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  1. They say COINS are louder than BILLS. But BILLS are more valuable than COINS. (Generally) ------------------------------------------------ Nothing can ruin my shamy mood anymore, I'm too happy it's enough to even share it. Oh, and looking forward to the next taping. I hope you don't waste your time with them kazzie, they don't deserve your reports. Sadly, we can not get rid of people like those people.
  2. Added new chapter for The Stranger Phenomenon Chapter 9: A Dream to Remember https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11585787/9/The-Stranger-Phenomenom A/N: Little or No angst on this one, I hope you like it. ---------------------------------------------- Added a chapter to 100 words drabbles https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11607900/3/100-words-drabbles
  3. I'm not sure. He had a chance to have that fangirl (Vanessa) who likes everything he likes (almost) but he still closed his doors to her. She liked klingon and physicist. Amy is a neurobiologist, interchanged star trek with star wars, sometimes late... That speaks a lot.
  4. Added new chapter for The Stranger Phenomenon Chapter 8: Here We Go Again https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11585787/8/The-Stranger-Phenomenom
  5. We are happy because THEY ARE FREAKIN BACK TOGETHER. That's enough, this is a sitcom, its suppose to be light and funny and we endured them sad feelings for 9 episodes.
  6. I'm so excited!!!!! I might die watching that episode!!!!
  7. Oh God. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Went to look for the TR report this morning expecting MINIMAL or NO SHAMY moments... I was like "yeah, at least they are friends..." Saw the TR: ----------------------------------------- (tut tut tut) heart: exploded------------------------------- (tut tut tut) brain: mayday mayday! abandon brain!
  9. They didn't get back together because of: -the ring, or the angst about it -Amy provoke the move -jealousy -friends pushing them back together They got back together because of -Sheldon's subconscious mind telling him he needs Amy -Sheldon realizing what his innermost mind is telling him -Sheldon realizing who is Amy for him, what she does to him, what he loves about her, how terrible life would be without her as a girlfriend. -Sheldon made the first move -Sheldon took the risk and didn't care if Amy was trying to tell him to go. -Sheldon realizes he wants Amy no matter what
  10. How about try watching korean dramas? Sent from my K012 using Tapatalk
  11. OMG! I almost had a heart attack. OMG, where have I been? It's like I was stranded in an island for 100 years and suddenly been saved in by the shamy ship!!!!!!!! OUT OF WORDS...
  12. I hope that's their original plan. They do change plans. That's what I mean. They can make him "not screw up earlier or later", they even had a peck.
  13. My daily dose of Lyrics... (Ignore me if this bothers you) Til I Met You (Angeline Quinto) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZZb7DLzUak I never dreamed...Cause I always thought that dreaming was for kids Just a childish thing And I could swear...Love was just a game that children play And no more than a game 'Til I met you I never knew what love was... 'Til I met you This feeling seems to grow more every day I love you more each day I believe you I believe in every word that you say: I love you all the way Now I can swear Love is not a game that children play So tell me that you'll stay You and I should be together Can't you see? Can't you see? 'Til I met you...
  14. I wouldn't go that far. But, I would love her to be like my aunt, something like that. Or my mother's friend. :D That would be amazing.
  15. 100 words drabbles Shamy 100 words dialogs and words. Chapter 1: You don't try - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11607900/1/100-words-drabbles Chapter 2: How do you know? - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11607900/2/100-words-drabbles
  16. Amy was looking around, she took this party to the next level and dressed up as one of the aliens. She was backed in the corner near Sheldon's board and the kitchen when Sheldon came near her, totally unsuspecting. "Who might you be?" He glared at her... "It's..." Before she could finish, Sheldon cuts her off... "Oh I don't care, I am annoyed she didn't show up!" Amy thought to herself, okay he is pissed, I better go before... "She's my ex girlfriend. I invited her, we are supposed to be friends with no bitterness, but she didn''t show up!" He said angrily blurting out. Amy couldn't believe it! After all the effort she put into her custome, how dare he? "I shouldn't be rambling to a total stranger, but I doubt I would see you again." Amy made a sound, and Sheldon thought she was agreeing with him but in reality, she's pissed. "I can't believe she's bitter, if anyone who has the right to be bitter, that should be me!" Amy thought, why do you even care if I come or not? "I dressed up like this to show what she's missing." He said in a snide remarks... She thought, excuse me? You're the one who rejected me... "I almost propose to her. Twice! But!..." His eyes looked like he is in pain, "I saw her kissing someone else..." Amy didn't know how to react... Am I dreaming? How could that be possible? How... how... Inside the custome, Amy was tearing up and hyperventilating. She needs to get out of this custome or she would suffocate... But she doesn't want Sheldon to know its her. She doesn't want to hurt him that he might think Amy fooled her... But the thought of Sheldon proposing to her? WTH AMY? I didn't know... Amy wanted to cry, she wanted to... just cry... Sheldon noticed that the person he is talking to froze on the stop. He then thought, "Hey he might be dying inside that custome, I don't want anyone dying on my space!" After much deliberaton, he pulled Amy's custome up without the intention of knowing who's behind that... to his surprise it was Amy... crying... Sheldon didn't get angry to Amy at that moment, but... just got lost in her sparkling tearing green eyes... He doesn't want to make her cry, he never want to make her cry, never... She looks hopelessly lost and sorry... "I love you..." Without any thought, he uttered the words of what his heart were screaming everytime he sees her... he couldn't hold back anymore... Sheldon leaned towards her and wiped her tears away... Amy couldn't stop, she couldn't possibly stop... how could he stay this calm? But those three words was so fluffy and more than enough to warm her heart... Oh God, he really loves me.. "I love you too..."
  17. this is so cute... We do wish something as cute as this. :-)
  18. Sheldon definitely perfected the practice of "hiding desires and feelings". NEVER LET A DIAMOND GO. You even get a certificate to certify your diamond that it's yours!
  19. I hope! The writers really are screwing us, WTF? IF DAVE DIDN'T SCREW UP, I bet you the writers thought them of going to 2nd base. That dress is too alluring for a man to ignore. I wouldn't dress like that on normal dates.
  20. Bones, Sherlock, Rizzoli & Isles, Suits, Criminal Minds, NCIS, How to Get Away with Murder, HIMYM, Friends, (I dont know if I answered right, as you can see the pattern, I love mystery shows)
  21. I've watched the promo when it came out and I didn't notice her dress (it's hard for me to notice esp its almost in the same color). But, wow, OMG. Sheldon, what have you been doing to pass such a dame. Get her! Darn, you are really out of your mind. Where can you find such beauty, both physically and mentally??? She's worth living/dying for... You don't know how lucky you are. (Sorry about that, mumbling to myself like I'm lecturing Sheldon)
  22. This is genius! The geeks be woman!
  23. I see this. Usually they have something like this, the very first episode will be repeated but from another people. I had watched a movie with this ending. :D
  24. This right here! Yes. That's gonna be enough for her to be nominated. She was amazing in there. Amazing, I tell yah...
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