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  1. (A) We’re both on the same page and I don't have anything to add. (B) Their mouth continue to do words, blabla...
  2. I definitely agree with this! And that makes a comment so difficult when, on the other hand, I read such implausible statements as in this article above.
  3. On the discussed topic I would like to insert this current article here. However, I will forbear a comment on it myself. digitalspy.com Speaking to Metro, executive producer Eric Kaplan said: "We’re trying to approach it with a lot of care because there are a lot of people for whom this show is emotionally important. "There are people who see themselves in the characters and see their family members in them, and it helps them make sense of themselves and make sense of their loved ones and have an optimistic attitude about the challenges of their lives. We want to honour that. "If people have emotionally invested in us, we want to treat that with the care and respect that it deserves. And it’s supposed to be funny, that adds a whole extra thing. It’s a challenge, but it’s a good challenge. I think we can do it, but we still might screw up." Eric also echoed star Kaley Cuoco's comments about not wanting Penny to have a baby, stating: "To me personally I feel strongly that women don’t have to have children to have fulfilling lives."
  4. @Tensor ....Penny is an amazing saleswoman.... ...told you! 😉
  5. veejay

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Well, isn’t he been typecast from his character as Sheldon? I don't want to do a psychological side trip into the casual viewer's brain right now. But if I would look at Jim in a different role, the first imagination might be a picture of Sheldon in my confused mind. Anyway, that’s probably just me. 🤔
  6. veejay

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    That's okay, but there might be some questions left.
  7. veejay

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Oh, sorry. I was talking about Sheldon! 🙂 (Penny could prove it.)
  8. veejay

    Season 12 Chit Chat Thread

    Yep, and he's not an actor. 😉
  9. CHEAT TWEET: Who will get the 1 open seat at the table with @WilliamShatner @JoeManganiello @Kaj33 @ThatKevin Smith for the celebrity Dungeons & Dragons game that @WilWheaton hosts? @BigBangTheory Thursday 2/21 8pm #CBS http://bit.ly/2D2D50q (from the press release) It looks like Leonard's got the exclusive spot among the famous 'knitting club'. 🙂 Source
  10. "...this was some kind of a homage and a thank you to the BB fans for 12 years of love and devotion and support." ...quote was taken from Kaley of this Insta stories. There are some more stories from Alex A. on Instagram. 😉 Alex
  11. ...and I blame that forum on my unflinching loyalty for this series, damn. 😁
  12. Kaley Cuoco Shares Her Favorite 'Big Bang Theory' Episodes & Post-Finale Plans from tvinsider.com And did we ever find out her (maiden) last name? No, no last name. It’ll always be a mystery. She doesn’t need a last name. She’s like Cher! There have been so many terrific episodes but do you have a favorite or memorable one? I like the Scavenger hunt episode [“The Scavenger Vortex” in Season 7, Episode 3] because it involved the whole cast. I'd have hoped for some more of that kind.

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