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  1. 20 minutes ago, bfm said:

    Just Googled them.

    I know Kal Penn from HIMYM, don't know Sean Astin. 

    With Prady's tweet I thought the casting will be someone well known in the sci-fi world, although maybe they're not who he meant.

    Stranger Things is kind of a big deal nowadays...Plus Astin was in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and in The Goonies, I can see why (if he was referring to him, of course) Prady might be excited. I myself love Stranger Things, so I'm excited! Not a fan of The Goonies and LOTR, instead!

  2. 4 hours ago, veejay said:

    That's exactly my thoughts, too. I am only in doubt as to whether the writers can implement this in a comedic sense. On the other hand, it goes quite well with Lenny's constant ups and downs. Anyway, the main thing is that it leads to smart and beautiful babies in the end! 😉

     I must admit I prefer this to have Penny pregnant by accident, which could have been another way to have her change her mind

  3. That's what Johnny Galecki thinks about possible spin offs


    "There were rumours of a Big Bang spin-off without Parsons — which Galecki emphatically denies: “Oh, absolutely not. The show could not continue without Jim.”

    The same could surely be said about Roseanne, Galecki’s other regular gig, which spawned The Connors after its titular star was fired.

    “They are very different situations,” he reasons, “but I can tell you that no one has any interest (in a Big Bang Theory spin-off).”

  4. I'm disappointed for the outcome of Shamy joint work, I would have really wanted them to succeed. Anyway, Jim and Mayim's acting was outstanding in showing how sad and angry Shamy were. The bed scene was a very nice one. I can't say I liked the episode (also, well...mostly, for the totally inaccurate way it depicted the writing process) but I liked Shamy very much in this one.

  5. 1 hour ago, joyceraye said:

    A couple of questions for academics : 1) Isn't it  bit insulting to call doing citations 'busywork' ? Listing them's a requirement, isn't it, and don't they come in useful, just as Raj's cross-referencing did in the episode ?

    2) If you find something, such as super-asymmetry, that was discounted in an earlier publication, can't you cite the other researcher and say you came to a different conclusion ?

    Well,  in my field one starts a bibliographic research before  writing an article, to know if somebody else came up with the same idea and, more generally, to understand the framework and establish connections between their theory and the pre-existing ones. Then, while working on the subject,  other references are collected. In this way, when one finishes the paper, the Bibliography is almost completed, one can add some other items here and there, but no big deal. Cross-referencing should also be an important part of the whole process. The only explanation I can come up with is that Sheldon and Amy really thought they were the first who thought about super-asymmetry and didn't care too much of collecting a bibliography, but as I said that's the very reason to make a preliminary bibliographic research.

    As for the second question, it depends on what the Russian article said, in the episode it wasn't clear at all. They used the term "disprove", which should mean the scientist made an experiment whose results showed super-asymmetry is wrong. If that is the case, Shamy wasted their time and there's nothing to be done, maybe (if it is in his field of interest) Leonard can replicate the experiment just to be sure it is correct, but if it is, super-asymmetry is over. It can also be that what was in the article made them realize of some huge Mathematical mistakes they made. This could be less serious, maybe they can fix the problem. If the scientist simply stated the reasons why he thought super-asymmetry is the wrong approach, then they can do as you suggested, just explaining in the paper why they disagree with the Russian. In Theoretical Physics that happens all the time. But, TBH, judging from how devastated they were, I don't think it was just a difference of opinions, the Russian scientist made some compelling argument against super-asymmetry.

    All of this, of course, holds true in the real world. In TBBT world, I guess we'll never know what has happened,  and, as to now, I'm pretty sure we'll never hear about super-asymmetry (as well as of all the other failed projects) again.

    24 minutes ago, bfm said:

    1) If they're just talking about styling and ordering them according to the requirements of their field*, then it is an annoying menial work. However, as I said before, it is now better than it used to be because there are softwates that do it for you, at least in part, and Google Scholar also does part of the work. (Can't answer about Raj because I haven't seen the episode yet)

    If that's just a styling and ordering problem, or they wanted to check if they wrote the references correctly in all their details, in my field it's very rare these days to actually go to the library, as Leonard and Raj did, one simply uses databases, like MathSciNet, that collect articles from all times. Doing a cross-references check, instead, should be part of the writing process.  TBH, I wasn't really sure of what Leonard and Raj were doing, it seemed they were both researching new material and checking the items probably Shamy suggested them were written properly. In any event, it was something the authors should have been doing by themselves.

