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  1. Well, this Shamy break-up is a whole "a push came to a shove" thing... so I'll stop getting angsty or else I'd go ca-razy. At this point I'll let everything unfold as it happens. Both Sheldon and Amy pushed each other. Sheldon pushed Amy with all of that pestering and inappropriate statement substitutions. Amy pushed Sheldon emotionally, driving him desperate (in a way), confused, pained, in denial and angry.
  2. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani Just funnin' ya.
  3. While I'm happy that the Shamy issue wasn't resolved immediately, and I'm one of those rallying NOT to have the issue resolved very early in season 9, which lead to it being escalated to the break up (I gave myself some time to think about it. While I was not really happy about it at first, I'm slowly learning to accept it) what confused me though is the timing. What are the writers trying to pull here, putting the Shamy breakup side by side with the Lenny conflict.I wouldn't be questioning it though if Lenny decided to deal with their trust issues first then get married later, instead another can of worms was opened, AFTER saying their vows. Are they trying to revert Sheldon into the another version of the early Sheldon, pre-Amy seasons? Or are they paving the way for Sheldon to deal with "grown-up" relationship problems on his own,since Leonard himself is undergoing some marital problems? Are they planning to introduce/guest another character?
  4. I have no problem with the Shamy break-turned-break-up.I'm one of those rallying that they don't get back together easily just for ratings.What got me thinking though is why they have to coincide the Shamy breakup with the Lenny conflict.2 conflicts in one show is too much drama,and rushing the other couple to get married is just meh.I get the feeling some new character will come in to shake things up happening in the social group. Are the writers planning to revert back to the early seasons and will try to sort of replicate the early Amy and Bernadette set up?We'll know later in the upcoming seasons. Sent from my SM-T110 using Tapatalk
  5. 1. Wait for episode number 2 2. Look out for any new character, be it a guest or semi-regular,come in. While I wanted Sheldon and Amy to sort all of this mess out by themselves, for now I'm gonna go with "ain't gonna happen. SOMEONE has to step in". Both have high negative emotions. Both are on each other's corners. Leonard and Penny will not help either, with their current relationship on conflict as well. Wolowitz and Bernadette will likely take sides. Stuart is "hinting" at a very wrong time. Koothrappali might be questionable as well, with the state of his relationship with himself and with Emily.
  6. The Shamy romantic relationship went kaput... and if both won't "step up" on it, it will be no different as to the Leonard-Sheldon friendship dynamic.
  7. I think the better question is, how do we expect Sheldon to "step up" after Amy dropped the b-bomb, because it's obvious that Sheldon's Operation:Win Amy Back part 1 didn't work and even complicated things.
  8. I appreciate these fanfic writers' version of Sheldon. I wouldn't appreciate it though if the TV Sheldon would turn full "mushy" - the hearts,flowers,chocolates,jumbotron,and surprises kind of guy. I wouldn't appreciate it either if the TV Sheldon will go on full flirt or playboy mode just to get back at Amy; I hope the writers wouldn't treat it like how Sheldon was when he invited Bill Nye the Science Guy just to get back at Professor Proton. That said, TV Sheldon's version of being "mushy" is letting his guard down and declaring his emotions ("I love you too", "If I’m going to a barren, lifeless environment where the chances for survival are slim to none, I want you there with me.") or demonstrating his emotions in an awkward way (his jealousy of Zack and Stuart) which is fine by me, and I've loved ever since the Shamy began. Still, there are some episodes that I wanted to beat up Sheldon with a sack of potatoes, him being blunt bordering on being a jerk (and when I'm not in the mood to understand him being himself lol).
  9. [Spoilers] Discussion Topic: Season 9 Kazzie posted it around page 27 or 28
  10. While I'm not happy with what happened to Shamy at least the breakup still has the "Sheldon" and "Amy" identity in it. Sheldon didn't turn full "mushy" with his initial attempt to win back Amy and Amy didn't let the issue be resolved that quick despite Sheldon's persistence. That would spell r-u-s-h-e-d to me, and I'm already irritated with the treatment of the other couple who was obviously rushed.
  11. I'ma go stare at your avatar instead. I'm going to assume it was taken sometime in any month with a -ber in it
  12. Well he still can't say it out loud how he wanted to do something (make love) about Amy's eggs (have kids with her). Probably not to ruin his plans of proposing to Amy,whatever that proposal may be. Still, it's annoying.
  13. I would rather Penny and Amy bond over their heartaches, rather than play the "mother" or "sister" role to Sheldon on this one. She (Penny) also needs a neutral perspective.
  14. Well, when push came to a shove, I understood the lashing out of both Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon lashed out on Amy not taking him back after 11 hours (Sheldon being Sheldon and his underlying impatience there) and Amy lashing out on Sheldon not giving her the time she needs, which leads to her saying the dreaded b-word. The ball is in neither's court... FOR NOW. It is just lying there.
  15. That's why it's better to have it from a third party. Stuart is not an option either.
  16. Well I got bad news for them... the show is still "relationship-oriented" but not "in-your-face" way because it might be manifested in the friendships instead. The 4A boys need some "mothering" or "fathering", someone not afraid to slam in their face about how romantic relationships go. The closest they have is Wolowitz and Bernadette, but would be nice to have it from a neutral party, someone not within their social circle. I meant the ring PHYSICALLY. The answer could be dropped during "sulking" conversation between Leonard/Mary Cooper/whoever he might be talking to and Sheldon. As for the boys/girls episodes, while I don't see the need for me to give a number, I'm leaving to the writers how many they will do, but I won't be surprised if there'll be many.
  17. I believe with the way Amy handled the situation, she has the decorum not to even try going to 4A unless out of necessity or Sheldon inexplicably invites her back. I do think there'll be a lot of girls' night out only and guys' night out only episodes, even with Leonard and Penny married already. I think there'll be a lot of episodes about friendships, because BOTH Lenny's and Shamy's struggles affected and will further affect the social circle. I do think we won't see that ring for a looong time within season 9.
  18. For some reason I get the feeling that Sheldon's ring will be "buried" until probably episode 5 going above. For some reason I get the feeling that Stuart will be a catalyst again to bring Shamy back together. If the writers will entertain a dating war between Sheldon and Amy, while it's a comical goldmine, they (writers) deserve to be kicked in the shins.
  19. All I can say about Shamy is, "It already started. I tried to stop but I already know."
  20. Thanks for the TR guys: 1. Leonard and Penny - Seriously?!!?!? WHY THAT KIND OF RUSHED WEDDING, WITH ANOTHER ISSUE CREEPING UP?!?!?!? 2. Wolowitz, Koothrappali, and Bernadette - I think these 3 are the bright spot, them dealing with two situations: Lenny's wedding and Shamy break up. 3. Stuart - I'ma go with Amy here and say, "really?!?!" 3. Sheldon and Amy - errr......
  21. So "Grok" is her new website? Yay. Her first post about aging, honestly I find it fantastic to read but I find it very ironic. The lady is approaching 40 but doesn't even look like she's over 35. And of course,her onscreen boyfriend is in early 40s but doesn't even look like over 35,like she does. Hollywood is certainly missing a goldmine demographic here - the naturally beautiful "aging" men and women.
  22. Not to self promote or something... but this one's for you Shamy and the whole Shamy army... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1eFOEdnxt4 I hope we have something on the optimistic side this season 9
  23. Yeah, yeah Mayim.. I'm in no mood to speculate, so surprise moi! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155901157080008
  24. Got no interest to speculate... I want Shamy to surprise me instead!
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