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  1. Things I'd like to see on the show, in no particular order: - Groups episodes and unusual pairings, those plots are always fun. -"Unusual" festivity episodes, like New Year Eve rather than Christmas and Halloween rather than Valentine Day. -Meeting Howard's father (he might want to see his grand-daughter), with an A-list actor casted to play the part, and\or Amy's family (at least know id her father is still alive). -A new science project for the guys (or for a subset of them) this time involving Raj, which was left out of the gyroscope thing. - Wil Wheaton again on the show, this season he never showed up. -A new job for Penny and above all something she likes. - A road trip for the gang.
  2. Ship Zone

    Happy Shamyanniversary!!! Here's one of my favourite Shamy's kisses to celebrate them!
  3. Ship Zone

    Wow! it's amazing!!!
  4. Ship Zone

    Well...Molaro cares about ratings, and I'm not sure a premiere with a time jump when we don't actually see how Amy and Sheldon settle things will be a good start for the show.
  5. It looks like Young Sheldon trailer has raised some attention...well, it helped that it wasn't geo-locked, at least on Facebook. http://deadline.com/2017/05/young-sheldon-trailer-big-bang-theory-spinoff-tops-22-million-views-cbs-1202100845/
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    Welome to the forum! I hope you have fun here, the Shamy thread is a hoot and a half! As for Young Sheldon, as far as I know, Sheldon will narrate the story, but not to his kids as in HIMYM, at least in no interviews or article I've read about this show on reliable sources that was ever mentioned. TBH, when the project first came out, I was not very excited about it, because it can create some troubles with the pre-existing canon and because in general spin-offs and prequels are very seldom successful. But the casting has intrigued me very much and I found the trailer interesting. Still not sure it will be a successful show, but very willing to give it a try!
  7. Ship Zone

    In one of his post finale interview, Molaro said he was not sure how the Season premiere will be, but probably people will feel robbed if they don't see Amy's answer. Personally, I would feel that way, especially with that "Ramona broad"-thing still pending somehow...
  8. Ship Zone

    I agree with almost all your wishes...I obviously hope and think the engagement will be a sure thing for the end of 11.1. After that, I wouldn't mind Sheldon being back in Pasadena and shown to live by himself and Amy in Princeton succeeding in her fellowship. When Amy is back home, then it would be nice to know something more about her family, her father especially, since we don't know even if he is alive, en engagement might be a right way to introduce them. I don't necessarily need a whole season of wedding plans, I think Howardette's wedding was a good compromise on that respect, there were a few scenes here and there about that or their preparations were the excuse for hilarious plots involving other characters (like The Isolation Permutation). I wouldn't like that much, instead, if Shamy come back married from Princeton, but that's is just me, I hate flashback episodes and I imagine the writers would show on screen how they get married, so it should be a flashback kind of situation.
  9. At this point, it would have been better to do what Chuck Lorre has done this year for Mom, most of the money for the Emmys campaign was donated to charity. They have that TBBT scholarships at UCLA, for example...I agree they don't have a chance of winning an Emmy, but they could use a new photo shoot for so many other purposes, we were discussing about how awful the DVD covers are lately, for example. And it's not just that, they have given up to many other things: the quality of the DVD extras has declined, there were very few interviews form Molaro as a show runner this year, there was less advertising of the show...
  10. Ship Zone

    As @April said, there's no wrong answer here, probably if I did my chart again from scratch I would have different moments listed in it, I must confess I've forgotten a few and the charts you guys posted made me regret some choices, LOL! Anyway, the die is cast, and this is just a fun way to celebrate this fantastic season! Whatever moment ends up in the final chart, it's the right one!
  11. Ship Zone

    I have mentioned both "sexy" Sheldon in my own chart, LOL!
  12. ...and Chuck Lorre's vanity cards!
  13. Ship Zone

    Happy Sunday, Shamies!!! I was thinking about Amy's family...The engagement makes more likely that finally we have a closer look at Amy's parents, for example (even journalists asked Molaro if there would have been this kind of stories for Shamy in S. 11). Apart the long-standing question about his father being in the picture or not, I was wondering...Do you think Sheldon will be 100% old-fashioned and formally ask Amy's parents (or her mother, if her father is not around) for her hand in marriage? How are they gonna react? Do they like Sheldon? The first impression with Amy's mother was not the best possible...
  14. I would prefer that, if they really don't want to spend money in a photo-shoot, at least they didn't use old photos. A DVD cover with just the TBBT logo and\or pics from the actual episodes would be 1000 times better that this!
  15. Actor

    It's Aperol Spritz, I think...
  16. The season premiere is on September 25th.
  17. I think that the actors might be more involved "detecting" problems with their characters rather than with continuity errors in the plot. Some days ago in an interview, for example, Jim Parsons said once in an early seasons episode Penny was supposed to put a hand on Sheldon's shoulder while exiting a door and he suggested that Sheldon at that point would have gone bat-crap crazy about it so it was better not to do that. Probably all actors had a "no, that is wrong" moment, not about plots points or continuity errors, but about small acting choices.
  18. That's where I got the idea from...the writers should have trusted themselves more on this joke, it was really funny and it could have worked as a title for the spin-off! LOL!
  19. Probably at that age it was him mother who chose his clothes and he just had to obey...I would love to see a "rebellious phase" when he starts to wear his TM two t-shirts. BTW, I still think that "The kid with two shirts" would have been a much better title that Young Sheldon, LOL!
  20. Ship Zone

    I don't think Shamy wedding will be on a much bigger scale than the other weddings in the show. They never have big events or large scenes because of the way the show is taped, in front of a live audience and in a studio, makes that kind of things more complicated to arrange. I think they will do something at the same time old fashioned and quirky, but I don't see a much more "larger" event than Lenny wedding 2.0.
  21. Actor

    According to The Hollywood Reporter Johnny should join the Roseanne reboot in some form.... http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/roseanne-revival-ordered-at-abc-1001888?utm_source=twitter