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  1. I must admit I prefer this to have Penny pregnant by accident, which could have been another way to have her change her mind
  2. Thanks for the report @GadgetGirl375, much appreciated! I guess that might be the way the writers use to make Penny change her mind about babies. Once Leonard is going to "have a child" without her (albeit just biologically), she realizes she wants to have kids with him.
  3. Thank you so much @Silver1984! It seems you liked the episode very much, happy you had such a good time! I'm very happy too that Shamy collaboration is not over, the episode sounds very good to me!
  4. That's what Johnny Galecki thinks about possible spin offs https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/why-the-big-bang-theory-stars-are-conflicted-about-shows-end/news-story/308bd08413de98bc46081706c0dcd35c "There were rumours of a Big Bang spin-off without Parsons — which Galecki emphatically denies: “Oh, absolutely not. The show could not continue without Jim.” The same could surely be said about Roseanne, Galecki’s other regular gig, which spawned The Connors after its titular star was fired. “They are very different situations,” he reasons, “but I can tell you that no one has any interest (in a Big Bang Theory spin-off).”
  5. mirs1

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    I'm disappointed for the outcome of Shamy joint work, I would have really wanted them to succeed. Anyway, Jim and Mayim's acting was outstanding in showing how sad and angry Shamy were. The bed scene was a very nice one. I can't say I liked the episode (also, well...mostly, for the totally inaccurate way it depicted the writing process) but I liked Shamy very much in this one.
  6. Well, in my field one starts a bibliographic research before writing an article, to know if somebody else came up with the same idea and, more generally, to understand the framework and establish connections between their theory and the pre-existing ones. Then, while working on the subject, other references are collected. In this way, when one finishes the paper, the Bibliography is almost completed, one can add some other items here and there, but no big deal. Cross-referencing should also be an important part of the whole process. The only explanation I can come up with is that Sheldon and Amy really thought they were the first who thought about super-asymmetry and didn't care too much of collecting a bibliography, but as I said that's the very reason to make a preliminary bibliographic research. As for the second question, it depends on what the Russian article said, in the episode it wasn't clear at all. They used the term "disprove", which should mean the scientist made an experiment whose results showed super-asymmetry is wrong. If that is the case, Shamy wasted their time and there's nothing to be done, maybe (if it is in his field of interest) Leonard can replicate the experiment just to be sure it is correct, but if it is, super-asymmetry is over. It can also be that what was in the article made them realize of some huge Mathematical mistakes they made. This could be less serious, maybe they can fix the problem. If the scientist simply stated the reasons why he thought super-asymmetry is the wrong approach, then they can do as you suggested, just explaining in the paper why they disagree with the Russian. In Theoretical Physics that happens all the time. But, TBH, judging from how devastated they were, I don't think it was just a difference of opinions, the Russian scientist made some compelling argument against super-asymmetry. All of this, of course, holds true in the real world. In TBBT world, I guess we'll never know what has happened, and, as to now, I'm pretty sure we'll never hear about super-asymmetry (as well as of all the other failed projects) again. If that's just a styling and ordering problem, or they wanted to check if they wrote the references correctly in all their details, in my field it's very rare these days to actually go to the library, as Leonard and Raj did, one simply uses databases, like MathSciNet, that collect articles from all times. Doing a cross-references check, instead, should be part of the writing process. TBH, I wasn't really sure of what Leonard and Raj were doing, it seemed they were both researching new material and checking the items probably Shamy suggested them were written properly. In any event, it was something the authors should have been doing by themselves.
  7. In fact, I have no idea why a paper that states super-asymmetry has no merit would make such an impression in Shamy. I mean, unless the scientist has made substantial objections, or has constructed an experiment to show it can't be true (you can't prove a theory, but you can disprove it with an experiment) theoretical physics lives on different scientists that create different (and sometimes conflicting) theories. In any event, if Shamy didn't do their diligence for the project, they "deserve" to feel miserable at the end of the episode, it's their fault. As for Leonard doing the bibliographic work, this is indeed weird. It was not his job, as he is not among the authors of the paper (but, as I said, the authors had a laps in judgement on this one); BTW, one shouldn't even make a grad-student do that. It's plausible he went to the library, instead. Most of recent articles are available in international on-line databases, but probably that is not the case for an article from the 70es written in Russian.
  8. Thanks for the clarification! The point is the pre-existing literature about a subject usually isn't collected in the appendices, this was weird too. The writers got the science all wrong in this episode! I know for many it doesn't make much of a difference, but to me it's pretty upsetting, it's simply not how the process of writing a paper should work. Not that this is the first time that happens...
  9. Yes it is, no scientist would start a project without looking into the pre-existing literature. Usually this pre-existing literature is collected in a paper in a section called "References" or "Bibliography", that is why I call it "references".
  10. Thank you so much @Kev0821! Hope you had a great time! I agree, especially because those in the episode are not even supposed to be called "citations", which are basically articles mentioning your own work, but "references", which are mentions you make in your own article to previous literature regarding the topic you study. You don't collect citations at the end of a paper (it would even be possible to have citations to an unpublished work), but references.
  11. That was exactly my point, there are things the writers could have done, but they seem to have decided otherwise, they don't seem to want to invest in horizontal story arcs anymore, Raj apart.
  12. Well, the only "real" novelties in the show can come from Raj at this point, he is the only one whose life is up in the air...and I'm not just referring to his love life, but also his finances, work, etc.. The other storylines can be wrapped up in a few episodes. The writers seems determined to keep homeostasis in the other characters' lives (no career opportunities elsewhere, no new homes, no kids...), so I don't see major things happening to them for the next 7-8 episodes.
  13. It's not a filler episode, they are progressing Raj's relationship in this one.
  14. mirs1

    Johnny Galecki

    They did not make Mayim skyping from a conference (that happened in S. 9, when she suffered a back injury, but my impression was the episode already involved Amy being at a conference, so it was a happy coincidence she didn't have to walk around in pain), they just hid her hand behind objects. It was back in S. 6, if you look carefully 6.04, the Re-Entry Minimization (the episode where Lenny and Shamy were playing games in 4A), you can notice that her hand is always behind something, it was for that reason.
  15. Also, I thought the actress was very good indeed, she played her role really well.

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