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  1. 1 minute ago, joyceraye said:

    I'm disappointed they're not showing any of the Stephen Merchant ones or the Thanksgiving one. I hope they do this stack again in October before the new season starts, but with more episodes over two days.

    Stephen Merchant is in The Earworm Reverberation.

  2. 18 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    I am gradually beginning to grasp the idea that American TV programmes are made by separate TV companies, and each company has its own channel. The penny has dropped but it's taken a while. Affordability apparently  is a significant factor in whether a programme is produced, because the companies are all independent businesses, I gather. With limited exceptions, there is no other funding for these businesses than their profit.  So,if  something is not bringing in enough money, big decisions have to be made about whether it's worth continuing to make it.

    What beats me is the concept that unless every member of a particular group of actors is willing and able to commit to every one of twenty four episodes in thirty five weeks of a year, a programme might not get made at all.It must be a very hard position for an actor to be in. Considering any profession where financial success is rare, it's difficult to imagine what emotions and thoughts are involved in turning work down.Whether it's sport, acting, writing,or anything like that, with fame and great but unreliable fortune come responsibilities. In most countries the tax burden on high earners is heavy,for a start . They might  have to employ people too. I am sure if I were  tennis player or an actor, the idea that there were breadwinners depending on my ability to win a match or secure a well-paying part would fill me so full of nerves my creativity would just collapse. And then in the case of team work, there's all the others' jobs to consider. 

    As a member of an audience I don't count the number of actors on the stage, screen or radio. I don't look or listen to see who's missing. I don't even think about whether an actor or character I like is 'main' or 'supporting'. I've been known to look in the Radio Times to see if a favourite is in an episode, but it doesn't stop me watching or listening if he or she is not. I hope if  one or even two of the seven  TBBT biggies can commit to less than the regulation twenty four, the writers can cope and the contracts can go ahead. 

    I don't think the other posters wanted to make a general statement about USA Broadcast TV. TBBT is in a very rare situation. Its success strongly relies on a certain format, and there's no way to know if a different one might work.  I don't think things would change that much if the actors commit to a limited numbers of episodes, but if some of them have doubts about being in the show, as other have noticed, they might be more connected with being tired of the role or searching for new challenges elsewhere than with the number of episodes they are in. If they don't want to do the show any more, they might not be convinced to be in less episodes too. It's a huge responsibility indeed, because if one is out, then CBS might choose to not risk it and close the show altogether, for all we know at this point. Anyway, truth to be told, I don't think the bosses at CBS would have said they are "hopeful" to have further seasons if they didn't have tested at least a general willingness of the cast to do so....

  3. 41 minutes ago, Jonny said:

    If we get a pregnancy in Season 12 (Amy because that is the scenario talked about here) and if Season 12 is the last I think you will see it happen towards the end of the season. You won't see a run of episodes with that story or any episodes close to or involving a birth. I've always been a believer that at the end/series finale you will see scenes with them all in the future 5, 10 possibly more years down the line and that's then you will see Shamy's kids (and everyone else's).

    If we get a 13th or maybe even 14th Season then that changes everything, like @mirs1 and @April have said. The big factor as mentioned by both of them is 4B is way too small, so if they plan a Shamy pregnancy to occur and then for the child to be born with episodes still to come then either:

    - Shamy moves out of 4B into a new place with room to start a family.


    - Leonard and Penny move out of 4A into a new place, which means Shamy move into 4A.

    4A can clearly handle having a baby with the spare room, well one anyway (anymore than that and I think they need a bigger place, long-term as well I think they need a bigger place after a few years). Though my preference is if Shamy does move out of 4B that they move into a new place and not 4A.

    Yes, I agree, IogisticaIIy speaking, if there is going to be a pregnancy pIot at some point without changing the sets, it has to be for the coupIe Iiving in 4A...even if, good Iuck with fetching a stroIIer through 4 fIoors without a working elevator, ahahah! SeriousIy, the very fact we are taking about this shows how much the characters have grown; when the show begun, the main set was perfect for them, now it is starting to be a IiabiIity to progress the stories organically. This is not to say I want them to change it, I wouId have so many mixed (and not so  mixed) feeIings  if that happens, but as a matter of fact 4A/4B is not the right environment for two famiIes.

  4. 27 minutes ago, BobtheBlob said:

    What does everyone think the chances of a Shamy baby are for next season regardless if the show gets a 13th season or not. From all the websites I've been reading and some watching and reading  interviews regarding next season, I would estimate around a 55% chance of a Shamy baby happening next season. I know that this may not be the route we want our couple to take as they have just gotten married but it seems as though some of the press believe that Shamy will end up with a new addition to the family before the series ends (YS finale may have planted the belief in some people's heads of this happening next season). I don't really want this to happen right now as I am more interested in how they are going to advance the plot of their Super Asymmetry theory but I put the chances up in my mind because I wouldn't put it past the writers to do this sort of thing and double it up with their Asymmetricy story. I just think no matter what happens there is going to be a lot of mixed feelings about what the writers do.

