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  1. After watching some of Kaley's performances on YouTube lately (thanks @Tensorfor some reference), I would like to show this funny "gem" here. Can Kaley Cuoco Remember Her Own Lines? | Glamour "Penny: You know I love you... Kaley: That was pretty good..." Greetings, hope you all are well and please don't forget.... 😆
  2. Thank you! Well, as a fellow German I prefer beer. But I do like Penny. ☺️
  3. Thank you! I'm doing pretty well so far... I really have to try hard to stay optimistic, though. But hey...🙂
  4. @Tensor, @chucky... Thanks for remembering. Since I know that Penny's birthday is on the same day, at least I don't forget mine anymore. Oh, the age....😄
  5. "...I plan on speaking German when I land!" Wieviel Jahre dauert denn der Flug? (How many years is the flight?) 😉
  6. https://www.instagram.com/kaleycuoco/ That’s our Penny, right? Hilariously funny! 😄
  7. @HeWolf, Oh my! I can sign every sentence of your post and like to confirm it for myself. Although it was only after the 5th season of the series that I could really connect with all this "beautiful minded" tv-characters, this (our) unique forum with all its "verbal attacks" on every single episode makes me look back quite sad, but also satisfied... Oh s..., I miss that. Greetings VJ
  8. You know I'm desperate enough to call it out. You're so right! 🙂
  9. So look at her. Vicious mother, but apparently a caring grandma. At least there's some hope for our smart and beautiful babies. 🙂
  10. ...but without my funny jiffs it looks quarantinable. 🙂 @hokie3457 Stay safe!
  11. From the comment section: @a.ayers10 Where does your hair end and Karl’s begins? @sanctionedjohnnygalecki If, God forbid, something happens to me can my child live in Karl’s goatee? @kunalkarmanayyar Karl’s been watching a lot of tiger king It looks TBBT all over again. 😀
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