proposal will happen for the 200th episode. The show has kind of pushed the Penny/Leonard relationship as the central one of the show. Leonard liking Penny was how the series started, the 100th episode was a throwback to their first meeting and developed into them dating again, and I feel like the 200th episode will be theirs as well. So, if anything from the Season 8 finale features in the 200th, I think it will be Penny and Leonard finally getting married. That would give the writers plenty of time to have Penny truly forgive Leonard for kissing someone else. Also, the Shamy have quite a strong relationship. Communication is their strong point. I think they'll be sorted out by episode three at the very latest, and will more than likely be all sorted out by the end of the season premiere.
  11. I'm starting to think that perhaps Sheldon had the ring prior to the finale, not necessarily to propose on their fifth anniversary, though. The writers may use this break of sorts to show that by having Sheldon propose as part of trying to fix things with Amy, and she'll take it the wrong way. For instance, Sheldon will propose and Amy will tell him that he can't just go out and buy a ring in the hopes it will fix things. Sheldon will look a little confused, but will sincerely explain he bought the ring weeks/months ago (depending on where season 9 picks up from). Amy would see he has actually grown and wants to be with her, that he's not just going along with what everyone else says he should be doing. This was his choice. In the end, however the writers choose to play out their reconciliation, Amy just needs to know that Sheldon does desire her. She needs to hear it from him because, as it's been pointed out, she hasn't had much experience with men before and has no real idea about reading sexual body language, particularly with someone who isn't the generic character portrayed in romance novels. Also, in terms of the "all I can get out of you is a distracted makeout session" part - I don't think we should be getting angry at Amy about that. I think what she meant is the Flash moves very fast, but Sheldon doesn't. For most couples, making out is something that happens in the first few months of a relationship - not five years into it. I think she was talking purely about physical intimacy, as most couples would have had sex and be on the way to marriage by this time. The comment wasn't a reflection on the other emotional changes they've made. Amy knows they're significant, but Sheldon does have a habit of making a big change and then doing something that knocks them back a peg. The incident on the couch was probably the straw that broke the camels back because he showed her that even in their most intimate moment, she's still not his priority.
  12. Anyone else find it a quirky coincidence that Sheldon tried to make Amy's nickname Gollum in the train kiss episode, and now he's asking Gollum for advice? I know the two are probably unrelated, but that's where my mind has wandered.
  13. From the bits and pieces that have come from the tapping tonight, I'm a combination of shocked, sad and happy. Firstly, the Shamy. A lengthy kiss is always a plus – the way it ended, not so much. The fact that Amy is reconsidering the relationship is a real game changer. In a way, I think it had to happen. Things have been moving so well for them lately, making Amy feel great, but she's still seeing those aspects of Sheldon that make her question if he does really want her or not. She needs to evaluate if she can handle it. So, I can understand where she is coming from. The ending – a cliffhanger (ugh) – is full of positives, though. Sheldon was ready to propose. That is monumental. I'm sure they will resolve their issues early next season and a proposal will be on the way. Now for the Lenny – what a shock! I think for a while most of us thought if anyone was going to cheat in that relationship it would be Penny. She did have a bit of a reputation for being easy, for lack of a better term. But, as it's been pointed out, Leonard did cheat on Priya back in Season 5. Still, I never though he would cheat on Penny because, well, it's Penny – he spent years chasing after her and you'd think he never want to risk throwing it away. I think there will be a major blow up between the pair over it next season, but Penny will forgive him. It's clear the writers will end the series eventually with those two together. Not much has come out about Raj, Bernadette and Howard, but I'm a bit disappointed that Raj is still with Emily. I think she's a bit too extreme for someone like Raj. Now for the long wait til season 9.
  14. Because I'm in Australia, I expect it'll be about 4pm this afternoon before I'll be able to see the outcome of today's taping on here... it's safe to say, my last hour at work will not be very productive. Here's hoping for a positive Shamy outcome
  15. Amy has gotten to the point where she understands big things in their relationship have to be initiated, or at least approved ahead of time, by Sheldon. In the end, Sheldon has to be the one to propose because that's the only way Amy will know he is ready to take that step forward. As for the proposal itself, it wouldn't surprise me if Sheldon tries to do it the way social convention suggests it be done (flowers, dinner, diamond ring, on one knee). However, it'll frustrate him and he'll either mess it up complete or just give up and go with his own method. I'm thinking something that involves science fiction references, meaningful eye contact with Amy, and maybe a confession about how he doesn't really understand the social conventions associated with proposing, but he has a some neatly stacked carbon atoms for her anyway.
