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  1. Since I probably just have the same info source as you, I can share your point of view. That was only a small insight, but it fits…!
  2. Spot-on! So true. All the more incredible as they have achieved the - not only for me - iconic phrase (smart and beautiful babies) at the end. Btw. There was the fish that was supposed to had been thrown at the writers... ...seriously? 🙂
  3. I’m a visual guy and tired watching a TV-Show to expect something off-camera. I know pretty well a weekly half-hour sitcom doesn’t and also cannot show the entirety of anyone's life. My expectation just need a bit more than a constant imagination, though. That's the damn off-screen problem for me. 🙂
  4. Um...I remember an episode very reluctantly and with all my disapproval (S10/The Romance Recalibration): L: So we thought it would useful… / L: …would you please help us make a Relationship Agreement? 🙄 /sigh!
  5. @Tensor (Sorry, I couldn't find the scotch in a hurry.) 🙂
  6. veejay

    German Release?

    Hi. I think you'll find all the information you need here: www.kino.de/serie/the-big-bang-theory/news/... Gruss, VJ
  7. Oh, I know. The "you" was used to refer to people in general. 🙂 I can follow your point of view very well. Also for me Season 6 is/was the funniest and most convincing in the entire picture (as a strong ensemble of the whole cast). After that, it became more and more difficult for me to make credible comparisons with this benchmark. (Remember this kind of a mess?)
  8. It also took me a little longer to evaluate this strange decision. But I just classified it as one of the many (in the sense of the show-runners) "tactical ruses". I recommend to read the Shamy-threads of earlier days. There you can see how a survival strategy can be built within your own fandom. 😊
  9. @HeWolf It didn't take me that long to agree with you. 😀
  10. You're so right! Considering that, I like to dedicate my weirdest bobble head to you. 😉 We could also finally pursue some completely crazy ideas. There should be enough time for some creativity now. (One of my absolute favorite sayings of Penny!) 😀 (on a side note: hottest day since "anno somewhere along the way" here in Germania (41°C!). Maybe that's why my mind is running away from me. Or do I really have sunstroke? Who knows.)
  11. Thanks! It's just a cheerful and encouraging wave to all the remaining ones here. Btw, nothing beats your hilarious chef. 😁
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