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    I'm forty years old and married with two children. I'm working as a chemical laboratory assistant in biotechnology industry, though physics was my first love.

    I enjoy reading very much, my favourite genres are scifi, fantasy and romance.
    Something else I spend very much time with, is to do work on my issues, because I'm a higly sensitive person. I used to suppress my feelings to survive in the world outside, but it's getting better every day.
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    Bavaria, Germany

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  1. Hi there! I'm back again. Still totally spoiler-free, I know nothing at all about the new season, not even the title of the new episode. Quite easy since I live in Germany. Happy new-episode-day!
  2. Hey there, I haven't been here for a while, but I am still spoiler free. Just watched 10 x 20 and laughed very much. And: Soft kitty in German!!!!!! And just today I got the good news with Season 11 and 12. Yay! I already guessed so, because Shamy didn't make any steps towards engagement. But they have so many sweet moments, and I LOVE Amy and Sheldon living together and Amy being in the main cast. Shamy in every episode. So dear writers, keep going and give us (at least) two more years of shamy heaven.
  3. Thank you April for the information. Well, then we will wait. We Shamys got an excellent training in waiting, didn't we?
  4. The last episode's storyline of dividing property was more a "meh" to me, didn't like it that much. Except for Leonard and the flag, I laughed so hard... I liked the other storyline even better, especially with Bernadette going into labor. And this so far without typical sitcom-complications. And as a child of the 80's, I was so happy to see Christopher Lloyd as a guest star. He did a great job and was really funny. Yet anything new about a possible season 11? With Shamy again taking it that slow I thought to myself the writers already know about a next season.
  5. 10 x 8 O. M. G. !!!!! *breathless fangirling* So happy seeing THAT unspoiled!
  6. Season Ten is Shamy heaven, like a Shamy Shipper fanfiction. Anything new about whether there will be an season 11?
  7. I really enjoyed that episode. Don’t know whether it was good or not (I didn’t even understand all lines), but it was so good to see news scenes after the long break. I like “Hank Schrader”, one of my favourite characters at breaking bad. Funny that they have Penny’s meth cooking brother in the same episode. Penny’s brother is a sweety, I didn’t expect that. Penny’s vowes were so romantic and she seemed so honest with it. Maybe Kaley thought about her deep friendship to Johnny. I was okay with the shamy scenes. Of course I didn’t think Sheldon wanted to propose to Amy when he stood up. Not after 5 years of experience in shipping Shamy. But it was nice how Amy reacted. That showed that the writers a very aware about the fact that Amy und we Shamyshipper are waiting for Sheldon’s proposal. I liked Sheldon saying "she is mine" (or something like that) to Alfred. So, I'm happy TBBT is back.
  8. 1. I'd like to see them change a deep look in the eyes full of love. 2. Passion.
  9. Still spoiler free and fine with it. Next monday here in Germany the second half of season 9 will premier. Then I can watch this episodes for the first time in German and on the big screen. This will help to wait and raise the anticipation.
  10. Hello again! Last season I was spoiler free since episode 15 or 16. I enjoyed that very much so I decided (to try) to stay spoiler free again this season. From the beginning since there are no dark clouds in shamy land this year. During the hiatus I joined the spoiled thread but now it is time to leave before the first spoiler from the taping will arrive.
  11. I say goodbye to the spoiler thread and will move to the spoiler-free thread in a couple of hours. Last year I did not move before reconciliation, hiatus was hell and it got even worse. But then I really enjoyed to be spoiler-free so this season I'll try from the beginning. Have fun!
  12. I'm living near Munich (one hour), but far away enough to be not in danger and I'm not having family or friends there in danger. There is nothing to do than send positive thoughts (don't know the right expression) to the people there who are affected. I can't feel much right know, I think it's kind of a shock. I stopped watching news because most of it is speculation and it only increases the fear. My prayers for them.
  13. Nothing specific, a lot of "awww" Shamy moments that were maybe inspired bei Shamy fanfiction (e.g. Amys fanfiction...) or ShamyShipper wishes. Like the Sheldon initiated kiss, coitus. The writers often make me happy and if it's because of fans, I definitively like it.
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