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  1. Hi everyone! Back after summer hiatus and ready for the fun that will be Season 11. As I mentioned to someone yesterday, I wouldn't have been upset to see a "no, let's talk first" or a "yes, but..." from Amy (only because I think it would have been fun to see Sheldon try to figure out how to woo her, not because I think he did anything wrong) but this is a far more realistic scenario and I'm very happy to see our couple happily engaged. The hug scene sounds funny and a complete reversal of what was expected but I I think it would be hilarious if as Amy walked away she whispered "I could take her." Surprised but not unhappy to see them write Melissa's pregnancy into the story. Stuart had a date and she stayed overnight? Good for him! Welcome back, Big Bang!
  2. I don't think it has anything to do with Shamy being better than Lenny or Sheldon being greater that Leonard. It has to do with who these two men are as people and their personality types. Sheldon rarely ever lies, but it's not because he's a better person. He's blunt to the point of rudeness even if it makes him or someone else look bad. He's just not wired to lie when the truth is sitting right there. Leonard, on the other hand, is both insecure and very concerned about others' feelings, so if the truth is going to get him in trouble or hurt someone, he's apt to tell a white lie (or a bold one) or keep his mouth shut. To me, it's a simple question of "how is Sheldon likely to respond in this instance?" not "how can we make Sheldon look better than Leonard?"
  3. Here you go: https://www.tvinsider.com/190019/tbbt-the-big-bang-theory-season-finale-shocker-sheldon-amy-shamy/ And thanks!
  4. Yes and no. The relationship itself, absolutely. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming (all show, of course). But the actual milestones? He jumped to most of those all on his own and far ahead of anything Amy (or we) expected. He kissed her first (first real kiss - not counting her drunken peck from a year before). He interrupted her stuttering attempt at "I love you but I know you're not ready to say it yet so don't feel pressured" to say "I love you too." And he decided he was ready for coitus long before she expected him to and when there was no pressure from her to move forward physically.
  5. Besides the drama factor, I think I understand another reason the writers brought back Ramona. As much as we've joked that Sheldon is "Amysexual," the truth is that she's the first and only woman who has ever made him want a romantic & sexual relationship. Sure, we all understand that there's no other woman in the world for Sheldon but we're watching from the outside. Most people choose a mate after years of dating and figuring out what does and doesn't work for them. Sheldon's never had a single woman to compare her to. He's had a woman or two offer before, but he was so oblivious he didn't even realize what was being offered. The one time he tried to date someone else (the Craig's list scavenger hunt) he concocted a reason to disqualify her so that he wouldn't even have to consider whether he'd want to date her. Last week's ep made it clear that Sheldon was feeling ready for something more permanent with Amy. But is it by default because she "wore him down?" Or is she really the only one for him? In walks beautiful, intelligent Ramona Nowitski, who he clearly enjoys spending time with. Who, as it turns out, would be very happy to pursue a romantic relationship with Dr. Cooper... One touch of her lips and no one ever has to wonder if Sheldon is with Amy by default. Those lips aren't Amy's. I only want hers. And I don't want to wait one more minute.
  6. My favorite things from tonight's ep: Shamy's nerd-flirting over grammar! Penny's adorable top in the first scene with Bernie. It looked great on her. Her stomach is ridiculously flat. Penny and Bernie having Amy's back. "I've been smacking that ketchup bottle for a long time." The hilarious walk down the stairs! (One of the funniest BBT scenes in recent memory to me). Sheldon just radiating calm on his way to propose. The proposal
  7. His face is pretty much the same at the end of the kiss too. He seems to be thinking, "I wonder when the next flight to Princeton leaves?"
  8. Not the face of a man who is participating in a kiss.
  9. Am I the only one who doesn't think there needs to be a big "Ramona kissed me" conversation in 11.1? I'm not suggesting he should keep it from her, or that he would. I'm just not at all convinced it will matter enough to be something we see on screen.
