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  1. 9 minutes ago, shamytbbt said:

    You're right. I'm so excited for this! I think they are filming in NY only for the first episode of season 12 right? :) Imagine all the moments they will have there! 😍

    They are not filming in NY, it's an outdoors set that looks like NY on the Warner Bros lot.

  2. On 8/17/2018 at 2:10 PM, Die Zimtzicke said:

    I don't think they've left the country but I could be wrong.

    You might be right, according to Mayim's IG stories it looks like one of the locations in New York...I wonder why they go there, it was not a place I would have associated with Shamy in any way...But I love NY!

  3. Mayim has written an article on Grok Nation about the beginning of the season and she has given us further spoilers, there will be two important scientists who will  guest star in the premiere. I'm very curious who they might be. I guess they will be involved with Shamy honeymoon, as they might be visiting some relevant scientific location, like the CERN...a green screen or a swing set can do wonders, ahahah! I also want to know which kind of scientist they are; safe to say at least one of them might be a physicist, but...what about Amy? At SDCC the writers said Sheldon and Amy pick a location each for their honeymoon, assuming that Sheldon would go for a scien-cy place, I wonder if also Amy would be more inclined to something like that, and she might be interested in meeting an important neurobiologist...so many possibilities!

  4. 22 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    These two are so obviously really friends. It is so cute. But I don't think she meant just her and Jim's sitcom. I think she loves working with the whole cast.

    The quoting system is messed up again. I didn't write the sentences you quoted and were assigned to me...odd! Anyway, pretty sure the original poster did understand the sense of Mayim's caption, she was just giving her post a Shamy/Majim flavour, so to speak...

  5. 51 minutes ago, spidergirl said:

    I know this IG post was not tbbt related in a direct way but I just loved the way Mayim mentioned the tbbt as her and Jim's "darling litle sitcom", hehe! Big Bang Theory, we are so ready for the continuation of our Shamy adventures as married brilliant scientists couple! ❤


    Only a few days before the first table read of the season, we made it through another hiatus, congrats to the (very few :( :( :( ) Shamies who resisted! I hope we'll get some spoilers, very curious about Shamy honeymoon. The little snippets we got from SDCC about it were very intriguing, both Sheldon and Amy get to pick a different place, I wonder where they want to go, and if one enjoys the the destination chosen by the other!

  6. 45 minutes ago, Silver1984 said:

    Thanks! 😊

    Wearing your own ring on screen ... I can understand the notion and I probably would also want to use my own ring ... but ... doesn't it also has a kind of a symbolic meaning for the screen relationship you are having with your significant partner actor?

    It could mean that you are letting this person in to be a part of your life?

    In this case it would mean both Melissa and Amy would have to wear the same rings as Simon and Jim wear in real life? 

    Maybe we should move this discussion to the Shamy thread 😉

    I don't know, I think it's just more convenient for the actors in the show to wear their own wedding bands, instead of taking them off and wearing a prop each time, it's a tiny detail after all, very few people (AKA, crazy fans as us) will notice it. Not always in the USA husbands and wives have matching wedding bands,  the actresses in the show  can wear a different kind of ring, I guess also their own, in Melissa's and Kaley's case. The most recognizable and visible thing at that distance is their engagement ring, but I think they use props for that, Kaley's RL engagement ring for example is not something that can go unnoticed! 

  7. 17 minutes ago, bfm said:

    I find it funny he says he would have been rich now if he took it, who says it would have been as succesful if he played Sheldon or Leonard? (I guess that's what he was offered because the inital pitch is the first pilot, he was probably thought about for Sheldon as Johnny wanted to play Leonard).

    That's what I thought...One of the reasons the show has lasted 11+ seasons is its cast, and the fact they seem to get along and are able to work together in the way they do. Who's to say that would have had happened with different actors? The first pilot with Jim, Johnny and the other actress instead of Kaley was not that successful, for example.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Silver1984 said:

    How do you know it’s his own ring?

    It wasn't his own ring. The one in S. 11 finale was a prop (Jim has said that in an interview, I can't remember which one), probably they will let him use his own ring in S. 12, as they did for Simon.

  9. 2 hours ago, Burberry said:

    I just noticed that Sheldon is the only married guy with a gold wedding band 

    probably because the writers like it that way

    I think Leonard wears a gold wedding band, which is a prop, as Johnny isn't married in real life. Howard wore  a gold wedding band when Howardette exchanged rings on their wedding day, but in all other episodes they let  Simon use his RL wedding band, which is white gold, if I remember correctly. I guess that's what will happen with Jim/Sheldon, he will use his own wedding ring (no idea what colour it is) in S. 12.

  10. 1 hour ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    She just comes across to me as the stronger personality and he the more meek one.  I think they can make it acceptable without getting into the realm of exciting. He doesn't come across as adventurous to me. Just a nice enough little man who goes with the flow.

    I agree. I'm sold at this point with the idea Amy's mother was the only in charge of her education thanks to her stronger personality, the poor man can barely say a word when she's around...Anyway, as awful as the "sin closet" was, I don't think it can be classified, strictly speaking, as abuse. I prefer to think at it as a joke gone wrong, there are many of those in TBBT history; the writers for sure didn't imagine that, after that, Amy's mom was going to be tainted forever for the fandom.

