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  1. 5 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    Gosh ! I don't remember hearing about that. It all seems very badly organised. They were lucky the main cast hadn't already begun working elsewhere. 

    Oh, I guess everybody knew that the new contracts would have been signed eventually, it was just a matter of finding the right financial agreement,  so the writers started writing the new series  and the actors didn't search for new jobs. Anyway probably it has given more than a headache to WB that not everything was ready in time for S. 8 to start!

  2. 32 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    Well they usually were finalised a few months in advance. For instance, IIRR the contracts for making seasons eleven and twelve were made towards the end of season ten, and the ones for making eight, nine and ten were announced towards the end of season seven. From what I've read in this forum, it seems to be the American way of doing things, based on who pays for what and when. I gather they didn't give them a three-year contract in case the popularity of TBBT declined against other shows. As it turned out there weren't any competing shows. Cost and income are key, apparently. This time the announcement there would be no season thirteen was made earlier than usual, in the September of season twelve, rather than the following April.

    It looks as though Jim Parsons was approached first and he said 'no'. Whether anyone else was asked, we have no way of knowing, but since Chuck Lorre always said he wouldn't carry on without Sheldon, my guess is that the financiers checked with Jim before asking the others.

    The contracts for S. 8-9-10 for the big five were signed literally a few days before S. 8 begun; more precisely, they reached a deal with Jim, Johnny and Kaley right before starting taping 8.1 and then they had to delay the first taping because Kunal and Simon weren't satisfied with their own deals and were still negotiating. IIRC, there was also the (veiled) threat of writing their characters off if they didn't take the last offer made. Melissa and Mayim had signed their contracts the year before, and got a way worse deal than the other 5, also because they were cut off from the main and fair more profitable negotiations. 


  3. 16 minutes ago, veejay said:

    So we've finaly got an answer. 🙄

    EW: "When did you change your mind about having Penny want kids?"
    Steve Holland: "We had talked a lot earlier this season about honoring the pilot, how “our babies will be smart and beautiful.” It was a special moment to us. To bring that back around in the finale felt important. It also felt a little bit like people were expecting it, so to write against it all season felt like a way to make that moment play as more of a surprise."



  4. 53 minutes ago, veejay said:

    The Biggest Moments From The Big Bang Theory Series Finale, Explained


    "The show's producers break down everything you're dying to know."

    You know, this interview baffles me...the writers said they wanted to acknowledge the "smart and beautiful babies" line and this is very right, some of us have been saying for ages it is  iconic in the show and it deserved to be remembered in the finale. But, if that is the case, why having Penny say so explicitly she didn't want children? It makes little sense. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced this was a very very good finale for a not so good season...

  5. Loved the choice the writers made to not give this show a "definitive" ending, with people parting ways; this didn't feel like the end of an era, you can feel this group of people will remain friends forever. As for the episodes themselves, there were things I didn't particularly like (not a fan of the idea of giving  Amy a makeover, for example) but overall it was a good finale, loved Sheldon's speech (he even mentioned the "smart and beautiful babies" line) and the last scene with all of them eating together made me cry. The season wasn't very good,  there were things that could have been done very differently;  in particular the Nobel Prize plot was really dragged too long and there was no need in of having such and heavy plot about Penny not wanting kids, if you plan to end your show with her pregnant. Overall, anyway, the finale did give this iconic series justice .

  6. 6 hours ago, Tensor said:




    Interesting quote from Lorre in this article:

    Lorre points to the emotional journey of Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper, a genius theoretical physicist who was beyond neurotic around most other people, particularly women as an example: “He couldn’t touch people when we started the show. Now he’s a married man with a Nobel Prize and a group of friends he loves and he loves them in return.”

    Probably Lorre forgot to make himself sign the NDA, LOL!

  7. 42 minutes ago, KripkeRules said:

    I gotta say, this speculation has been floating around for a few years that I don't think it is a plot twist anymore.  LOL. 