  10. I think Steve Molaro would like to respond to that theory: “I’m really happy with how it turned out. I love that he walks out of his office and just gets into a cab … Then the simplicity of her opening that door was so sweet and honest.” "We took great pains to make sure that Sheldon was sincerely oblivioous and innocent, and I’d like to say, it was on purpose in that another innocent character, say, SpongeBob, was something he was attracted to on a plane. I’m not going to take credit for that, but while I’m thinking about it, I’m going, "Well, sure, of course he likes SpongeBob," whose entire character is based on innocence." "It was important to us that Sheldon just honestly consider her as a friend, so after that kiss, there’s a moment where you can see Jim sort of process, and I think he’s thinking, "Oh! Well, all right, everybody was right. Penny was right. This is not OK. What is my next move? Excuse me a moment." [laughs] He gets on a plane, so I don’t know if my heart could’ve handled Sheldon actually being tempted."
  11. If you want to try convincing your wife that getting drunk and sleeping with someone is the same thing as being kissed by someone in while you're in the middle of telling them you're not available, be my guest. Let me know how that plays out.
  12. I don't think it was up to Sheldon to propose because he's the man. I think it was up to Shledon to propose because he's Sheldon and he was the holdup!
  13. I saw a man who was blindsided by an unexpected kiss, did absolutely nothing to return it, and got the hell out of there as fast as he could. In no way was that cheating. When you're literally in the middle of a sentence telling someone that you can't be in a romantic relationship with them because you're already in a relation.... And they kiss you? And you hightail it out of there? On no planet is that cheating. And because it seems like a discussion of Leonard and Mandy is mandatory when talking about this question, I'll say that if that's how their kiss went down then Leonard didn't cheat either. Thing is, as many have pointed out, we didn't see the boat kiss, so we don't know how it played out. What we do know is how Leonard felt about it. He still felt guilty two years later. Does that mean he cheated? Not necessarily. It could just mean he felt guilty he never told Penny about it. Bottom line, whether Leonard cheated or not has absolutely nothing to do with tonight's situation which is, imo, completely unequivocal. Sheldon didn't cheat.
  14. I noticed he didn't use a gender when he mentioned a potential romantic interest for Raj, saying "person" instead. Part of me doesn't like the idea of Raj "discovering" he's gay for a lot of reasons: he's been shown to be happily sexually active with many different women over the years, his prior selective mutism seemed to be directly related to a woman being sexually attractive, he's been shown to be extremely comfortable with enjoying activities that are traditionally viewed as less masculine/more feminine and so it seems unlikely he'd be hiding homosexual desire out of fear of what others would think. All that said, if it would allow him to find a romantic relationship that will last beyond a few dates I'm all for Raj realizing he may be bisexual or gay.
  15. FWIW, I don't think cheating is genetic.
  16. Is cheating genetic? It runs in Leonard's too.
  17. Is it just me or do Sheldon and Amy in my profile pic look like he's just admonished her vigorously?
  18. The grammar/flirty/"vigorous admonishment" scene just catapulted itself to my Top 5 Shamy scenes ever!! Nerd flirting is hot, y'all. Are we not allowed to post the link here?
  19. She knows they've dated for years and that they live together. Let's strip it down further and say she ONLY knows they live together. That's more than enough to know he isn't "fair game." Any decent person knows that when a couple has chosen to merge their lives and belongings and share a home, neither of them are on the market.
  20. Single for either gender, if never married.
  21. It could also have been to ramp up excitement by delayed gratification, like a very slow striptease. Yes, the primary reason is his OCD, but the building tension of a slow burn could have been a bonus
  22. I know! I've probably rewatched the episode half a dozen times already. It's near perfection.
  23. Still numbers any other comedy would kill for.
  24. Thanks for correcting my memory I couldn't remember if there was any discussion between the question and the kiss. I did know that Ramona is aware of his relationship with Amy. That's why I threw in the Leonard/boat girl comparison. I think Ramona's kiss is tacky and wrong, given Sheldon's relationship status. I just wasn't sure if he'd given her a clear "no" ahead of time.
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