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  1. People's Choice Awards final nominations have been announced https://tvline.com/2018/09/24/peoples-choice-awards-2018-nominees-full-list-tv-nominations/ TBBT has been nominated as Best Show and Best Comedy and Jim Parsons has been nominated as Best Comedy Star.
  2. There's no way send links to IG stories, one should record them somehow (it's not allowed here), you should be able to watch those from your smartphone, unless it is an old model. Just click on the icon of Jim's profile pic.
  3. I hope in some Amy centric plots, about her life as a scientist and her family. It will be very fun to see Sheldon interacting with the Fowlers, but I hope this is used also to highlight how their unhappy marriage has impacted Amy. I'm a bit torn about the plot of Amy struggling with her new life as a scientist and as a wife. I hope this is used, as you said, to finally have a situation where Sheldon is the supportive one and helps her finding her way to keep her individuality. TBH, though, I didn't like very much how the writers handled similar difficulties for Sheldon in the early episodes in S. 11, so now I have mixed feelings about this plot...Let's see. Last but not least, Dr. Fowler and Dr. Cooper sounds really nice, I'm very happy Amy has kept her last name!!!
  4. I think they taped the episode from last week out of order, or there is a scene in it not filmed during the taping. Holland said Jerry O'Connell is will be back episode 4, but the TR didn't mention it. On the other hand, at SDCC, it was said the episode with Tam was 12.5.
  5. I agree! He has taken social media breaks in the past, for whatever reason, as it is his prerogative. I don't see anything odd in it, as you said it is his personal account and he can decide whether to use it or not.
  6. Not sure the woman in a suit was Mayim, she didn't quite look like her, no glasses for example...If not, she was not at the live taping, as she was not there at the curtain call. It might be that, because of an approaching Jewish Holiday, she got to pre-tape her scenes, the writers sometimes let her to do it, if the plot allows that.
  7. It was a sign of a possible Shamy episode for me...I remember back in S. 9, whenever from a promo pic or some IG post I spotted Amy's curly hair, I thought something "good" for Shamy was going to happen in the episode!
  8. Yeah, in S. 10 the costumes department found a great balance with her wardrobe, it was still Amy's style, but more colorful and modern; I guess it could be justified story-wise with the fact she lost most of her clothes in the flood of her old apartment and had to shop for new ones. Her hair was also prettier, with nice curls. Then in S. 11 they reverted everything back to S. 6-Amy looks, both the wardrobe and the hairstyle/make up. I don't advocate for a change of looks in Amy, I like she feels comfortable with her own skin, but S. 10 shows there would be some space for little changes in better without altering the character one bit. Too bad they didn't stick with that!
  9. Lovely promo pics, Shamy are in the mist of their newly wed bliss indeed!
  10. Except, this is Sheldon's great great mother's ring...but of course, he might have changed the stone, sure that, lol!
  11. Oh, sorry, don't consider my answer...I read your post wrong.
  12. Can you say with absolute certainty that those episodes in the past years won thanks to "casual fans" vote rather than because of shippers vote? and yet...when it comes to Shamy episodes, it HAS to be shippers vote. Not that I see anything wrong if that is the case, mind you...as I have already said, all reasons are good to vote for an episode.
  13. I've seen more people mentioning to fix the elevator than being sorry for the end of the show, LOL!
  14. Well, it's not like this tournament is the absolute truth ever written about TBBT...it happened this year that less than 25 persons liked BTA better than BIH, no big deal, I would say. Plus, none of us is the objective judge of the "quality" of an episode, exactly for the fact there's no such a thing, we all like different things for different reasons. We don't know for a fact why some liked BTA better than BIH, but even assuming it was because they ALL were shippers, it doesn't mean their are less entitled to their vote. As for the "quality", the enjoyment of an episode means different things for different people, being a shipper doesn't make us less of a fan. True dat, LOL!
  15. I guess it's the fact that Paige can be also a first name for boys, even if it's pretty rare nowadays. In this case, it's a girl.
  16. I wonder if we have an immediate follow up for Raj's plot and in the next episode taped his "arranged" girlfriend is introduced...
  17. They think it's a scavenger hunt and Howard and the others, just for poking fun on them, confirm that.
  18. So...Stuart finally has a win in his life and Raj is resorting to an arranged wedding....it does feel like the show is ending, LOL! I'm curious to see if Raj's plot will be a one-off or a recurring theme in the season. Happy to see his father back, he's always a hoot! Thanks again @NotWonderland!
  19. I agree, they could not have gotten rid of just one member of a couple without writing a death or a divorce, which is too sad for a sit-com like TBBT. Breaking Shamy, Lenny or Howardette up for good would have been hard on fans. Raj could have gone easily, he could have gotten a better job somewhere or returned home, it was a lighter thing to write. Anyway, IMO, it wouldn't have been TBBT without all 7 character, even if I love some more than others (and Raj is my least favourite one, no contest here) I would have hated if they continued with the show without any of the actors.
  20. That TR, though, Shamy bliss at its highest!! The coffee shop where they first met, the picture in the chain locket....Oh, my heart!!!
  21. Thanks @NotWonderland, I hope you had a great time in LA and I wish you a safe travel back home! Thank you again for having found time for us, it was very generous of you!
  22. I can believe that there are talks about possible spin offs, with some or all the remaining characters included, I guess WB/CBS would be keen of keeping the franchise going as much as they can, but not a 13th season of TBBT. How far those talks will go, is anybody's guess...Lorre has been adamantine against possible spin offs in the past, but then YS came so, what do I know? As far as I know, anyway, he has signed a very lucrative deal with Netflix, so this might be a good opportunity for him for focusing on other things too.
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