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  1. Cuteness overload it can't be contained!
  2. Here ya go.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbxF49imjlw
  3. TimeForPennyToGetHerOwnWiFi No spaces
  4. I like Jim's Intel ads, especially that one where he danced the Macarena with a flight stewardess!
  5. Imho I think it's more of anxiety about her future,a will-I-or-won't-I have a future with Sheldon.She's confused whether she'll stay or go.Subconsciously she wants to stay with him,hence the reluctance to change her FB status.Consciously she got pissed with Sheldon's "I'll get her back" antics.She's torn so she decides to focus on other activities she likes instead,giving herself a breather. Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  6. Watching The Rothman Disintegration...when Amy took back her gift of (hideous) giant painting of her and Penny to her apartment (Amy: I was a fool from "summer loving" to the last "rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong!), hanging by the mini-bar is a mini cork-and-whiteboard is Amy's to-do list: 1. Results from tech/test to lab and 2. Lunch with Mom, with a shape drawn around it. When I first saw 2. Lunch with Mom with a shape drawn around it I thought it was something like an important/do -not-miss kind of reminder for Amy. Based on the TR earlier I'm not sure what I make out of Amy's relationship with her mom now. I do want to see more of Amy's backstory, especially in this season,before she and Sheldon get engaged (gosh I sound more than optimistic!). I've already seen how Sheldon is with the women in his life, women that he considers important in his life (consciously and subconsciously) - his mom, his Meemaw, his friend/"older sister" Penny, his biological twin Missy (I am convinced he really cares about Missy), and of course, his girlfriend (and soon to be fiance) Amy.
  7. Consciously - I'm not too happy. Subconsciously - Gut tells me to calm the fcuk down because everything will be alright. Remember the Relationship Agreement!!! Who win - Still the subconscious.
  8. This is when my appreciation for the fanfic writers comes in, especially the fanfic writers who stuck with how TV Amy is. There are several great fanfic writers who treated Amy as a patient mom to her and Sheldon's fanfic daughter, Marie. That fanfiction with all of them have kids, where they have a Christmas party at 4A and Sheldon gives his daughter a Poison Ivy action figure, and when Marie was having a hard time at advanced classes and Amy was sensing it, with Sheldon adamantly going against bringing Marie back to her age-appropriate class and Amy arguing with his decision. This scene brought that fanfic to my mind. This 'sin cupboard' thing brought me back to that movie Carrie, version of Julianne Moore as the crazy mom dragging Chloe Grace Moretz in a closet because Chloe wanted to go to the prom.
  9. I think the writers left FB status-change-or-no-change to the viewers' imagination instead.
  10. This board should be named The Bipolar Bear Retraction.... kidding!
  11. I think you're that Bipolar Bear from Wolowitz's card... kidding!
  12. My conscious mind says that I'm not happy with all that's happening in Shamy but my gut says don't hit the panic button yet, even with Amy's Facebook status change. Like I said before, I think this will be a "breathing" episode for the Shamy. I won't be surprised if next episode will be another "breather".
  13. Well the very telling line that he is ready for making out and probably more is: Amy: That’s what you’re thinking about?Sheldon: Well, one of the things.Amy: Are any of them me?Sheldon: Yes. I thought, “I can’t decide if I should watch the Flash TV show. I know, I’ll ask Amy.” Anyway.. (Tries to kiss Amy.)I do get why Amy got irritated with Sheldon bringing up The Flash TV show and why Sheldon brought up will-I-or-won't-I-watch-The-Flash question. For some reason Amy's door is always a factor in the Shamy relationship, as much as Sheldon's spot is. That last pic of Amy with a book makes me want to go back to school and rock the world of science. Biology to be exact. Or pursue a double degree in Biology and Fashion Design. Not sure how the world of science will accept a 31-year -old "old hag" like me though.
  14. Sheldon's not deliberately hurting her.His intention is to get back with Amy by very wrongly insinuating that he is all for sexual intimacy now.He is using sexual intimacy because he thinks that's what Amy wanted from him the longest time,and by acting like he's one hell of a sex on a stick,he thinks Amy will change her mind about the break up. Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  15. For some reason that Shamy breakup time out is a breath of fresh air for me,a temporary sigh of relief.Actually, 2 episodes of Shamy timeout would be really,really nice...and let's get ready to rumble again by episode 5. Sent from my SM-J100ML using Tapatalk
  16. I agree that at this point in time the RA is not a helpful tool to solve their issues,but it is still a "bind" between Sheldon and Amy.To Sheldon,the RA will either be a "bind" that he may use("may use" being the operative phrase here) as a tool for reconciliation with Amy OR a "bind" to terminate once he gives up on Amy (heaven forbid). Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  17. For now I don't care about the back story of Sheldon's ring.There are 2 things that I am looking out for : 1.If Sheldon told Mary about the break up and what are her reactions, and 2.The mention of The Relationship Agreement,ESPECIALLY any mention from Sheldon. Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  18. I prefer to see him in a dark,mysterious role or a comic book villain role. The darker his character.the better.
  19. I don't see Sheldon getting into another relationship with any other girl.EVER. I don't see Amy shutting Sheldon out of her life even if she's really frustrated/mad at his Operation:Win Amy back. EVER.
  20. I don't give a crap tweeting Bill,I just WANT/NEED the spoilers! :rolleyes: Enjoy watching the taping! Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  21. I think of all people Mary knows how her son is. It will kinda look like how it was in Zazzy - Mary has a "say" on the matter but doesn't sound too meddling.
  22. Did Bert go to the roof and start swatting planes? :) Ahh those were the best Amy/Wolowitz/Raj scenes! Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  23. I would lose my marbles if the scene is Sheldon talks to Mary about the break-up and he's "fine" with it, how he's holding out really well,but Mary sees otherwise and tells him right off his face that he isn't. Then Mary visits Amy just to see how she is.That future mother-in-law/future daughter-in-law scene is WAAAAY overdue already! Give it to me now!!!!!! :) Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  24. Sheldon is aware of how his relationship with Amy is not so sexually passionate,and he is using (wrongly structured and mistimed) sexual innuendos as his "ace" to win her back.He is aware that this is THE ONE THING he thinks Amy wanted from him for the longest time and he's like "darn it Amy I can be sexual,now come bak to me and I'll give it to you!".For his part,Sheldon is opening himself up for more intimacy,which I noticed way back from The Fortification Implementation (initially scared of the idea of Amy sleeping over,but went through with it anyway.That sleepover is intimate for him.He might have tried to feel out how it is when you literally sleep next to your girlfriend) I wouldn't be surprised if this season 9,he is tensed in the episodes of the Shamy breakup,with probable pent up frustration in that oh-so-cut-short make out session in their fifth anniversary. Subconsciously,I think Amy seems to be wanting relationship stability with Sheldon-marriage and family.With Penny engaged (at that time),she's looking forward to seeing where her relationship with Sheldon will be headed as well.It's not as much she wants just to be intimate with him anymore;she wants a future with him,but her conscious mind is clouded with all of these negative emotions. Undeniably,the Shamy coitus and wedding are still two of the show's top draw cards and the writers/producers are keeping these cards "for the win". Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
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