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  1. Maybe is  off-topic, but the references to Friends of the previous posts remind me some interviews that Jim Parsons gave to one of USA Late Shows I watched on Youtube (sorry, I'm not American, so I can't really remember which was neither can't find them right now). The last one was actually a recent one, around Christmas 2014. He was saying that he would like the show to run even further its 10th season as long as the writers menage to write convincing stuff...and as  examples of really not convincing stuff he used some Friends plot, like having a pet monkey or adopting a baby...So, let's hope for no Shamy's babies in the next future...

  2. "Series" changing may be, in my opinion, first of all logistical changes; if one of the two couples (or both, even if  I don't see 2 weddings in one season)  eventually merry the living arrangements have to change, maybe new sets have to be built an so on..But also a  big series change is Shaldon becaming a "sexual" individual. Taping reports about the the make-out scene all agree in telling us how passionate it was. Actually, I was foreseeing during the developement of this season that sexual issues wolud be coming, but I thought that they wolud be developed with much more continuity with what we have seen up to now...so sweetness, ackwardness, but nothing like this. I agree that Shaldon's character will not be twisted in all his other quirks, it wolud be really too wierd...but anyway this is a big change.

  3. Can I be a little cinical about these last part of the season? Let's watch carefully at the last four episodes...we have two kind of geek episodes (the Communication and the Graduation...) which are for me thought in order to interest (aka keep quite) mainly the real fandom of the show (like us),  so in there we find the "classical" nerd stuff, with a big Lenny part in the last one, but they are also sort of "coral" episodes, where a real fan can find some strong assonances with the old seasons. Then, in the two episodes to be...there will be the big Mums crash, that was called for by all fans (here in this forum many times I've  noticed somebody to hope for it) but that can interest also the casual watcher of the show (the people the producer want to increase the ratings...) Finally, the cliffhanger, which for me is meant ONLY for the casual watcher...For the average fan of TBBT the last episode is kind of a nightmare became true: Will Lenny ever get married? Will Shamy brake up? For us all shippers I foresee a long long summer.... besides all the last developments are really  illogical with respect to the story the writers have told us throughout the season.

    Anyway, for a casual watcher,  the two cliffhanger are gold, they make him\her to say "Cool!  things on this show have been really messed up this time, let's see how the plot changes  next season..." In my opinion, if the ratings had been similar to those of the prervious season, we would have had a very different finale!!! In fact the cliffhanger of the previous season, apart of being consistent with the rest of the episodes, was not so catching for a casual watcher..."Sheldon will be back next season?" Of course so!! he's one of the main characters...not very tempting for somebody who is not a fan!


    Now, I can only imagine  huge advertisings for this last episode (promo and all the rest....) and I'm very courious about how the ratings will be affected by this "strategy"...Of course, I'm not blaming the producers\writers; if it works, this is actually a very good strategy, their job consists in catching more people to watch the show...more people, more money and (hopefully) more seasons to come!!!

  4. Hi! I'm new in the forum, maybe I've chosen the right day to join you! I'm in your ship and well, all that was told from the taping (besides, thanks to all of you...) sounds really confusing for me! Actually, since most of the  Sheldon's steps forward to Amy up to now basically came from something distressing for him (even the fort came from the disappointment for the missed simposyum afterall), I was thinking that also for the huge (as you told me, I'm looking forward to see 8.24!) kiss scene would be preannunced by some sort of stress or anger...instead was just a perfect (up to the Flash thing) romantic anniversary date...That also may be a sort of growing for Sheldon, he's more confortable with Amy and does not need anymore to conceal love feelings and "urges" besides other feelings, more familiar to him.


    Anyway, I don't think Amy is overeacting; as some of you told, she is, in my opinion, at this point of the relationship askying to herself and to her boyfriend if she is really what he wants, if he really feels desire for her and this make out section really in my opinion answers (at least to her) "no" to this question... Amy is a really naive girl, in her teens for sure she did not had many makes out to compare to this one, so the  Sheldon's "body lauguage" is kind of mood here...She just know that in the middle of a kiss, her boyfriend thinks to a superhero...Of course she now needs a break!


    What will happen next? Well, I will be very disappointed if (both, actually) the cliffhangers will last for the first couple of episodes and then everything works out just fine (as happened this season....), I hope that this time Writers will be more carefull and actually have a deeper insight in their characters, I know this is a comedy and not a drama but, afterall, they carried the drama in TBBT, so now they have to menage it! I only hope that no third persons will be introduced to mess up (more that this???) the situation, this will be something that really would disappoint me...

  5. I've lost my mother 10 years ago; during these years, unfortunely some of my friends have lost a parent too, but I've never said to them something like "I know what you feel..." to console them, simply because I know that this was a lie!


    I think Mayim is right, nobody can be in other people's pain...you can share simpathy for them, be with them, but simply every single person react to such a grieve in its own way...

  6. Hi everybody! I'm new in this forum, but I was reading it for a while, and now I think it's time to really joint you all!  Well, what to say...First of all, I want to thank for all the news that came from the taping...It was in the middle of the night\very early in the morning in my place (I'm Italian), but last night was kind of a tough night for me, I had many thoughts and all these news helped me somehow to get through it!


    My opinion on the episode is that it really surprised me!!!! I'm a BIG Shamy's fan and all this stuff was quite to much for me! Hope that everytihg will turn out fine!


    To tell truth, my feeling throughout season 8 was that the Writers were trying to find a (reasonable) way to delay Lenny's wedding. I thought that the reason could be Penny's acting career, and in my mind I was sure that in the season finale she would go away for her movie, forcing Leonard  to wait for her. It appares that somehow the Writers found their way: in my opinion, Lenny's wedding will not take place in Vegas, if this were the real idea of the Writers it would be totally unlogical to come up with all that mess about something happened 2 years ago! I cannot imagine how  they will  solve their situation, again my feeling is that Lenny will be the last of all couples to get merried, in Season 10, perhaps to "close the circle" in the Finale of the show, their wedding will be for me the perfect and the sweetest way to end the show for good. Anyway, I didn't like that much what happened, it gives Leonard a shade he does not deserve at this pont of the story...


    As for Shamy, my feelings are very confused, and again I'm not quite sure of liking all these "dramatic changes" (by the way: "dramatic"  in Italian, means for sure something bad, so when I read the summary from CBS I was really sad... but since here in the forum I've discovered that in English "dramatic" could be used in a  good sense and I make kind a research  and I found the very sentence "dramatic change" translated into "sensational changes",  my expextations were very high!!!)  I think\hope they will solve their problems somewhere in the the middle of Season 9 but I don't see an immediate reconciliation, since it would be really repeating what happened in Season 7-Season 8, with the cliff-hanger basically ignored after 8.1.  I just hope they don't try to mess up  the Shamy, making either of them meet new people...as someone here has said, we are not on Friends here!!!

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