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  1. @djsurrey May the fun be with you! 🥂 🖖
  2. …and she has two "invisible" kids already! 😉
  3. veejay

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    No questions asked?! 😉 HAPPY WEEKEND!
  4. "P: I really want to know what happens--Does he stay? Do they kiss? Does she find out about Montana? Please?"
  5. veejay

    Kaley Cuoco

    Are you shure? "We're going to Disney World and ride the Matterhorn." 😀
  6. With all the speculation, I am surprised that no one remembers this characteristic dialogue. The authors are no strangers to profound (psycho)logical explanations on the part of their characters. P: Why won't you sign it? Z: I just think splitting up can be rough on kids. P: We don't have any kids. Z: Are you sure? 'Cause you didn't know we were married until this morning. S7 - The Thanksgiving Decoupling
  7. Nope. I’m pretty sure Zack wanted to call Siri, the "intelligent" assistant (also known as Raj's former girlfriend) of his iPhone. But Sara didn't want to listen to him.
  8. The infamous "Alternative Facts"...? 😉 /break --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// From Kaley’s Insta-Stories yesterday: The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco channels Mariah Carey as cast celebrate show’s last ever Christmas metro.co.uk Some kind of a little Christmassy flash-mop?
  9. veejay

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    That's a fact, thanks! No need for all the "maybes", "ifs" and "whens"... ... yeah! 😀
  10. Yes, and potentially Sheldon, right? 
  11. Maybe there was another typo. Didn't you mean "the shenanigans can have…", given the brilliance of the writers. 🤡

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