  11. 2 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    How is it weird ? I've interacted for various reasons with the parents and aunts of unrelated women to whom I've been bridesmaid, and the grooms' parents and the best men.

    Also, look how Shamy interact with Penny's mother-in-law. We know  Penny knows Amy's family well enough to talk about them and to speak to Amy's mother on the phone. They all know Bernie's father at least, know Sheldon's mother well enough to phone her and knew Howard's mother.

    I think it's weird because  the Fowlers don't seem to be as in confidence with the rest of the gang as the other parents in the examples you mentioned. I don't see them coming from Glansdale to visit amy's friends when amy is out of town...but we don't know enough about the episode to judge.

  12. 24 minutes ago, snapepans said:

    TBH, I am surprised that Amy's parents could come back this soon, for years, I've wanted to see Amy's family, and now, finally they are here and IMO, they are wonderful and interesting and funny characters.   Based on the scene from 1124, when Amy's Mother talked about Amy, I thought she was very IC - as in from Amy's perspective. I think she loves Amy very much, but is really overprotective. So I can see the sin closet thing happening.  On the contrary, the lady from S4 didn't give me any "crazy vibe", not like Kathy Bates of course. Kathy Bates's version is more crazy and strict, not only to her daughter but to her own husband. And that was one of the funny plot in 1124.   And, now, the most I want to see is Sheldon, talking to his in laws, alone. I want to see JP interacts with Kathy Bates and Mr. Teller. Oh and please writers, give Mrs. Fowler a first name, please. 

    I want to see Sheldon speaking with amy's parents too, that didn't happen at all during the wedding episode...but not sure that is what is happening in the premiere either. Apparently shamy are on their honeymoon and the Fowlers for some reason interact with the rest of the gang...kinda weird, if you ask me!

  13. 2 hours ago, April said:

    Counterpoint: Kathy Bates played her perfectly the way I imagined her from Amy's ever increasingly weird stories about her mom and the first actress' performance matched those stories less and less to the point that I and many others (from what I have seen) had a hard time reconciling the two.

    Of course, the issue is that back then Amy was just in a few episodes and they barely sketched out her character, let alone her mother's.


    I agree; the actress from S. 4 seemed to me an innocuous lady, probably an overbearing and old-fashioned mother, but I have hard time thinking of her putting her daughter in a closet as a punishment. Kathy Bates, on the other hand...seems born for the part, LOL!

  14. 8 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    I wonder, though, as they get more and more into Young Sheldon, how many memories Sheldon will start having on TBBT about his childhood that he has never talked about before. Do you think Sheldon and Amy will have more talks about their childhoods?

    Just watched the SDCC panel and the writers seemed very excited to explore Sheldon's childhood in the main show; if this will be done by introducing characters from YS (as they will do with Tam) or just by him speaking about his past more, I have no idea. Anyway, I would love if this is an opportunity also to know more about Amy's background...not holding my breath for it, though!

  15. 15 minutes ago, BobtheBlob said:

    Just a heads up that the wiki was edited a good number of hours ago about the first episode of season 12 that basically said that in the episode our Sheldon has been accused of sexual harassment by six grad students. I dug deeper and I discovered that this story came from a news site called "The Onion". Thankfully this site is a satire and I do not believe that this is true anyhow. Anyway I edited the wiki back to the original way it was before as best I could and so I just wanted to post this on here just in case anyone went onto the wiki and saw this under Episode 12.01 on Season 12 🙂

    I've read something about it yesterday, it was obviously a hoax, not really surprised it made it to the TBBT wiki, it's the kind of unreliable stories they love to share, LOL! Actually, I thought it was a "hilarious" joke (as much as sexual harassment can be considered hilarious) considering it is about Sheldon. They even said that he ended up harassing women in the workplace since a girl turned down having sex with him as a teenager....speaking about retconning, ahahah!

    More seriously, although the kind of things the article are unbelievable when it comes to Sheldon, they are totally something that happens every day...

  16. 12 minutes ago, Desdemona said:

    Maybe Amy´s mother wants to give 4b a make over and asks the gang to help her, carrying the new furniture into the apartment.

    If anybody can get rid of that awful couch, it's definitely Mrs. Fowler, ahahah!

  17. I'm very happy for the news too! It's great to hear the season will start with Sheldon and Amy on their honeymoon. I wonder in what nerdy/scien-cy place they will be...also we should see Mr. and Mrs. Fowler again, that is so interesting for me. I hope there is more time to better understand both characters and their relationship with Amy. And, last but not least, Molaro mentioned again the flag convention! I know this might be his ''cover'' answer whenever he is asked why the show was never filmed at SDCC, but the idea of Shamy as the stars of a flag convention is hilarious and I really hope  it makes to the show!

  18. Jim will present A Kid Like Jake in Rome next October. He is the guest star of one of the collateral events in the Rome Film Festival (October 18-28, 2018) and he and Silah Howard will present the movie there and have a Q&A about it. Moreover, during the same event, there will be a celebration for TBBT, that 10 years ago arrived in Italy. I've posted an article about it, it's in Italian and it also has a few inaccuracies, but maybe some of you are interested! I  am so happy the movie finally arrives in my Country, I hope it gets some kind of distribution!


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