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  1. With all the Shamy getting-back-together-and-finally-consummating-their-relationship thing, I did the no-spoiler route to surprise myself with any Shamy goodness but freakin' failed.. I just had to go the read the taping report for The Sales Call Sublimation. It's kinda sweet how Sheldon tells Amy he misses her while away for a conference and "fighting" for the "right" to name the asteroid as Amy. Imo, naming their kids something with Raj ain't bad either, they just have to be creative about it.
  2. If it's good for you then it is good for you, but lovemaking or sex is not my top basis for "giving yourself wholeheartedly"; commitment is. Like I said, mine is unpopular, especially with all the explosion of unicorns and rainbows. The closure of the engagement thing and the will-Amy-move-in-4A would have been better for me.
  3. Oh Amy.. that parting shot of her holding back tears... I know this kind of opinion is unpopular in this thread, but since I read the TR for episode 11, Shamy finally having sex is kinda, well... a bit blah to me. Feels rushed and something like jumping the shark.Engagement would have more emotional.
  4. It gets worst before it gets better - part 1 of the angst https://youtu.be/gX4-8aN8LQk
  5. Here's my next Shamy project - part 1 of the Shamy break up angst The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and Amy break up
  6. No offense, but isn't rainbows and unicorns 95% of Shamies wanted? (I belong to the 5%) It had,is, and will always be Jim's back for me.
  8. Seeing Sheldon go to Amy to try proposing while dressed in date night clothes..... and Amy in date night clothes with Dave... *shudders* Well played, TBBT wardrobe team.. well played.
  9. Freakin' crazy episode! I LOVE THIS! Jim is freakin' amazing switching from being funny to defensive to funny again to dejected. The two separating stories both held up on their own - Sheldon's internal conflict and Wolowitz and Bernadette's will-we-or-won't-we-have-a-baby dilemma both stand on independently. The more Sheldon denies his feelings, the more it gets into him. The more he denies how much he loves Amy, the more it gets into him.I hope this will be explored more in the coming episodes. I'm pretty sad about the opening. Seeing Leonard,Penny, Sheldon, and Koothrappali on that couch having dinner makes me miss the old days - the social group in 4A living room just chillin'
  10. My take: This will be season 4 in repeat.... UNTIL something big happens.Sheldon rejecting Amy's proposal to get back together - SOMETHING is brewing. I learned my lesson not to judge an episode based on taping reports, but it doesn't make me less of a Shamy and TBBT fan, no matter what some posters may think.
  11. I really enjoyed Kenny the helium vendor dude's character. He would have fit the cast as someone who lives a floor below Sheldon,Leonard, and Penny and they meet each other on the landing. His character is somewhat a Penny and Leonard rolled into one.
  12. Ok so in my own nutshell: 1. The fencing story was hilarious, especially that part where Barry turned his back from his "students" to take a call and the guys started messing around, then returning to their original stance when Barry's call ended. 2. Stuart is this season's sort-of like early season Wolowitz. 3. Shamy scene on the landing - THE FEELS! There is a sense of longing for these two. Amy can say she will date when she wants and all frack like that, but in her heart she still wants Sheldon.The heart wants what it wants. If the next two episodes get reversed, it only means one thing: she was mentally pushed to date Dave because she thought Sheldon is trying to move on by dating someone else.
  13. There is one thing that will make me scream if it happened: Laura Spencer's character promotion to series regular (I don't give a hoot even if it's just fractional)., and then suddenly there are social group dinners at 4A again WITH Emily but WITHOUT Amy,. I am going to send hate mail to this show's writers.
  14. So while "Thor and Dr. Jones" is stuck in my head right now (thanks Wolowitz and Koothrappali!), if the next two episodes are reversed (the guys finding a date for Amy then she goes on a date with Dave, Sheldon revealing his ring to Penny and Leonard), I could say that something big is coming up for the Shamy.
  15. I read TRs but I rather have the scenes unfold in front of my eyes rather than speculate about an episode I haven't seen yet, but.. 1. I seriously miss the social group dinners at 4A. Seeing all of them together, just discussing about their lives. 2. I seriously miss having Sheldon come to Amy's apartment as his refuge to the "eccentricities" of the world. 3. I seriously miss the 4A (Shamy) and 4B (Lenny) couples interaction.
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