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  1. Actor

    New vlog...
  2. Ship Zone

    So, in the spirit of the things we are looking forward to, I'm very curious about one thing about the premiere: will Ramona be in the episode? From the sound of Molaro's post finale interviews, it looks like she won't be in it (I guess they would have booked the actress since May if they needed her and wanted to be 100% sure she would have been available) which suggests me no big drama is waiting for us. Things might have changed in the meantime, obviously, even if I don't think the writers wrote the finale without having an idea of how the proposal would have ended. I get they don't like planning, but...come on! I must confess I really hope Ramona is not in the premiere and\or knowing about her and the kiss doesn't play a huge role in Amy's answer. I like the way the proposal played out in the end, the last scene in 10.24 was perfect, but the idea that a third party was involved in the process saddens me a bit, that was not the proposal I had in mind. So, I would like the premiere has the right amount of quirkiness and Shamyness to make me forget what I didn't like in the finale. I'm also not a fan of the idea of an Amy/Ramona shootout, TBH. It was fun to see Amy being out of her mind with the girls or Leonard (and it played out just for giggles, pretty sure about it) but I don't want that to happen with Ramona herself. Thoughts? Comments?
  3. Ship Zone

    Yeah, the difference of opinions about 10.24 is pretty baffling. Hard core shippers pretty much would have wanted a different kind of proposal, no third party involved and for sure no "kissing". But general fans and casual viewers loved it, and the fact it is by far winning the S. 10 tournament (even if I'm pretty sure in this thread most of us would have wanted other episodes to prevail) shows that the writers and tptb know their shit pretty well...after all hard-core fans are not their main "target"!
  4. Ship Zone

    I'm very curious about Amy's parents too and I'd like to meet them. As you said, it's time for us to know her background, I find unbelievable we don't even know the first things about her, such as if her father is in her life or not. Also, during the years, the writers have given different characterizations of Amy's mum, they went from an overprotective helicopter parent to a very strict (almost abusive) one. I'd like to know which one they choose in the end and that can be done only having her interact with her daughter on screen. Up to now, my opinion is the writers did a good job in casting all parents and the actress they chose as Amy's mum in S. 4 was funny too, I hope they will consider her for the part again.
  5. The bedroom in my opinion now follows Shamy's colour scheme pretty well, as a matter of fact it is the room where the changes were more evident. Replacing Penny's bric-a-brac with Shamy's one has done the trick, for me. The bedding is now Amy's old one, the lamps are Sheldon's and Amy's old lamps, the drapes are from Sheldon's old room, the stamps come from their old apartments, all of it has pretty much changed the look of the room. The headboard (which was Penny's) is moss green, which you might say it's also a Shamy colour (once you take the balloon lamps down) and the walls are light blue, but without all the colorful paintings that were in the room before you don't perceive it as a too bright colour for Shamy. There's still that electric blue dresser, which is definitely not a Shamy thing, but in general is out of frame. In the living room, instead, the couch and the chair scream "Penny" and the decorators didn't even thought about replacing the cushions. More importantly, Sheldon and Amy are different from Leonard and Penny in many things, one of them being their body shape. That couch is ridiculously small for Sheldon and when the two of them sat at the same time there they seem to be pretty uncomfortable. I think I express a pretty shared opinion in the Shamy camp when I say that couch should go...
  6. Actor

    Mayim seems to be having a lot of fun in Ucraine (both on set and on her free time), I've no idea what she's doing there, it looks like a photoshoot (there are some nice pics also in her IG stories about it)...
  7. That was in a very unreliable source, I wouldn't believe what they wrote. In every interview where a possible baby plot for Penny was brought up, Kaley (as all other actors when asked about those matters) said she hates working with babies. That been said, that spare room suddenly available because Raj moved out without any explanation is suspicious to me too...
  8. Ship Zone

    When last winter I finally watched the first half of S. 9 back to back, the story arc @April was talking about was more and more clear. I have even enjoyed the whole thing, which didn't happen at all when I watched the episodes week-by-week. It looked like a 3 hour movie (more or less) with a very romantic happy ending...Obviously, knowing that everything is gonna be fine in the end, also helps watching the most heartbreaking scenes with other eyes, LOL!
  9. Ship Zone

    Oh, I would love to know that too....also because the few info we have about that are contradictory. I mean, Amy's mom wanted her to have a boyfriend, so she seemed happy when Amy introduced her Sheldon in that Skype call. The way the conversation went, though, was a huge turn down for the poor lady, LOL! After that, the only time Amy mentioned her mother in relation to Sheldon was when she was afraid to tell her they were broken up, which suggests her mom might have liked him (or the idea her daughter was in a relationship whatsoever). I'd love to know how they get along. If meemaw might be any indication, I think Molaro likes it more when there are family conflicts for Sheldon, so my money is on the fact Mrs. Fawler doesn't like Sheldon, but tolerates him because she doesn't want her child to be alone. I really want to know that for sure, though.
  10. The bird tapestry which was in 4B living room is now in 4A bedroom, together with some other stamps that belong to Penny. In the living room, where the GoT sword used to be, there are now stamps from Penny's too. In the kitchen there's her pink coffee machine (as April noticed) and S/A and Penny have switched most of their flatware. I agree that there are much more changes in 4B than in 4A, and that it would be nice to see Penny's and Leonard's things mingle in the apartment, my opinion is that there's more resistance in changing the main set than 4B, even if I don't really understand why...
  11. Ship Zone

    Why is it one or the other? I don't remember it was explicitly said Sheldon didn't go. Those are a close group of friends, so it's not unlikely all the gang attended Amy's aunt funeral to show her their support, that doesn't mean Sheldon wasn't with her. I find pretty likely that he sometimes accompanies Amy to family gatherings and functions and already knows most of her relatives. In the episode in S. 5 where he decided to play video games rather than going with Amy to an aunt's birthday, he had no problem in meeting her family at first, then found something more interesting to do. I can't believe that it has always been the case since then (also because Amy was pretty annoyed by that and made it clear to him). Amy's mother and most of hr family lives nearby, it would have been difficult to avoid them constantly for 5 years without Amy getting mad at him, LOL!
  12. Ship Zone

    I think the rings used in Howardette's wedding ceremony were props, but, as far as I can see, after that they wore their own wedding rings, at least Simon did.
  13. Actor

    Mayim is in Ukreaine for work...
  14. Actor

    I can see IG stories on my smartphone, but not IG lives. I think it might depend on the fact I have a pretty old model, might it be your case too?
  15. Thanks @Tensor, it's always very interesting to read your posts? I have a question: do you have any data about the group scenes, for example scenes were all the characters (or 5-6 of them) are in 4A for takeaway dinner? I felt that was one of the things which changed the most since the early seasons, for some reason it's more and more rare to have the seven of them in the same room...