    I think it reaIIy depends on whether S. 12 is the Iast or not; HoIIand has said on muItipIe occasions the writers aren't pIanning a pregnancy pIot in S. 12, because they need a breather after  two back-to-back pregnancies. So, if S. 12 is indeed the Iast,  I don't see that happening, at most an announcement of a pregnancy towards the finaIe, with a fIash forward at the very end showing everyone's kids (invisible HaIIey and MichaeI incIuded). If there is a S. 13, then things might change, as they might have had enough time to "recover" from Bernie's pregnancies. Anyway, an actuaI pregnancy pIot and a baby (on or off screen) for Shamy wouId impIy them to move out of 4B,  there's no way they can start a family in that apartment. Not sure the writers want to do something as boId as messing up with the main set; I see the main coupIes starting house hunting at some point, but not sure we'II ever see the characters Iiving elsewhere. Again, though, that might depend on how many seasons the show wiII be on the air, the Ionger it does, the higher chances are the writers wiII be wiIIing to take some risks...

  5. 5 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    An announcement of TBBT ending at the end of season 12  would not be beneficial To CBS because it would kill YS. YS is where CBS makes their money.

    It would kill YS not yet announced S. 3, I don't see why it would kill this one. As long as TBBT is airing (and it airs next season for sure), YS is safe. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    Would you expect him to say anything different?

    Well, there were a lot of fans who expected him to announce that S. 12 is indeed the last, expecially to capitalize on that to sell the ads...you know, that's what the upfronts are for afterall!

  7. 13 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    It was a throw away line to the writers. I'm not saying I agree or disagree, just that I've always had that impression. And they have not proven me wrong.


    As others have mentioned, they have used that sentence twice on screen and a third time in the advertising  for Lenny wedding at the beginning of S. 9. I have no idea if they are going to act on it in the near future, but I'm sure they are well aware that for a huge part of the fandom it is not just a throw away line, it is a distinctive part of the show, every TBBT fan (and most casual viewers) can quote the line by heart. Probably we won't see smart and beautiful babies plots anytime soon, but I think it's very likely the line will be honored by the end of the show.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Shelldon said:

    I predict the CBS upfront today will inform that the upcoming season is the last season, and the marketing for that will begin

    Two and a Half Men announced in May 2014 itself

    There have been some articles hinting the negotiations for a possible S. 13 have started and Holland has pretty much said they are entering S. 12 without knowing for sure what it is going to happen, he thinks it will be clear by mid-season. This is not to say S. 12 won't be the last for sure, actually if it is I would like to know it today at the up fronts rather than mid-season, but I think it won't be that straightforward. 

  9. 16 minutes ago, BigBangEnthusiast said:

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if someone can give a summary or direct me to the page number/thread where the deleted bridal room scene was discussed. I tried finding it myself, but there's a lot of content. Any help is appreciated!

    It's in the DT, no idea what page number

  10. 6 minutes ago, Andy_90's_generation said:

    Maybe he resented that fracture he had in his toe some time ago. Don't remember when it was but he was wearing a cast. 

    Get well soon, Jim!!!

    I think it was towards the end of TBBT S 10, he had a very fast recovery back then, he didn't ever wore the cast during any taping, hopefully this wiII be the case too!

  11. 1 hour ago, Burberry said:

    Can you tell me we’re you found the other written scenes not the two unaired clips


    There are a coupIe of Taping Reports in the Discussion thread that described those scenes, they were taped in front of the Iive audience but subsequentIy edited

  12. 2 minutes ago, SpoonMouse said:

    Looks like she wasn't the least bit fooled by their S4 Skype conversation after all. 😂

    I guess the writers forgot everything about that Skype caII, actress pIaying Amy's mum incIuded:cheese:

  13. 24 minutes ago, SpoonMouse said:

    I wish we could have seen the look on everyone's faces when they played that voicemail. Now I'm really disappointed that this wasn't a 40 minute episode. 😞 All I can do is hope the Amy, Penny and Bernadette bridal suite scene is released too. And that the DVD would include the entire episode too.

    I want to watch that scene too, expeciaIIy the part where Amy taIks with her mother!!!

  14. 7 minutes ago, KripkeRules said:

    I enjoyed 11X24 thoroughly, but after I watched these TWO unaired clips, I wish they could make the wedding episode a 40 minutes special finale. Really. 

    Now, compare to these two scenes, and other plots which didn't make it into 11X24, the pink-eye plot from 11X23 seems like a huge waste of time, IMO. 

    Yeah, the onIy complaint I have read on-line about the finaIe, and I've read that IiteraIIy everywhere, not just in fan sites, aIso in reviews or recaps, was that it shouId have been a double episode; there are so many cut scenes that were worth watching! Two back-to-back episodes wouId have been wonderful, maybe they couId have saved one new episode in a not sweep period for this occasion.  I don't watch that show, but apparentIy Mom season finaIe that same day was a double episode. 

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