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  1. Posting this for a forum member who'd rather not join in the melee. It's too good not to go on the board:
  2. Backs slowly out of the thread before I get a contact high...
  3. I would, every day and twice on Sunday. I have, many times, and no one thought anything about it. Could we be looking at a cultural difference here?
  4. I'm crying because I'm out of likes.
  5. So I'm guessing the Bat Signal went up to notify you that someone mentioned Sheldon and attraction in the same post?
  6. If you feel like a country bumpkin in the wake of my posts, that's nothing I've done. Can you point out where I've called you uncreative for your ships because I have absolutely no memory of that.
  7. What a rude, unproductive response. You (or whoever I responded to) said that they'd been looking online and everyone was upset about the episode. It's pointless, TO ME, to get upset about an episode that hasn't aired yet. I expressed my opinion. I hardly think I've "argued about the meaning of a posters every word" and I'm certain you know that.
  8. I'd like to cosign this and pretend I wrote i, 'kay? Thx.
  9. I doubt there's a single person at that party who would think there was anything physical going on between Sheldon and Penny (sorry for all the extra quote boxes - it defeated me this time)
  10. The entire party was Amy's idea. Leonard wouldn't have been getting Adam West and the others wouldn't have been setting up if not for her. She also had the big moment during the party when she told Sheldon that his gift to her was being born (or words to that effect). All the reports seem to indicate Sheldon was very moved by her words. This is just my perspective, and I'm not telling you how to feel, but I just don't think this is all a zero sum game where every nice moment between Sheldon and someone else diminishes what he has with Amy. All of us have many relationships that fill different needs in our lives, and we don't have some finite amount of love to go around where love for one person means we love another person less. Not to get all philosophical, but the more love we give the more love we have available to give. Sheldon loves Leonard and he loves Penny. Leonard is his best friend and Penny is like his sister - they annoy each other but care about each other deeply. None of that takes anything away from his love for Amy. Amy and Sheldon love each other. She's the only woman he's ever considered having a physical relationship with. He wants to marry her and share his life with her. Getting a pep talk from a friend or sharing a hug on this birthday isn't going to change that.
  11. Have any of the disappointed people actually seen the episode?
  12. Welcome to the forum! I think it sounds fun and funny. And the people who saw it seemed to love it. As for why bring back Leslie Winkle, I think it's because it was episode 200 and they wanted to include some of the people who've been a big part of the show. I think she's hilarious and I'd love to have her back as a regular a la Kripke, but I don't think he schedule will allow it.
  13. Thanks! Now the Batman stuff makes sense (and poor little-boy Sheldon)
  14. I'm excited by the implication of birthday sex. Amy saying something like "I want to make your birthday as special as you made mine." And Sheldon saying "Okay, but you owe me." Might not play out like bday sex but it will in my head until proven otherwise
  15. Sorry to keep quoting but this just screamed out for 100 likes and I don't even have 1... I promise this is my very last "like" quote but I just had to. Beautifully said, Einstein. Especially the bolded part.
  16. I'm out of likes but I just have to say I love this! Another one I just had to applaud. Damn "likes" limit.
  17. Pregnant women have to careful about hot tubs.
  18. I'm truly not trying to be dismissive, but the episode hasn't aired yet and the TR said the snide remark was one of two different lines they tried there, one of which was "It's catchy!" Why assume the snide remark is canon before it is? Especially when the other line option shows appreciation?
  19. But would Sheldon love that? To me, Amy's best gifts to Sheldon are the ones that shows how well she knows him, like the night her Valentine's gift was to cancel Valentine's Day in lieu of staying home, eating pizza and watching a sci-fi movie or the time she got Meemaw's recipe to make Christmas cookies for him. I'm not saying that Sheldon is exactly the same as he was back then. He's clearly grown a lot and is learning to appreciate hippy-dippy stuff a bit more, but I still believe that a romantic gesture that would sweep Sheldon off his feet is very different from one that would do the same to Amy.
  20. I'm not going to minimize your pain, but I will say I don't see the Amy you're seeing. At all. When has she rolled her eyes or nitpicked? She lied about the length of the conference and 'fessed up when Sheldon would have been none the wiser. She made a point of trying to talk him through the truth "lovingly and gently." And she was right. He is unbearable when he's sick. He recognized she was right and that's why he chose to apologize to his loved ones. I haven't seen self-righteousness or arrogance but I did see her eyes light up when he called her and when he told her he'd named an asteroid after her. And when he didn't get her "I wish you were here" hint, I saw her smile with understanding and rephrase in a way that made sense to him. No hint of an eyeroll. When would she have slept with someone? She and Bernadette discussed the fact that Amy had no experience with men ("taking your driver's test with a bus) the day of her last date with Dave, the date that Sheldon interrupted with talk of heartworms and passionate kisses.
  21. Ah, but Earworm is like the best fan fiction too, and we got it! Dream big
  22. You are not alone! But I really like Laura Spencer and she seems sweet. So maybe they can keep her around somehow?
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