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  1. Lenny

    Yeah, a lot, but not here and now...
  2. Lenny

    @bfm Oh,of course you right. I can imagine all of this. But I'm so tired listening to all of the notorious "shoulda, woulda, coulda" since Season H8. Subjunctive always in the upwind. Time for sweet dreams or nightmares? Rant and rave /end.
  3. Lenny

    I don't need social media or other sources to watch a formerly hilarious sitcom going down the drain. I have had a long patience with this series, but the "Big Bang" of my exit may be coming soon. I'm not one of the fans that complain about a dynamic change of the characters. I do, however, have an issue with the decline in the writer's quality and the one-sided weighting on "The world's tallest second grader" aka "The kid with two shirts". The only good story to tell for Lenny is now heavy relationship drama instead of comedy for them being happy together? I understand happy couples are probably boring, but miserable ones are irritating. After all these years TPTB don't seem to want to put an effort in moving Lenny forward. It seems they don't know how to write healthy romantic relationships but know how to right the same old rotten jokes. They really want to surpass 10 seasons with this?
  4. Lenny

    I agree with you entirely and there is also another important question for me... Nope, not at all!
  5. You don't expect seriously that final negotiations and internal contract results will be published by the cast.
  6. Lenny

    Sorry, I do give a shit on Molaro's dumb promo stuff.
  7. Lenny

    I'm afraid you're right. I don't know how long I will delude myself in that case. Yes, it's highly irritating and unpleasant.
  8. First-class idea, but it could also lead to serious upheavals.
  9. I can't contradict you. The show's metamorphosis began creepingly since Season 8. No, Leonard, sarcasm isn't necessarily the way out. Welcome to THE BIG SHELDON SHOW with his funny little minions. (coming up all NEW on September 2017)
  10. From S2 - The Financial Permeability P: This wasn't the plan. It wasn't supposed to go this way. L: Hey, well, what was the plan? P: Um, waitress for six months and then become a movie star. L: Uh-huh. Was there a Plan B? P: TV star. … L: A hundred and seventy dollars for acting classes? P: Oh, no, I can't give up my acting classes. I'm a professional actress. L: Oh. You had an acting job where you got paid?
  11. Lenny

    As a real pretzel lover who’ll not consider to the world's miserable cuckoo clock (Molaro), I assume it will be No 1. If I dig in my recent memories I can also visualize Point 6. But that would be my direct way to put this crap behind… …and NO, I want never listen to this statement anymore!
  12. I like to give you a spot on too!
  13. Spot on for your post!
  14. Lenny

    Well done, Skull! ...and there is always a hideaway into the dark for Lenny.