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  1. I highly doubt she is the dean of Physics. She has always been referred to as Ms. Davis, rather than Dr. Davis or Prof. Davis, which suggests me she is is a member of the staff (at a very high level, of course, as she was in charge of reprimanding Leonard on the occasion you mention) and not a member of the faculty.
  2. Good catch! In fact there are no promo pics of Sheldon and Amy at the Halloween party, probably they didn't want to spoil this surprise!
  3. No, she is not a catholic, both in TBBT and in YS she has been pretty skeptical about Catholicism. I think it was said in TBBT she is a born-again Christian. In YS she attends a Protestant Church, I can't tell which confession it is.
  4. A lot of pics from the Halloween episode https://tvline.com/gallery/the-big-bang-theory-final-season-12-photos/#!1/the-big-bang-theory-season-12-episode-6-1/
  5. I guess we all know that, we are just amused by the pics we saw and we want to speculate a bit about those, it's what we always do around here, when we have no spoilers to speak about, we speculate, LOL! Plus, that will be the last Halloween episode ever, I guess that's reason enough to look forward to it.
  6. Thanks! I was far far off, ahahah! Their choice of costumes is brilliant! Not sure they are the "best" couple, but for me they win the prize for best couple costume indeed, LOL!
  7. I guess he is Bert, the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins....as many other said! Have Raj and Anu matching costumes too? I can't say, but it looks like something from Alice in the Wonderland...
  8. An early promo pic from the Halloween episode, from TBBT official Facebook page
  9. Even if Holland told journalists that the writers were planning this season as it were the last, I guess he and the writing team had the strong suspicion it could not be the case, hence they penned the beginning of the season the way they did (which was rather unimpressive to me). But the point is they knew it was the last season only one week after they started filming, so I hope they don't shoot all 7/8 episodes they had already written (they were at Episode 5 before SDCC, so I imagine they at least sketched another couple of them in August) as they were thought over the summer. They should think more to evolve the main stories and less to write filler episodes and have different guest stars. I don't need each and every YS character on TBBT. TBH, this has making me hate YS! Also, I get the fact the writers might want their most beloved guest star to come back for a last performance, but this shouldn't be done at the expense of the main characters...
  10. Well, in the original version of the article (it has been since then corrected) she mixed up this episode with the Tam one; plus, she found that creepy breastfeeding joke funny so...yeah, I think chances are she has not clear idea of what is going on on the show, LOL!
  11. In general, I'm not sure there should be a reason for one person changing their mind about having or not having babies, it's just something that they feel at some point in their lives. Obviously the other partner involved has all rights to be disappointed and to take their own decisions if they don't agree with this life project. Anyway, I agree that introducing such a sensitive topic was not a very good idea on the writers' part and I have no clue why they felt compelled in doing so, this is way out of their alley, IMO. To be honest, that part of the episode didn't feel like a comedy at all, it was way too dramatic...but the show is a comedy, so I don't expect them to "undone" that (and I think they'll undone it at some point) in a dramatic or convincing way.
  12. Well, the writers have always made a point that their characters are not poster persons for any category, so I don't think they would be worried at all of the consequences that might follow if Penny at some point decides of having kids. Now, I agree that, if her change of hearth is not sufficiently explained, it would be an example of bad writing, but on many occasions the writers have proven me that they don't care of giving deep motivations to the characters' actions.
  13. Do you watch them on broadcast TV or on various steaming sites? If I tried to watch those shows weekly on broadcast TV in my Country, I would be facing a delay of more than one year with respect to USA schedule, most likely they would air at ungodly hours or in the early afternoon, and the schedule itself would be very erratic. So I just watch them at my convenience on Netflix or on some other streaming sites. Those ratings are not detected in any way.
  14. I think there were many young adults (18-34 demo) watching the show when it started, but, if they have stuck with it, they have since then grown and "changed" demo segment (24-54 or more...) Very young people nowadays very seldom watch broadcast TV, they prefer to watch their favourite shows on other media which are not detected with the present ratings system, that's one of the reasons why that particular demo is the most valuable for advertisers.
  15. Amy has expensive new equipment that Sheldon, being clumsy, can break or he can inadvertently tamper important samples she is collecting for her experiments. I think it will start with him playing around with "biology stuff" he knows nothing about, and then he discovers he has done a mess...For the rest, I imagine the episode verbatim as @Jonny described it!
  16. Oh, I'm not worried either, it's just fun to throw out that gif from time to time, it felt appropriate for this episode! I know that the conflict will be solved within the episode, with PP having some part in the resolution. Maybe I'm just a bit annoyed by this kind of plots, they sound kind of repetitive now....
  17. We have yet to watch the episode, but I don't remember any hint in the TR that it was Leonard who involved Penny's father in the discussion about children; on the contrary he backed his wife up and defended her decision of not having children; the fact it is totally unbelievable to me he let it go so easily on something which was so important to him is a whole other story... I think it was one of those situations when parents push their children into giving them grandchildren ASAP, and Wyatt (without knowing it) chose the worst possible moment to make that request, as Penny and Leonard were actually discussing the exact opposite.
  18. Well...I get now the reason of Sheldon's "fashion" choices for date night clothes...he dresses like Tam, they even have the same shirt, LOL!!! Also, this season there will be a Halloween episode (both on TBBT and YS), happy about that!!!
  19. TBH, that part of the interview has been kind of a bummer for me, I've always envisioned TBBT ending with the main characters leaving 4A/4B, I saw some symbolism in it. Actually, I didn't care much it was similar to Friends' last scene (also because I envisioned the elevator to be fixed while they were leaving, and that didn't happen in Friends!) but I can see why the writers want to avoid a direct comparison between the two shows. The good thing is Holland was very clear that the show will have a happy ending which stays true to the characters, so I go out on a limb here and predict there will be no pianos killing off beloved characters, LOL! Since in another interview Holland said he was cautiously open to a possible spin off, when I read the article you mentioned I thought it could be that not everyone is moving because they might use the 4A/4B set in the new show, if it ever happens. I know this is a long shot at best at the moment, and if the ratings stay the same of the premiere during the season I dare say it will be very difficult to have a spin-off at all, but it's fun to speculate.
  20. The interview suggested me it will be more a Amy's "meltdown" (for lack of a better word) than a Sheldon's one, which as you said would be refreshing. Let's wait and see, in a few days the episode is taped, fingers crossed we get a TR for this one!
  21. The interview I posted has a lot of interesting parts about Shamy. We already know there'll be a couple of great episodes at very the beginning of the season, which is great. Holland also mentioned a fight, the first Shamy marital fight, as a pretense for them to have PP back in 12.5. It is the plot he had mentioned before about Amy struggling to find her identity, as she and Sheldon now work together as a married couple. Not my favourite kind of plot, but we'll see PP again and, big fights call for big make ups, so....Also, and this is was very interesting to me, Holland hasn't completely ruled out for Shamy to go for other milestones, like a house or a baby. Not that I want a pregnancy plot for Shamy (sorry for the persons in this thread who wants it, that's my opinion...) but it seems to me they want to continue the progresses for our couple. I guess it might also have something to do with a possible spin off, which obviously won't include Sheldon and hence, most likely, Amy. I would love if the show ends with a wonderful Shamy send-off!
  22. Quoting myself because of the sneak peek in the article!!! Spooning it is (almost)!!
  23. Another Holland's interview https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-how-cbs-comedy-is-plotting-endgame-1146382?utm_source=twitter
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