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  1. Hi there! I'm back again. Still totally spoiler-free, I know nothing at all about the new season, not even the title of the new episode. Quite easy since I live in Germany. Happy new-episode-day!
  2. Hey there, I haven't been here for a while, but I am still spoiler free. Just watched 10 x 20 and laughed very much. And: Soft kitty in German!!!!!! And just today I got the good news with Season 11 and 12. Yay! I already guessed so, because Shamy didn't make any steps towards engagement. But they have so many sweet moments, and I LOVE Amy and Sheldon living together and Amy being in the main cast. Shamy in every episode. So dear writers, keep going and give us (at least) two more years of shamy heaven.
  3. Thank you April for the information. Well, then we will wait. We Shamys got an excellent training in waiting, didn't we?
  4. The last episode's storyline of dividing property was more a "meh" to me, didn't like it that much. Except for Leonard and the flag, I laughed so hard... I liked the other storyline even better, especially with Bernadette going into labor. And this so far without typical sitcom-complications. And as a child of the 80's, I was so happy to see Christopher Lloyd as a guest star. He did a great job and was really funny. Yet anything new about a possible season 11? With Shamy again taking it that slow I thought to myself the writers already know about a next season.
  5. 10 x 8 O. M. G. !!!!! *breathless fangirling* So happy seeing THAT unspoiled!
  6. Season Ten is Shamy heaven, like a Shamy Shipper fanfiction. Anything new about whether there will be an season 11?
  7. I really enjoyed that episode. Don’t know whether it was good or not (I didn’t even understand all lines), but it was so good to see news scenes after the long break. I like “Hank Schrader”, one of my favourite characters at breaking bad. Funny that they have Penny’s meth cooking brother in the same episode. Penny’s brother is a sweety, I didn’t expect that. Penny’s vowes were so romantic and she seemed so honest with it. Maybe Kaley thought about her deep friendship to Johnny. I was okay with the shamy scenes. Of course I didn’t think Sheldon wanted to propose to Amy when he stood up. Not after 5 years of experience in shipping Shamy. But it was nice how Amy reacted. That showed that the writers a very aware about the fact that Amy und we Shamyshipper are waiting for Sheldon’s proposal. I liked Sheldon saying "she is mine" (or something like that) to Alfred. So, I'm happy TBBT is back.
  8. 1. I'd like to see them change a deep look in the eyes full of love. 2. Passion.
  9. Still spoiler free and fine with it. Next monday here in Germany the second half of season 9 will premier. Then I can watch this episodes for the first time in German and on the big screen. This will help to wait and raise the anticipation.
  10. Hello again! Last season I was spoiler free since episode 15 or 16. I enjoyed that very much so I decided (to try) to stay spoiler free again this season. From the beginning since there are no dark clouds in shamy land this year. During the hiatus I joined the spoiled thread but now it is time to leave before the first spoiler from the taping will arrive.
  11. I say goodbye to the spoiler thread and will move to the spoiler-free thread in a couple of hours. Last year I did not move before reconciliation, hiatus was hell and it got even worse. But then I really enjoyed to be spoiler-free so this season I'll try from the beginning. Have fun!
  12. I'm living near Munich (one hour), but far away enough to be not in danger and I'm not having family or friends there in danger. There is nothing to do than send positive thoughts (don't know the right expression) to the people there who are affected. I can't feel much right know, I think it's kind of a shock. I stopped watching news because most of it is speculation and it only increases the fear. My prayers for them.
  13. Nothing specific, a lot of "awww" Shamy moments that were maybe inspired bei Shamy fanfiction (e.g. Amys fanfiction...) or ShamyShipper wishes. Like the Sheldon initiated kiss, coitus. The writers often make me happy and if it's because of fans, I definitively like it.
  14. I didn’t like it that much either. Shamy storyline a bit back to the old frustrations for Amy. And I personally can’t bear disharmony very good, so the conflict between Penny and her mother-in-law and between Sheldon and the guy who cut the line made me uncomfortable. So will the ceremony of Penny and Leonard be the special thing in the season finale or will there be any cliffhangers, too? And is that ceremony making amends for the for many viewers disappointing Lenny wedding, do the writers get influenced by fan reactions and wisher? Regarding Shamy, I'd say clearly yes (thankfully!) However, I’m waiting eagerly for the season finale, hoping for special Shamy moments. The ring? And for the option to read in the whole forum again, until the taping of 10 x 1. Since I avoid to look anywhere outside this thread, are there news about whether the show will go beyond season 10?