  6. Just now, bfm said:

    It is a theoretical idea that according to their advisor can be brought up. As far as I know in theoretical physics there is a lot of raising ideas and showing how they could work/have logic to them. But I'm certainly not a physicist, my field is very different to theoretical physics, I'm just relying on things I've heard from a theoretical physics MA and a Phd student doing other kind of theoretical work.

    In fact, I have no idea why a paper that states super-asymmetry has no merit would make such an impression in Shamy. I mean, unless the scientist has made substantial objections, or has constructed an experiment to show it can't be true (you can't prove a theory, but you can disprove it with an experiment) theoretical physics lives on different scientists that create different (and sometimes conflicting) theories. In any event, if Shamy didn't do their diligence for the project, they "deserve" to feel miserable at the end of the episode, it's their fault.

    As for Leonard doing the bibliographic work, this is indeed weird. It was not his job, as he is not among the authors of the paper (but, as I said, the authors had a laps in judgement on this one); BTW, one shouldn't even make a grad-student do that. It's plausible he went to the library, instead. Most of  recent articles are available in international  on-line databases, but probably that is not the case for an article from the 70es written in Russian. 

  7. 13 minutes ago, Kev0821 said:

    I don't know if this helps or not, but Shamy needed the citations for the appendices. There were about 100 or so. I think it was just Leonard's job to make sure they were written correctly. He then stumbled upon the Russian paper that they didn't know existed.

    Thanks for the clarification! The point is the pre-existing literature about a subject usually isn't collected in the appendices, this was weird too.  The writers got the science  all wrong in this episode! I know for many it doesn't make much of a difference, but to me it's pretty upsetting, it's simply not how the process of writing a paper should work. Not that this is the first time that happens...

  8. 9 minutes ago, April said:

    This might be a bit of a language issue but "citation" refers to what you describe as "references":


    ETA: Though with regards to the episode I'm still a bit baffled why you'd search for citations after you wrote your paper. I would think that is part of the research process at the beginning???

    Yes it is, no scientist would start a project without looking into the pre-existing literature. Usually this pre-existing literature  is collected in a paper in a section called "References" or "Bibliography", that is why I call it "references".

  9. Thank you so much @Kev0821!  Hope you had a great time!

    1 hour ago, bfm said:


    And man, it seems like they need to work more on the credibility of their academic plots. Why would Leonard do the literature search for a paper that's not his? Unless they have officially accepted him to their team...? 

    The paper plot reminds me of Sheldon's false discovery of a new element and the confirmation that it was false.

    I agree, especially because those in the episode are not even supposed to be called "citations", which are basically articles mentioning your own work, but "references", which are mentions you make in your own article to previous literature regarding the topic you study.  You don't collect citations at the end of a paper (it would even be possible to have citations to an unpublished work), but references.

  10. 11 minutes ago, SRAM said:

    I don’t agree, Penny having a career she can be happy with, especially since she doesn’t want to be a mommy.  The guys getting some recognition, tenure, promotions, even a nobel.  Raj maybe straightening out a little, and like I said, getting back with one of the women he really cared for.  Right now the show feels like to me that TPTB just want to get the show finished as cheaply and quickly as possible so they can move on, I see no enthusiasm this season at all from anyone.

    That was exactly my point, there are things the writers could have done, but they seem to have decided otherwise, they don't seem to want to invest in horizontal story arcs anymore, Raj apart. 

  11. 1 minute ago, chucky said:

    WOW! Only took them 11 and a half years to do that! I'm impressed that TPTB would finally get around to poor Raj. Better late than never!

    Well, the only "real" novelties in the show can come from Raj at this point, he is the only one whose life is up in the air...and I'm not just referring to his love life, but also his finances, work, etc.. The other storylines can be wrapped up in a few episodes. The writers seems determined to keep homeostasis in the other characters' lives (no career opportunities elsewhere, no new homes, no kids...), so I don't see major things happening to them for the next 7-8 episodes.

  12. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    Mayim had an arm injury. They had Amy skyping from a conference to hide that. But that may be harder with Leonard, Leonard not being around makes a greater difference IMO, especially since Amy didn't even live in Los Robles at the time. My guess is some kind of accident from which Leonard suffers disproportionate damage, because he's Leonard ("You bruise, you peel, it's like I'm married to an old piece of fruit").