    The writers ruled it out, they said it has been already done in an old show Bob Newhart was in (I've no idea what they were referring to, but I guess it was famous in USA) and they can't do any better than that. I remember that, many many years ago, when they did something vaguely like that in Dallas, wiping up the previous season and pretending it was a dream of one of the characters, I was so furious and I felt to have been mocked...I can't imagine how I would react if TPTB decided to wipe up the whole show as a dream!

  8. 20 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    Was that the only spoiler ?

    Amy\Mayim wore a odd white suit, she was dressed more formally than usual, apart that there was nothing notable. The others seem to be dressing their ordinary clothes, in particular Sheldon/Jim, Penny/Kaley and Leonard/Johnny wore the same dresses you can see in the promo pics (green shirt for Sheldon, orange shirt for Leonard and plaid shirt for Penny).

  9. The promo pics for 12.23 and 12.24 are pretty interesting....Shamy seem very nervous in the pics from 12.23, constantly looking at their phones,  and at some point Amy looks very sad. Maybe they didn't get the Nobel prize for real! In the promo pics from 12.24 they haven't shown Amy at all, I guess for not spoiling the fact she cut her hair. Anyway, I'm not very worried for the prize and I don't really care if the win that or not (I would even prefer they don't), they "sick together" in 12.24, according to the press release, they might have hit a bump, but they will find the way to overcome this difficult period. 

  10. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    I'm surprised they did give some information away after all. I'm guessing they travel to Stockholm for the Nobel reception...? Only one week! So weird!

    I don't know...something in the phrasing of 12.24 episode  ("Sheldon and Amy stick together") make me think they don't get the Nobel prize in 12.23; maybe the travel is a trip all the gang take to cheer them up for the bad news, or maybe 12.24 is set a couple of years after the events of 12.23 and Shamy that year do get the Nobel prize; something that has always annoyed me about this plot, among many many many other things, is that the Nobel Prize usually doesn't go to the latest achievements in a subject, people do get recognized years after their work was published...Also very curious about Lenny's secret. A baby? Are they moving? 

  11. 57 minutes ago, luminous said:


    There was a male character in the press release of this episode, I can't remember his name, and his role wasn't clear. Since I read that press release,  I had wondered if this character had something to do with Leonard's plot and the reason why his mother was acting nice with him. I guess he is the the guy near Simon...in this case, don't you think he has a weird resemblance with Leonard himself? Maybe there's a family secret about to be unveiled!

  12. 35 minutes ago, bfm said:

    Maybe it is someone related to the Nobels who's the special guest, Ausiello said people were surprised to see the guest in flesh

    In other interviews the journalists talked about "old friends" showing up; so I was thinking more to a guest star that has already been in the show, like Mark Hamill, or maybe Bob Newhart....

  13. 8 hours ago, Shelldon said:

    It is my pleasure to announce the two last Big Bang Theory titles 

    1223: The Change Constant

    1224: The Stockholm Syndrome

    The title of 12.23 made me think about Amy's hair... Mayim cut her hair before 12.24 and, as I have said before, it must have been for some reason related to the show itself, she would have waited a couple of weeks for TBBT to be over to do that if that was just something she wanted to do for herself. Maybe there is an actual scene where Amy cuts her hair during 12.23 to help Sheldon to get used to change around him, I guess the final episodes will have plenty of changes in the characters' lives (Shamy included). I also guess 12.24 title is self explanatory, finally this Nobel-thing plot will be over*, LOL!

    *.....24 episodes too late, if you ask me, not at all a fan of it, sorry for those who like it!

  14. 3 hours ago, joyceraye said:

    Could be, but how is that a spoiler ? What would her hairstyle tell us, other than she decides to tidy herself up a bit ? Last year she wore it up in the Stephen Hawking 'about time' scene but it wasn't a sign of anything.