  15. I really enjoyed that episode! After setting the plot for the episode –separation in two groups for the different activities- I so appreciated to be unspoiled because I just didn’t know where this was going. Maybe a drunk Amy would tell Sheldon how much she desires him? Or whatever, I had now clue. It would just surface in front of me with a lot of little surprises. I like that. I liked Sheldon and Bernadette together. I was a little sad about Howard and Amy. They had so much fun together at the scavenger hunt. Don’t know what to think about Raj. That dating two girls thing is just out of character. And it’s hard to believe that Emily agrees to that after she had an exclusive relationship with Raj and after how it ended. She doesn’t seem to be the desperate type. And wow – the usually lighthearted show addressed weapons of war and the question of responsibility of being a part of it, even if you invent/develop for another purpose. Kudos! A lot of funny lines, I laughed out loud several times. The star wars toast. Getting dizzy. Everything about the Claire-affair at the wine tasting. Great use of Zack. Are you married to each other? I have to acknowlegde that the writers still manage to deliver the punchlines, they are not getting sloppy. O.k., there is the inconsistent writing, but that existed form the beginning, and I guess it is partly caused by the high rate of punchlines. Of course I missed sweet Shamy scenes! But there are two episodes to go, I guess (hope) they kept it for those or at least for the final episode of the season. *happily-longingly sighing*
  16. I didn't enjoy this episode as much as the previous two. At least there were adressed several interesting issues. Penny signed a roomate agreement. Raj actually dates Emily and Claire (though I still hope they bring back Lucy). Amy and Leonard talking about Sheldon and Penny being close. Funny lines with Amy pretending, haha. I like Howard being an ass, Simon Helberg is such a great actor. It's about time for Leonard and Penny to have a home for their own. I'm curious what the cliffhanger on the end of the season will be.
  17. I really enjoyed the new episode! And I’m glad I was spoiler-free, because it felt exciting not to know what would happen in the forest cabin. I felt like fanfiction coming true, though I hoped we would get some share-a-bed-together lines. Still we don’t really know whether they did “it” again, do we? (I do not get everything due to language barrier) My favourites: - the Shamy innuendos, (“safety first”, “we all have a past”) - the way Sheldon and Amy acted together on that couch, Sheldon feeling so comfortable with Amy - the grow-up scene between Penny and Leonard. I like it when the show goes deeper. And I so wanted to encourage Penny to look after a job that really fulfills her, after paying off debts - The bear!!!! And Raj carrying that bear away - Bernadette pregnancy hormone crying - Babys heartbeat and the happiness it causes I thought by myself: Wow, even after such a long showrunning time they create really funny lines and scenes! Thumbs up!
  18. I just watched the episode and I really liked it very much. I liked both plots, the non-shamy because it was funny and sweet, the shamy one because it touched me deeply and made me “awww” at the same time . Shamy feelings…
  19. I soooo much enjoyed my first episode without being spoiled. So sweet scenes with Howard and Bernadette. But I was happy Sheldon stopped the last one, Howard singing was too cheesy for me. Leonard singing made me want to crawl under the table (good job, Johnny), but I enjoyed them all doing karaoke. I always like Jim Parons singing (except for "we will rock you"), I bet he's a really good singer. I liked Leonard and Penny talking about having a baby. Since I'm not a native speaker, I don't get all subtile details. Next thing I do is to read the transcript because I couldn't understand everything. The things still staying vague will be cleared when the dubbed version comes to German TV.
  20. Lat time sleeping before my first unspoiled episode (9 pm here). Still happy to be unspoiled!
  21. Well, it would be very predictable, but perhaps they really go with shamy engagement in the 200th episode? I would rather say no because we just had so much shamy highlights recently, and because the writers like to surprise us. On the other hand, there aren't that much episodes left if they end with the 10th season or even if they go with an final 11th season. I don't know. The only thing I know is that I'm really full of expectation about that episode. By the way, I was wrong when I said 9.15 was the first episode I was unspoiled for. I wasn't, but I forgot until my daughter asked if the others already know that Bernadette is pregnant. It was the last taping report I have read. But now I'm really unspoiled! And I indeed enjoy it very much and look forward to Friday when I can stream the first TBBT episode that is really a surprise to me. Yay!
  22. We got so much Shamy kisses recently, but somehow the train kiss is still the most taking breath away one of all. The most passionate one to me, because Sheldon was overwhelmed by a desire deep inside him. Because for the first time, he tasted desire. The one I most rewatch on youtube. The Meemaw episode was the last one I was spoiled for. From now on, it's really unknown ground for me. *happy and excited*
  23. I think there was a new taping yesterday, the first one I want to stay unspoiled. And I really have to laugh about myself, because I tried to get to this thread without any glimpse to anything else on this fanpage. So this is the life of an unspoiled fan. For a short moment I was tempted to look for spoiler, but then I decided to stay spoiler free. I expect an amazing 200th episode because I think, it's a big milestone for the writers and the crew, too. And I think they want to make it special.
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