    They did not make Mayim skyping from a conference (that happened in S. 9, when she suffered a back injury, but my impression was the episode already involved Amy being at a conference, so it was a happy coincidence she didn't have to walk around in pain), they just hid her hand behind objects. It was back in S. 6, if you look carefully 6.04, the Re-Entry Minimization (the episode where Lenny and Shamy were playing games in 4A), you can notice that her hand is always behind something, it was for that reason.

  13. Personally, I found the episode funny...it has nothing to do with how  funds are divided in RL Universities, usually there are commissions whose specific task is to choose which projects to finance and deans don't ask a random scapegoat to do the dirty job on their behalf, but for comedy purposes it was ok. I also liked the idea of Leonard being selfish for once, it shows no one is a perfect character in this show, all of them have flows and they can be used as a comedic tool. Him being selfish was also used as a way to "renew" his friendship with Sheldon.  There was too much nastiness going on among all characters in the latest episodes, at times I was really wondering why those people were still hanging around together. This episode had a welcome shift in tune on that respect, it started with all of them helping Howardette building their playhouse, and the whole episode was not mean spirited at all, it had the right amount of snark in order to be funny without being unpleasant. Leonard and Sheldon playing chess and giving each other advises is a classic in TBBT and it was nice to see it again.

  14. 24 minutes ago, chucky said:

    I was wondering who Dr Lee was. First time I remember hearing that name.

    No idea, I imagine one of the countless co-worker of the guys at Caltech, I highly doubt we'll never hear about her after this episode. Anyway, she seems more a biologist than a physicist, in the pic @veejay Kindly posted a while ago, in the cons for her project one can read "Biology is already well funded" (or something close to that...)

  15. 9 minutes ago, Sah said:

    Sheldon is scared of birds. Perhaps we will get to see a petrified Sheldon fleeing the bird...

    Oh well, he grew fond of  the blue jay, once he got to know it, possibly he will end up liking the crow too, if he indeed interacts with it during the episode, LOL!

  16. 2 minutes ago, Sah said:


    If I remember correctly I've read somewhere, possibly in the official press release, there is a character in the episode expressly called Dr. Lee. It should be a woman, and in fact there is a woman talking with Kripke and the gang in a promo pic at the Caltech cafeteria.

  17. 33 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    I can't comment much on Shamy because there was just too much petty BS in this episode for me overall to get any major enjoyment from their interactions in this one.

    That being said I did like the tag, which is funny because if Sheldon hadn't of texted her to get himself out of there I would have absolutely hated it and seen it as another eye-rolling mothering joke.  Just goes to show how one small piece of dialogue can change the whole way you view the scene.

    Yeah, that was great; I was about to be so pissed off for it and then Amy's revelation changed the scene at once and it became a great moment of complicity between two spouses!

  18. 14 minutes ago, veejay said:

    Yeah. As much as the writers captured themselves on the tiniest external details (see the statement in Glamour), the more the content and the jokes seem to have gone off the rails. I found Sheldon's "revenge" and Shamy / Howardette's whiny behavior more embarrassing than funny.


    I thought the idea of Howard impersonating Sheldon and, as a revenge, Shamy impersonating Howardette was hilarious. I would have cut all the whining around that, though...We get it, those people had traumas and hurt feelings growing up, but it's a damn Halloween episode, can we just lighten up a bit?

  19. I rated the episode as "good". It was funnier than the previous two episodes for sure, mainly because the costumes were amazing, but TBH I hoped in something better. A lighthearted episode focused on the Halloween party would have been better than the Shamy/Howardette drama we got. How many times has Bernie to say  she became tough because she was the smallest girl growing up or Sheldon's feelings have to be hurt? Also, I think it was unnecessary (and above all a recycled plot from the Parking Spot Escalation, thanks goodness nobody got injured this time) that Amy talked to Bernie about Howard's costume and asked her to make him apologize. I get that it's a running joke for both Bernie and Amy to treat their husbands like children, but this time simply it wasn't funny. The tag, instead, was very funny, I was already jumping on my chair for the fact Amy was, once again in the episode, mothering Sheldon, I didn't see that coming at all! Lenny plot had a cute ending, I liked it, probably I would have cut the pumpkin joke, which was unnecessarily gross, but what she said at the end of the party made up for that. 

    All in all, I see the episode as a half missed opportunity, they spent weeks (according to Jessica Radloff's interview with Holland) in preparing it, they could have put those costumes at better use. 

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