  16. In the Season 8 Shamy [spoilers] thread I listed a bunch of potential outcomes from the season finale for their relationship, but I honestly couldn't choose between any of them; they all seem so possible and at the same time so impossible. Anyway, I'll post those here: - Amy will be offered an opportunity in another state or outside of the U.S., causing Sheldon to think about how important Amy is to him. - Leonard will comment on how far things have progressed between Sheldon and Amy, causing Sheldon to have a minor meltdown thinking about the changes but he ends up realising he's actually happy in his relationship. - A promise from Sheldon that while he is not ready now, coitus, engagement, marriage, and a family will happen in the future. - Sheldon will propose, or give an indication to the audience he will propose soon. - A longer, passionate Sheldon-initiated kiss. - Shamy will engage in coitus. - They will have another sleepover, initiated by Sheldon, that takes place in his bedroom with a PG-13 rating. - Sheldon will invite Amy to move in, on a trial basis (maybe just one night a week). Perhaps they start this and he freaks out, asking Amy to leave, but eventually reconsiders his decision. I also think, after reading one of the comments in this thread, that the moving in idea thing could be a bit of a way off, however, Sheldon may give Amy a key to the apartment. It was kind of a significant thing when Penny gave Leonard her spare key back in Season 1, and the whole spare key thing has popped up throughout the series ever since. Sheldon offering a spare key to Amy could be a significant (and symbolic) way of letting her in without her officially living there. As for the other characters: Penny and Leonard argue over which date to pick for their wedding – Leonard wants to get married soon, Penny wants to put wait another year or two. They'll probably have a discussion and meet somewhere in the middle. It wouldn't surprise me if they don't even settle on a date – played out in a similar way to when they were putting off sex after their first time was a disappointment, and got drunk instead before eventually sleeping together. Raj... I do agree with a few other members and hope he breaks up with Emily, but I'm unconvinced this will be the case, though. Personally, I'm just not a fan of her character and I preferred him with Lucy. She made him more confident in himself, whereas Emily seems to scare him more than anything else. Howard and Bernadette: These two will probably continue to deal with the aftermath of Mrs Wolowitz's death. Perhaps they'll find more of her things that bring up memories for Howard. They may even start remodelling her house. If so, there will be arguments, but Howard may really put down his foot with Bernadette about not changing too much because he is scared of losing that connection with his mum. Bernadette will understand and won't push him too much, but will still use a few sneaky tactics to kind of get her own way.
  17. After more than a year of stalking this site for taping reports, I thought it was about time I joined the conversation, and where better to begin than with my favourite topic - Shamy! There has been a lot of personal growth for Sheldon during season 8, particularly in regards to his relationship with Amy. He has admitted she is important to him (ep 1, not wanting her to see him fail), that their relationship is strong (ep 3), he loves her (ep 8 ), he sees a future with her (ep 17, when he tells Amy her wants her on Mars with him), and that sometimes he wants to change things around just so he could spend more time with her (ep 20, the sleepover). I believe all this will culminate into a massive season finale. I agree with the comments about this being the Schrodinger's Cat episode (brilliant analogy by the way). The cat, I expect, will be very much alive. Based on the phrase "deals with dramatic changes in his relationship", I feel like there is going to be a catalyst that leads to bigger, positive things for Sheldon and Amy. My theories on what will come from this episode vary from the simple to the extreme. They are, in no particular order: - Amy will be offered an opportunity in another state or outside of the U.S., causing Sheldon to think about how important Amy is to him. - Leonard will comment on how far things have progressed between Sheldon and Amy, causing Sheldon to have a minor meltdown thinking about the changes but he ends up realising he's actually happy in his relationship. - A promise from Sheldon that while he is not ready now, coitus, engagement, marriage, and a family will happen in the future. - Sheldon will propose, or give an indication to the audience he will propose soon. - A longer, passionate Sheldon-initiated kiss. - Shamy will engage in coitus. - They will have another sleepover, initiated by Sheldon, that takes place in his bedroom with a PG-13 rating. - Sheldon will invite Amy to move in, on a trial basis (maybe just one night a week). Perhaps they start this and he freaks out, asking Amy to leave, but eventually reconsiders his decision. Honestly, this episode is one of the hardest to predict with any certainty. Whatever happens, though, I'm feeling a positive season finale for Pasadena's favourite power couple.
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