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  1. Ship Zone

    Can we talk about this? That was really...unexpected from Shelodon, LOL!
  2. It may be, but he is already listed as an attendee. Moderators of TBBT panel, instead, are usually announced at the very last moment, sometimes you know who they are just when the panel begins.
  3. From what I gathered from Alex Aylers's IG stories, Steve Holland is going at SDCC too, not sure if he will be attend the panel, because as you said it seems to be pretty crowded as it is. In the past two years the panel was moderated by a cast member that wasn't supposed to be there and showed up as a surprise, I wonder if that will be the case also this year...Melissa seems to be the most likely, if that's the case, since on Friday 21st, in the evening , there will be the premiere of Batman and Harley Quinn, another project of hers. I've checked, anyway, and she is not scheduled to be at the Q&A which will follow the screening. Let's see... Whoever is moderating, I just hope there are interesting questions, I'm very happy that so many people from the main cast will be there and very curious to hear their take on the show.
  4. Ship Zone

    The only one that can provide spoilers for next season is Molaro, I don't think the actors know anything yet at this point and...knowing Mayim better she doesn't say anything about what she wants next for Shamy, LOL! Anyway, I hope her voice is doing better and her doctors allow her to speak for the panel (I think she is just on vocal rest, it's not that she can't speak per se), for all the past season I missed the actors' take on the changes in the show, regarding for example the living arrangements. Those fell upon us as a surprise, very few fans expected Sheldon to leave 4A...I would love to hear from all the actors involved (and 3 out of 4 will be at the panel, luckily) how they felt about the script when they read it for the first time and how the new living arrangements look like to them. ETA: Oh, sorry, I thought you were referring to her ability to speak at SDCC, not for the season premiere. I guess she will be ok for that... Anyway, I think she will actually be at SDCC, because she told fans about her vocal rest before her attendance at the panel was announced. So, either she will be there in a speechless but creative way, or she will actually break her silence for a couple of hours....
  5. Ship Zone

    I was thinking the same about taping the premiere out of order. But then I realized that, even so, the guy in charge of warming up the audience gives some context of the things that are going to happen in the premiere, so the audience can understand what's going on (at least that happened last year). Plus, if the writers plan on Amy saying yes, she should wear her engagement ring in all the following episodes, so people at the taping have just to pay attention to this detail to understand. In the (very unlikely) case she might say no, she won't be wearing it and I can't imagine her negative answer not having a follow up, since that will create at least some tension between Shamy. I think last year they taped out of order because of the so many guest stars they got in the premiere, this year, as far as we know, there should not be such a crowded episode...Anyway, everything is possible. As for "secret scenes", I think it's very unlikely, they should tape all the Shamy scenes without an audience to keep the secret, there way the episode goes for them strongly depends on Amy's reaction. Anyway, since I was in the forum I've always seen people expecting "secret scenes" as TBBT has done that thousands of times. Correct me if Im wrong, the only relevant "secret" scene I can remember is the "I wish you weren't going" Penny said in S. 2 finale, that really changed the meaning of the episode, apart that I don't think they have done that many other times. Anyway, guys, full disclosure, I really really want the premiere to be taped on 8/15 for very selfish reason....I won't be able to be on the forum much in the week of 8/22 taping, so it would be a bummer to me to loose all the reactions to the premiere that for sure will happen here, LOL!
  6. Ship Zone

    Let's play, guys! First I felt but then, when Amy didn't answer, I was like...and also
  7. Ship Zone

    Good catch! I think Molaro will be more "honest" than saying things like "It can go both ways", he will flat out saying, as every good "seller", that we have to turn our TV on on September 25th to actually know what happens. But we can get some clues here and there about where this is going, by seeing what other plots are in store for Shamy. That unless Molaro is too slick for us and hence doesn't plan on giving info about Shamy at all to not let us "infer" too much... Not that I have any doubt about what Amy's answer will be, mind you, they made too much a big deal about how momentous as a milestone it was to think they can blow it and then have another proposal, if Amy says no, sometime in the future. Plus, and that's where I get a bit frustrated with Mayim's view on the show, it can't really go both way and still be fine. If Amy says "no" it should be because she is not convinced of Sheldon's motivations or angry for the Ramona's thing. In both cases, I don't think Sheldon might be ok with that... Let's see what happens, as I said I'm very positive about the outcome of the proposal and, above all, very excited for SDCC, not only fro Shamy (in fact, as I said, I suspect we won't have too much info about them) but because it's fantastic to have most of the cast there!
  8. Actor

    Jim with Claire Danes, Silas Howard (which is the director of A kid like Jake) and Daniel Pearle (which wrote the original play and also the movie adaptation).
  9. A very sad news in the Mathematical community http://news.stanford.edu/2017/07/15/maryam-mirzakhani-stanford-mathematician-and-fields-medal-winner-dies/
  10. Ship Zone

    It happened once also for a promo...they forgot the geo-block and for some time I was able to watch it, it was fun until it lasted, at some point they realized the mistake! I get all the reasons behind that, but geo-block is really annoying, especially when we are talking about pictures, most of them from S. 8, as April noted!!!
  11. Ship Zone

    You are right! I saw that on twitter and it worked on there, so strange it doesn't work now!
  12. Ship Zone

    Season 10 finale features in this cute anthology from CBS http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_bang_theory/photos/1003658/all-the-times-the-big-bang-theory-showed-us-what-it-meant-to-care/123055/going-the-distance/
  13. Probably I would like that better than The Herb Garden Germination itself, we have spoken in the Shamy thread that I'm not really a fan of the episode. But to be the masterminds behind an experiment actually sounds like fun, LOL! Let's start...