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  1. I just realized: The longer I have to wait for the reconciliation (for 5 months by now) the more I empathize with Amy for being frustrated. For every month I've been longing, she was longing for the length of a year. (O.k., almost, considering that her desire didn't start right at the beginning.)
  2. Get well soon! And please don't feel urged to write any faster than it is suitable for you. For me all this wonderful fanfictions are gifts which I am thankful to receive as they are given. By the way, I'm so trained to wait meanwhile...
  3. I just watched a medley of the sweetest Shamy scenes on youtube and the only thing I know is that I'm so looking forward to the Shamy reconciliation, kissing, mutual affection. For me, it's only a matter of "when" and not of "if", and I still have faith that it will be worth waiting.
  4. Please tell me it will be continued... OMG, Ch. 13 was so HOT, and they didn't even kiss! It's magical how you do this. But I also enjoyed the previous chapters very much! I like your Sheldon and Amy and their encounter. Also I don't mind A/U at all. Thank you so much for they joy of reading your story.
  5. I'm happy about the fact that I ship a couple. The positive feelings that come out of it make everything worth that is not so comfortable. Sure, I wouldn't suffer that much, but I also wouldn't have that overwhelming happy feelings. It's like a rush, you just melt away *happily sighing*
  6. So... Taking a deep breath after reading the present informations about the taping. First I was disappointed about no movement to reconciliation. After the disappointment settled, I just hope they really taped out of order, which would leave Shamy at the same point as last week.Which was fierce, but at least there was a strong movement, and there was hope. The most difficult thing for me to bear is this dragging out and dragging out without development to reconciliation until hell freezes over. Because: For us it's not been only a weeks timeline! We've already waited since May!
  7. I know. It was just too tempting to make jokes on the writers expense when you suggested to have hope in them.
  8. I guessed so. But it was too tempting... Anyway ("anyway"!! Rembember? *sighing*), I am and always will be a Shamy Shipper, whatever it takes. And in the Shamy dark hours I concentrate on looking forward to their reconciliation. It'sonlyamatteroftimeit'sonlyamatteroftimeit'sonlyamatteroftime...
  9. Is that sarcasm or encouragement? (THIS was sarcasm)
  10. If they make it worse, we will always have imagination. Like this beautiful thoughts of yours *happily sighing*
  11. Probably the wiser decision, but I feel I have to follow my heart. I'm lost, but can't help.
  12. I'm anxious about today's (or for us Europeans: tomorrow's) taping. On one hand, I'm full of hope for Shamy scenes on a way to reconciliation and so I open my heart for pleasant anticipation. On the other hand there is the possibility of bitter disappointment if they show us no development or even a worsening of Shamy. I can't even say what would hurt more, if it was a episode without Shamy like yesterday's or with an extension of their distance, but with deep emotions of them about each other and the break up. So, what am I to do, open my heart or build a protective wall, but I think I go for feeling.
  13. I really enjoyed this from the first to the last chapter! So sweet and funny. Thank you so much
  14. I'm really touched by the character of George in your story. I like him not to be the bad guy but a real good and supportive brother. And I'm really touched by Sheldons emotional pain. Kinda know it myself. Looking forward to Wednesday!
  15. I will go with whatever is coming up. Since resistance is futile, I will embrace what the writers are creating and feel sad, hopeful, happy, touched, passionate, alive.
  16. "Wow." (imagine me looking like Bernadette at the Christmas Shopping) I so enjoy reading this. I have so much sympathy for the characters, especially for Sheldon who has such a deep emotional injury and learned to survive somehow. I like how much he appreciates Amy and that he shows it to her, because HE already got the lesson. I like the reversed roles regarding the relationship between Amy and Sheldon. And I loved the line "I say we keep him." Haha! Get well soon, Hazelra! *happily sighing* Fanfiction gives you what you need.
  17. I work in a company that produces diagnostic tests for human blood samples. If ever you blood was tested for antibodies against the cytomegalovirus, part of the reagents needed for this were probably produced by me.
  18. OMG the way Sheldon moved the Czech flag to figure the invasion of the southern borders!!!!
  19. I love this story so much. It's soothing my tormented Shamy-feelings. *happily sighing*
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