    Some thought that was a wig and Amy's change of hairstyle might have been a sign of a time jump. Mayim cut her hair for real, though, my guess is it has something to do with the finale (otherwise she would have waited till the end of the show to change her looks so dramatically), but I can't really imagine in what way.

  15. 43 minutes ago, ShamyScience said:
    Andy Samberg: "Now here with a surprising, unrehearsed takedown of Les Moonves is the cast of 'The Big Bang Theory'"


    Les Moonves is the former CEO and Chairman of CBS, who left the company in September following reports of sexual harassment and assault.

    Oh, I see, thanks, it must have been awkward for them! You know, on social media some people (that I guess didn't watch the whole thing) were saying things like "You can see they hate each other at this point, look at their faces" or something along those lines, LOL!

  16. 3 hours ago, Tensor said:

    14 September, 2015: Detection of Gravitational waves.  

    03 October, 2017: Announcement of Noble prize for detection.  

    Of course the work that went into the detections spans 40 years.   Or if you want, the 1998 discovery by the High-Z type 1 supernovae search team, and the Nobel for it 13 years later.

     My objection for presenting the Nobel prize would be it is never presented for theoretical work, unless there is supporting experimental evidence.   And, it would run into the same problem that supersymmetry has, there have been no extraneous particles found, after the Higgs.   If there is some sort of asymmetry, there would have to be an extra particle, to provide that asymmetry.  

     I'd also be interested in what exactly they are claiming is asymmetric.  Charges?  Color?  Gauge?  What?  It would be much easier if they would give us the Lie Groups that are supposedly asymmetric, or failing that, exactly what they would be using in place of Noether's Theorem.  Of course, if it's Lorentz invariance symmetry that is broken to become asymmetric , and it can be proved, I would expect  a rather quick Nobel, simply because it would overthrow Relativity.  

    Of course, it's a sitcom, and they writers can do whatever they please.  Not to mention such a discovery would be extremely unlikely.   Although it would be a disappointment for them to ignore the science after being so proud of keeping it accurate for the run.  

    To be honest, the writers have never handled the writing and publishing  process of a paper very realistically. The whole super-heavy element subject in S. 7 (if I remember correctly) was a hot mess, as well as Sheldon writing in only one night the paper on Leonard's idea in S. 8. They have done their worst from this PoV with the super-asymmetry project (which is exactly the reason why I'm not fond of this plot)  so I wouldn't be surprised if the guest stars in the following episode play experimental physicist who, just a short time after the publication of the paper, find experimental evidence of this theory, whatever it entails. 

  17. 5 minutes ago, kbp said:

    Theres a lot of backlash over this  interesting how this plays out

    Well, my hope is that, after that, Prady might be more aware fans want a full-cast photoshoot and pitches the idea with WB/CBS, for sure he has more voice with them than with a random newspaper. What I think will happen, instead, is that , the complaints will be ignored, as usual. Internet backslash comes and goes...I've seen many hard-core fan accounts being disappointed in the show for some time now, some of them have almost stopped posting, but in the grand scheme of things, this is of no importance to TPTB, they make their "numbers" with casual viewers.

  18. 1 minute ago, bfm said:

    What I got from Jonny's post is that EW deleted comments. I can see why Prady wouldn't like a post where he seems to blame EW out there.

    From what I saw online, fans were complaining about Prady himself deleting their posts, but if also EW did that, it is bananas indeed!

  19. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    That's childish behavior, IMO. They've made a choice, they should be able to handle the criticism about it.

    To be fair, as far as I know and correct me if I'm wrong, it was Prady who deleted some comments, but  he also took a lot of time discussing with some fans about the subject (there was a long discussion that got deleted too). He explained it was not his call and he had had no control over the editorial decision EW made. I get fans were voicing their frustration (which is also mine, I'm not very impressed with that article either) but they devoted it towards the wrong guy. Obviously he didn't want his relationship with EW being jeopardized for something he didn't do...Hopefully, anyway, he now is aware there is a problem and (if he chooses to) can find a way to fix it.

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