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  1. Reading this (the bold part) I remember what Mayim wrote about the staircase scene on her groknation site. I was so touched when she wrote about her real feelings about rejection, that she is so vulnerable with this. I'm sure she felt similar with this scene. This touches me very much because I feel the same about rejection.
  2. I don't think so. The writers could have easily taken another way to introduce a development of their relationship. E.g. TALKING about their problems, maybe including a heavy fight, and using their brilliant minds to examine the problem and find a solution. If that wasn't enough, for my sake something more weighty that causes an epiphany, like an accident, a loss, or something more fluffy like being forced to live together for some reason. There a dozens of fanfictions that descibe a way to a fullfilling shamy relationship without a break-up, and a lot of them are IC. The reason why the writers chose the break-up was the need for a interesting story to tell that keeps as many viewers as possible interested, IMO. There is a reason why TV couple more often break-up and get together again than normal couples.
  3. That would be a really nice birthday present for me!
  4. A hint that she will be his friend is the title of the episode, the platonic permutation. It wouldn't make so much sense if there weren't indeed turning to a platonic relationship.
  5. I'm happy to go through this all with you, fellow Shamys.
  6. I'd be happy if the current situation would inspire many fan fiction writers as you seem to be inspired.
  7. I wonder whether there was no tweet of the script to avoid anyone guessing "Platonic". It would have revealed to much about the story.
  8. That sounds quite good to me! Have a nice day!
  9. Yes it is hard! I'm sure it will hurt to see this. But the good thing is, other than in real life, the result is determinable. Unfortunately not by us, but by the writers, who will, and I'm am convinced they will, give Shamy a sweet reconciliation. The hard thing is to wait and to see the hurt before. Was this necessary? Surely not, and I understand if somebody can't take the hurt and the waiting any more.
  10. How do you know? It often plays out completly different on screen than few facts from a taping can tell.
  11. I really hope nobody attacks Mayim verbally because he is disappointed. We now really nothing about how the Shamy encounter before Sheldon rejects her will play out on screen. I bet it is beautiful! I was only disappointed for a few minutes because we got no reconciliation or Shamy lovescene. But after this faded away, I'm indeed happy. Because: now we have the situation that they a friends again. That means no more being nasty to each other but plenty of scenes where they interact friendly. Kind of a repetition from the first 5 years but with one important difference: they are already in love with each other and they already desire each other. They already know how it feels to kiss each other and hold each other. I'm sure there will be hugs which last to long, plenty of eye-coitus and them can't help but kiss. I think we won't see another dating thing with other people. The only hard thing to me is that is that we have to wait any longer. I'm kinda fed up with waiting, but on the other hand, I'm willing to pay that prize.
  12. Ugh, Rachel, one hour behind me and already gone to bed. That's what I should have done too regarding the fact that I want to join the chat in 5 1/2 hours. But I don't know whether I can even sleep now! "So, be a good girl, go to bed." *talking to myself* See you all later!
  13. I found the helium plot really funny. How they started to analyze the transfer situation and the way the contact to the helium dealer developed. I had two really big laughs one after the other: Kripke going backwards for the dramatic effect and the third encounter with the helium dealer as answer to Leonars saying "what other option do we have?" I didn't like the dating app plot. First it was funny to hear the gang mocking the people on the app, but very very soon my smile froze and I found it really mean. Amy nowadays is damned to feel uncomfortable, speak little and make an unhappy face. Which I think is due to the fact that her behaviour isn't logic but required for the writers purpose to drag out the break up plot without a focus on Amys reasons/development. Edit: I forgot to say: I kinda started shipping Shelnard.
  14. I don't expect a full reconciliation tomorrow, but the begin of it.
  15. Thank you! This would be 5 am in my time zone. I'll see whether I can get out of my bed. Unfortunately WiFi doesn't work good in my bedroom because it's in the top floor. I'll try, and otherwise go downstairs. By the way, 4 am is really tough. Ich winke mal zu veejay
  16. And now my 4 Shamy days in a row are starting. Sunday: New chapter of Hazelras Sheldon Six' story - I like it! Relief for the Shamy addict. Monday evening: Premiere of the next episode of the 8th season on German TV Tuesday morning: I stream 9.06 Wednesday morning: Taping of 9.09!! If necessary, the next chapter of Sheldon Six consoles me. If not necessary, it's the icing on the cake.
  17. So we Europeans have to join the chat this week 1 hour earlier than last week, and in November everything is as it used to be. Every time I do calculations about the time change I get a knot in my brain (German phrase).
  18. Rachel, what time do you go in the chat next Wednesday? We switched from summertime to wintertime today, but there isn't such a switch where the tape, is it? Do you have a switch in Great Britain?
  19. I enjoy this spicy story. Thank you! Looking forward to the next step.
  20. That's the thing with expectations with me: My desire for the Shamy reconciliation is huge. So, when Mayim talks about a beautiful episode with tons of Shamy, my natural reaction is a thrill of anticipation. That's what I feel! The only way to lower my expectations would be to suppress what I feel. But then, I would also suppress the joy that I am feeling now, and I don't want that. What's more, I know I'm capable of handling disappointment, that's important. So I go with anticipation full speed ahead. Yay to feeling! "Only know you've been high when you're feeling low..." *humming Passenger's "Let her go"*
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